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Helene Fischer speaks out publicly for the first time after birth rumors

02.02.2022 updated: 13:55

Helene Fischer has reacted after rumors about her birth and denied one aspect.

Berlin- Helene Fischer (37) is said to have become a mother for the first time around the Christmas holidays. Of it reported among other things Image. Confirmed the hit star so far nothing. Instead, the 37-year-old has now spoken out for the first time about rumors that have been circulating about the birth of her child and she denies.

Name Helene Fischer
Born 5. August 1984 (age 37), Krasnoyarsk (Russia)
Size 1.58 meters

Helene Fischer speaks for the first time itself after the rumors about the birth

Helene Fischer and Thomas Seitel (37) are said to have become parents for the first time around Christmas. The child is said to be a daughter. Furthermore, it was said that the little girl was born in a home birth. Now Helene has spoken out for the first time herself and denied one of the rumors.

After the 37-year-old recently spoke professionally and announced that she contributes the official Olympic song of the ARD, there was now also another statement. Image saw itself forced to publish a counterstatement. The newspaper reported that the singer had a home birth, but now had to publish this statement from Helene Fischer: "I did not have a home birth.“

Helene Fischer takes action against report of home birth

Helene Fischer let üabout Image so report that she did not have a home birth. However, the newspaper’s editors noted that they were legally obligated to publish the rebuttal, whether or not it was true. For curious fans stands now thus statement against statement (more Promi news on RUHR24 read).

In the meantime again completely new rumors circulate in the media. Like Image wants to have experienced, came the daughter of Helene Fischer two months too early to the world. Specifically, a date in mid-December is mentioned. Actually, according to the report, the child should have seen the light of day only in February.

Helene Fischer: Daughter to take after her father Thomas Seitel

Helene Fischer has not yet commented on the alleged birth. However, both she and her baby daughter are said to be doing well.

Helene Fischer

So the little family seems to be doing well, but there are even more rumors about the offspring. Some magazines published recently photo montages of the baby and puzzled, how she might look like. Meanwhile, an insider told Bild that she was the spitting image of her father. An official statement to all the speculations, however, is still missing.

Column list picture:© Britta Pedersen/DPA Central Photo/DPA

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