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Accusations against teacher at Auefeldschule not confirmed

Corona trouble in schools: many teachers are pilloried

At the Oskar-von-Miller School in Kassel, students are complaining about a teacher who is stirring up anti-vaccination sentiment. Such accusations are on the rise – but are often unjustified.

Kassel- At the Oskar-von-Miller-School in Kassel, several students have complained about a teacher who does not adhere to the mask requirement in class and regularly criticizes vaccination. A pupil reported to the HNA that the teacher often wears only a cloth instead of a mask over mouth and nose, often nothing at all.

In every lesson, the woman criticized the Corona measures. She says that she has "health accidents" with vaccinated students Called. In addition, she said that people are "taking the piss" from the government and that vaccination would change people’s character.

Corona trouble in Kassel – school investigates complaints

The management of the vocational school does not want to comment on the case in more detail. Principal Gunter Fuchs only says: "The complaints are there. We go after them." School District Superintendent Annette Knieling explains that the school board is "consistently pursuing and addressing the issue in terms of day-to-day complaint management". And she assures: "The interests of the school community, but also of the companies, are kept in mind, so that I cannot see any need for additional action at the moment."

Philipp Bender, deputy spokesman for the Ministry of Culture in Wiesbaden, could not say anything about the case at the Oskar von Miller School on Friday. In December, he had already assured our newspaper about another case: "We immediately follow up on such tips. If a teacher disregards the mask requirement, it’s a breach of duty."

Corona trouble: Again and again complaints about teachers – often nothing to it

In the meantime there are more complaints. Bender says: "Sometimes there is something to it, sometimes not.“ The speaker feels that many teachers would be pilloried. Thus in December the case of a teacher at the Kasseler Auefeldschule made headlines. She should have asked elementary school students not to wear masks. She herself had also refused the mask requirement. ÖThe case was made public by Ulrike Gote, then head of the school department. In the school committee, the Green politician, who is now a senator in Berlin, said: "This must not be tolerated under any circumstances.“ Obviously the reproaches were however wrong. Nicole Rudolph, head of the Auefeld School, says: "It has not been confirmed that the colleague was not wearing a mask.“ One has the thing "school-internally" regulated.

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Also with the school office one registers at present some complaints over teachers. All would be carefully checked, as manager Knieling says: "The civil servant status implies a duty of loyalty to the employer. We must expect civil servants on duty to do what is asked of them." However they would not have to accept also everything uncritically.

Knieling is convinced: "As a rule, teachers help to maintain the state system and the measures ensure that we can all soon travel a little more freely."(Matthias Lohr)

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