How to adopt dogs from abroad

non-profit animal welfare organization – help for dogs in need

pro-canalba ® e. V.


How to adopt dogs from abroad

pro-canalba ® e. V.

non-profit animal welfare organization – help for dogs in need


How to adopt dogs from abroad

pro-canalba ® e. V.

Nonprofit animal welfare organization – helping dogs in need

How to adopt dogs from abroad

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It takes nothing away from a person to be compassionate toward an animal.’

Joaquin Phoenix

Take a look at our fosterlings and give one of them a good home. .

Dear visitors,

We are pleased that you are interested in our voluntary animal protection work and hope you enjoy browsing through our pages.

If you have any questions about the dogs, about adoption, about donations, our campaigns or about adopting dogs, please do not hesitate to contact us at *contact.

Your pro-canalba e. V. – Team

How to adopt dogs from abroad

Our ‘safe haven’ from above!

Click here for the ‘blog’ for adopters of dogs from the ‘safe haven!


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Arrived, taking a look at everything – the Safe Haven, great for those who made it this far. But they are looking – they all NEED a real home. This "realization hit me like a bolt of lightning – I thought our pups were doing well and safe. That STIMULATED too, nevertheless almost all furry ones are craving for attention and are happy a cookie, if a stroking hand has a little bit of time. Our furries have quite a lot, but more is missing.

I walk through the walled area and look at the names on the pit doors – Lawando and Solomon, my heart is pounding under the top of my skull, I was so excited and soooo close to the water built. At this time I did not know that Lawando and Salomon, BOTH, were allowed to jump on the transporter at very short notice.

Today Salomon (he was a foster fur with me and now he adopted us&) and Ronja are one heart and one soul – a HAPPYBEGINNING with an open end .

Heike Brauns

And that’s exactly what they experience in the safe haven until they finally found their own forever home!

Ulrike Kriesten,

It means a loving exile for them, where they are treated with the utmost respect.

The dogs that were on site would not have had a chance without us and would probably have disappeared from October 2016 in some camps in the nirvana never to be seen again!

There was no money and no food left!

We wanted a safe haven for the dogs and we had to act.

Everything was dilapidated and defective! But thanks to the donors and sponsors, that is, thanks to YOU, in the last 5 years our ‘Canile’ – the ‘safe haven’ – has become a linchpin of our animal welfare work!

Independent from authorities – free in our decisions!

A safe place for our dogs

Our ‘safe haven’… or as it is called in Italian: Zona protetta

Lutz K. Buschke

It is the port that prepares them for a new life! This is where they learn to lose the initial shyness, they realize that there are now lovely people too. All dogs are treated with respect, they get the medical treatment they probably would never have received otherwise. It feels so good to help every single soul on site and prepare them for their new family!

To know that all furry noses, no matter if young or old, small or big, cute or inconspicuous or with a big or small ‘Packli’ they have to carry – all are taken in the safe harbor and a home is searched for them.

Until then they are fed, medically treated and they don’t have to search for food anymore. They are loved and valued just the way they are. And the fur noses for which no family is found – they may stay !

It is a feeling of joy, a sigh of relief for me with each ‘furry nose’ that arrives in the safe harbor.

Silvia Dahler

And when after some time the dogs are taken out of the Trapo in Germany and they are finally in a "home" hands over. then one’s heart really opens!!

This is achieved by the tireless small team on site and the work of many club members who are willing to do more than the usual, engage themselves in your spare time in the port and actively tackle, repair and do vacation replacement.

And then it happens again and again that one of us loses his heart on the spot and a homeless rabbit wins a nice home.

Andreas Ehlen

Dogs, like the old black Lola, who would have been lost without this last place of hope. But here she was cared for and had the chance to be seen by many people.

It was their stepping stone into a wonderful home. That’s why I love the Safe Haven!" Love greetings

It is a stopover where the dogs are nursed and well cared for. Most furry noses learn in the safe harbor for the first time in their lives that people actually treat them affectionately.

Even dogs with little chance of placement have a place here until the end of their lives.

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