How to become anorexic

When is one no longer slim, but anorexic? What affected girls say about their eating disorders? What’s going on with your eating habits? Where to get help for anorexia& Co.? In addition, a study has found that anorexia can be genetic.


What is anorexia:

Anorexia (Anorexia, Anorexia nervosa) is a pathological eating disorder, which in extreme cases can lead to death. Affected are mainly young girls in puberty, who feel "too fat" even when they are only skin and bones in their attempts to lose more and more weight. Thin or already sick? explains the Difference between anorexia, bulimia and other eating disorders.

An anorexic warns:

Hanna (24) Was anorexic for five years. She wrote us her story to warn other girls: "Please don’t play with your life just to be thin!" Read her harrowing story:

Report on anorexia cross

How about you and your eating behavior? Do you struggle with your weight day in and day out, or do you eat what and how much you want to? Make the Test:


Study: Anorexia may be congenital

Even though the media and celebrities influence many girls to become thinner and thinner, a study has now found out that the urge to become anorexic can also be innate. But now a study has come to new findings. Because although this disease often has psychological backgrounds, the research team has of the University of Duisburg-Essen found out in this regard: Anorexia may as well be congenital! The study included 3.495 anorexic people interviewed and examined. In the end, they discovered a common gene on the 12. Chromosome, which has previously been linked to hereditary diseases, such as diabetes and other autoimmune diseases. So it may be that anorexia can even be linked to other bad diseases, like schizophrenia for example. "The genes that make you susceptible to it overlap", so prof. Dr. Anke Hinney, who was involved in the study.

This discovery is a minor breakthrough for medicine. Because it opens the doors to completely new therapy methods. A fact that can offer some people suffering from anorexia a small ray of hope towards getting well again.


Stars with anorexia:

Also many Stars shock with pictures of protruding hips, skinny arms and thin legs – but very few admit that they are or were anorexic: Lean Alert by Ashlee Simpson. From Keira Knightley to Teira Reid, many Hollywood stars are skin and bones. And Instagramer Alexis Ren also suffered from an eating disorder.

Books about anorexia:

Of course there are also lots of useful books about anorexia. Bookstores are piled high with testimonials and how-to guides, so who wants more pages on starving yourself, throwing up& Co. read? We guarantee you: you’ll want it once you get your hands on this novel – "Nothing Easier Than That" by Marnelle Tokio. And another book tip on the topic of anorexia: "ABCnervosa by Josef Karl. The small illustrated book shows shocking photos of young women suffering from eating disorders. And stepped in front of the camera to make a statement.

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