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My new dendrobate tank

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Re: My new dendrobate tank

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Post by Frank D. » Mon, 06.09.2010 22:24

Now it is almost completely dark.
The moon is about to rise, because today is full moon in my terrarium.
The frogs are now singing very intensely. At the moment I can O. Pumilius, P. bicolor and the epipedobates clearly hear.
The voice pitch of the P. bicolor, however, has changed significantly. His bird chirping call has now given way to a long shrill cry, probably a warning call.



Re: My new dendrobate tank

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Post by Frank D. » Fri, 10.09.2010 00:57

The topic of socializing dendrobates is always a hot topic.

There are forums there one completely and not at all gladly sees, if about it is spoken. ( DGHT )
The uniform language regulation on the part of the administrators, moderators and the forum mafia belonging to it then often reads" does not work"
One should not contradict this then also under no circumstances, even if one like many other users also, positive experience with the socialization of Dendrobaten made.

The best thing is, you just apologize for it when it has worked again like many others, or you don’t even mention it and are happy about your success.

It is not possible to find out the origin of this negative attitude in relation to the animals" Socialization" originally once came, one reads however in the Internet again and again: I know there someone who knows one and whose brother has.
In addition, the death of a frog or an obvious illness of one of the animals in the stock, is also generally associated with the socialization.
Possible mistakes in the keeping conditions are not even discussed anymore.

Here is a classic example from the Internet :

In one case, someone held P. vittatus with D. leucomelas together in a big terrarium. At some point the D. leucomelas back and also did not appear again.
After some weeks then the keeper decided ( finally ! ) once to look up. He found the two dendrobates completely emaciated behind a cork oak bark and came to the conclusion that the frogs had been oppressed by the other inmates. .
No one noticed during the ensuing heated debate that the maximum temperature in the terrarium at that time was max. 24-25 degrees has amounted ( at noon ! ). At the glass back wall the temperature might have been even much lower. During the night, the temperature may have dropped to 20 degrees or even less.
To make it short, the leucomelas it was probably simply too cold, they need more warmth to become active, it becomes indes too cold, they care somewhere in the decoration !

In another case a socializer suddenly finds a dead frog in the water part in the morning. Shooting conclusion, the little O. pumilio has to be the adversary" strangled" have.
But most of the time you find a frog that died because of illness, in the water part ?
In this case, too, the cause of the misfortune was not even looked for, but the socialization was made responsible for it.
In all fairness I have to mention that a socialization of dendrobates can also go wrong.
In this case, of course, the squabblers must be separated immediately

Since one should know already something, which frogs harmonize with each other, one should as a matter of principle as a beginner keep the fingers off the frogs
should let go of this thing. Because when things go wrong, the frog in question is always the first to be the fool and his owner disappointed.

Because our little friends can get very angry when they have to defend their territory. They become then so correctly small poison dwarfs, which do not shrink also from a murder !

On the picture below you can see an unfertilized clutch of eggs. This happens from time to time and can have various causes.



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