Here’s how: build side income on the internet [start, opportunities and techniques]

Here you will find several easy ways to build a serious side income on the Internet. Whether you want to do it as an extra income or as a financially necessary "side job", you will find a wide variety of opportunities here.

Earn money on the Internet

There are almost countless ways to make money on the Internet / © RAM –

All of the following methods or programs I have used or tested myself. Read through the reviews and testimonials and decide for yourself which method(s) is right for you. Do you need help to start your side income, start here with the first steps and the basics for a self-employment on the Internet. If you are younger than 18, then take a look at how you can earn money on the Internet even as a teenager.

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Content of the article

Build side income: How to get started if you want to make money online…

Many people nowadays have the desire to earn money on the Internet. But the transition from the desire to the first earned euro on the Internet is a small but a very difficult step. Therefore, before I present different ways to make money on the Internet, I would like to go into some basic considerations here.

If you seriously want to earn money on the internet, you should think about the following things:

  1. What is the goal? Do I want to build a little pocket money, a side income or even build my main income online in the medium term?
  2. In this context, consider How much time and how much money I can and would like to spend for the development of an online income!? You can definitely start with relatively little time and zero euros starting capital and also achieve your goals, that’s how I started, but with more time and/or money you definitely have more options. Therefore, it may make sense (depending on your goals) to save some money first or to create some time for yourself (reduce part-time work or hobbies etc.).).
  3. What are my skills and previous experience? Also here I would like to emphasize that it is definitely possible even with little previous knowledge in this area to build up an online income. But you should always remain realistic and understand that it will then simply take a comparatively long time. In my opinion, you should find a good balance between prior knowledge and direct implementation here.

Of course, the topic is much more complex but I have tried to show the essentials in these three points. It is definitely important to deal with the whole issue intensively in advance. In addition to general questions and fundamental matters (such as a business registration and tax advice), the rational examination of their own abilities, goals and expectations should be the main focus of consideration. Even though it is only through implementation that results are achieved (and money is made), an intensive theoretical examination is essential in my opinion.

In the following I would like to present you different ways to earn money. Once these are approaches how you can build your own small or large business in the medium term and on the other hand I show you many possibilities how you can earn relatively quickly a few euros online, but these possibilities are rather as a small additional income or at most as a side income to consider.

3 ways to build up your own (small) online side income

If your goal is to build something with which you want to make money on the Internet in the long run, with the potential to make something bigger out of it, then take a closer look at the following possibilities/business models.

1 / Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing, which means as much as referral marketing ( ➡ Wikipedia), is a very very good way to build your own small online business. There are incredibly many varieties in the field of affiliate marketing, I think everyone will find something for themselves here. A good way to start is to pick a subject area in which you are very knowledgeable and market different products/services through an online channel ( website/blog, YouTube, social media, or similar). So I started back then (2013) also with the money earning and still today I earn 95% of my money on the Internet with affiliate marketing.

& A possibility that I use myself(!), and, which I consider a recommendable entry into the great cosmos of the Making money on the Internet hold:

Niche sites

All products that I test here on my blog I have of course read or worked through myself. I earn money on the Internet since 2013 and trust me to evaluate various products content. I'm not primarily about the commission that get if you buy a product through my link. If I absolutely can not recommend a product, then it does not even come to this website. Many products I can recommend conditionally, so only a certain target group (eg beginners, or advanced with more years of experience) and make this especially clear, so you can decide with my test report perhaps a little better, whether the product is for you

The niche site builder e-book my experiences

I myself run several niche sites in addition to this blog here.

I have taught myself a lot. It’s definitely possible, I’ve really enjoyed this process as well. But you have to be the tpy for it and have fun with the autodidactic process.

If you want to have the knowledge compressed, I can recommend with a clear conscience the niche site building e-book.

2 / Sell your own products

Selling your own productions offers a huge earning potential. You don’t necessarily have to invent a completely new product here. For beginners it is recommended to focus on improving certain products. If you know a product segment very well and identify a problem with the existing offers and can develop your own better product and have it produced, then this is a very good way to make money online. Sales can be made through their own store or through the various online marketplaces such as z.B. Amazon or Ebay. An interesting distribution option is for example Amazon FBA.

Own products does not necessarily mean that they have to be physical products, digital products are also conceivable. I don’t use this possibility myself yet, but my goal is to focus on the segment of my own products in the medium term. In the long term I plan to run my own online store.

3 / Services and online marketing

Another very good way to make money on the internet in the medium to long term is to sell your own services and/or use online marketing for your current business (if you have). The Internet offers you the opportunity to offer your own skills from your profession (for example, as a designer, tax accountant, engineer, etc.) as an online service. This can be done very well as a part-time job in the early days. If you are already self-employed but have had little exposure to the online world (for example, as a construction company, hairdresser, restaurateur or similar), you can think about building an online marketing presence (z.B. a website, YouTube channel, social media profile, own book, own video course, etc.) directly or. indirectly earn money online or at least increase the income of your own business through an online channel.

Of course there are many more possibilities but I think that these are already three main areas of activity, which are also related to people’s individual starting conditions and goals.

As a conclusion of this first part, I would like to very much at this point a video of me with you. In it I talk about the idea, To become self-employed WITHOUT having a concrete idea ⤵️


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