Helping after the flood disaster in the ahr valley – what you can do now

The situation in the flooded areas around the Ahr valley continues to be dramatic. Still much to do. Helping hands are urgently needed. The flood reporters show how you can support those affected quickly and directly.

Donations to those affected: help that goes straight to the people

Every day, our flood reporter team in Bad-Neuenahr-Ahrweiler receives numerous requests for donations. The warehouses for donations in kind are well stocked: Clothing, toys and articles of daily use are in sufficient supply.

The most important thing now is to help people rebuild their destroyed houses or apartments.

  • Advent campaign by FOCUS Online and Spenden-Shuttle: Help that goes straight to the point

Together with FOCUS Online and the donation shuttle, a big Advent campaign is now underway.

Everyone can help!

Give the gift of Christmas cheer to those affected in flood zones. The money goes directly to the people involved.

With their broad network and direct contact to the people on the ground, the volunteers of the donation shuttle bring help to where the need is greatest: "We know the needs and worries and know where help is most needed. The strong exchange with those affected on site ensures that the donations really get to where they are meant to go: to the people", according to the initiators around the local entrepreneurs Thomas Putz, Marc Ulrich and Michael Loffler.

FOCUS Online, CHIP,, TVSpielfilm and the other BurdaForward brands are supporting local aid projects together with the donation shuttle to bring joy to those affected in the run-up to Christmas.

With our reporters we accompany the different projects and relief actions. 100 percent of your donation goes to the donation shuttle and is distributed evenly among the social projects.

Our flood reporters continue to report from an office in Ahrweiler on the situation in the disaster area. We have decided to stay on site while other media have left. We make sure that the people in the flooded region are not forgotten and that Germany finds out what help is needed.

Even with a small donation you can contribute to the great task of reconstruction.

  • 5-Euro-House-Action

With the 5-Euro House Action donors network with people along the Ahr river. You learn about the fates and damages of the people and can donate directly to their account. No matter if five or 50 Euro; no matter if donation in kind or active support. With the 5-Euro-Haus-Aktion each assistance arrives directly. More information is available here.

  • Daniela Espig-Austerschmidt buys heaters with donations

Another action was initiated by the helper Daniela Espig-Austerschmidt. She collected money and buys heaters from it. Dhen craftsmen are urgently needed and heaters have longer delivery times, this is a perfect temporary solution.

Thousands of people are currently sitting in their apartments and houses without functioning heaters. The 47-year-old brings the ordered oil radiators directly to the flooded region and distributes them on site. You can help with as little as 50 euros.

As a thank you, you will receive a photo at the handover of the heaters to the affected people. For more info, please contact Daniela by phone or WhatsApp at 0178 645 1363. Also who still needs heaters from the flood region, should urgently contact Daniela – because there are still enough available.

  • Forum Together we help

The Forum Together-help-we contains entries from those affected, describing their situation and specifying exactly where help is needed. In addition, there is a need for donations in kind. This is how you can support people of your choice.

An overview of Donation accounts of the major aid organizations can be found here.

Get involved after the flood disaster – this is how you can help on site in the Ahr valley

  • Helfer-City

Those who would like to travel to the flood area and help out themselves will find a lot of information at the Helfer-Shuttle, also called Helfer-City, the right contact point. Whether as a day or long-term helper: From a parking lot above the Ahr valley, buses leave every day to help in the flooded area. In addition to the good deed, you meet many like-minded people from all over Germany on the grounds. Reconstruction is currently at a standstill due to the cold season, but also because of the increasing number of Corona cases.

  • View of the Helfer-City: Successful concept for the entire Ahr valley developed from the camping table

Whether protective equipment, tools or food: Everything is available on site. Every day, Thomas Putz’s team receives requests for help from people affected by the floods in the region. If you have special skills as a helper or would like to do certain work, you will find your heart’s project in the Helfer-City. If you want to stay longer, you can even camp on the premises. More information can be found here.

If you have been affected by the flood, you can also request help through the project.

  • Roof tent nomads

The "roof tent nomads are a self-organized aid initiative. Here everyone can work without previous craft knowledge for isolated days or on weekends. Small teams travel to the construction sites in the flood area. Tools, work clothes and even a roof tent or a place to sleep can be provided after consultation with the initiative.

The energy of the many volunteers, who change almost daily, is enormous – and it is not diminishing. Thilo Vogel, initiator of the campaign, tells the flood reporters: "That’s because everything remains voluntary." In addition, "the we-feeling here is unbelievable", says the initiator enthusiastically. This is also the motto of the campaign: "It’s the we that counts".

On the website you can find information on how to get there, where to stay and how to help. There is also a donation account. An insight into the work of the "Dachzeltnomaden can be found here.

You want to support with donations in kind on site?

For the on-site operations and for the camp the "Dachzeltnomaden" need lots of tools and daily consumables to keep the relief efforts going. The team has an Amazon "wish list" for this purpose created. Inform yourself here.

Via Instagram you can find daily stories and news.

You are affected by the flood and need support?

How to reach the "Dachzeltnomaden by mail: [email protected]

Donations in kind that are really needed on site

  • "Aunt Emma-Store in Dernau

Winter is just around the corner, renovation work on the Ahr is in full swing. Whether light bulbs, under-cabinet lamps, boilers or control devices: Such donations in kind are still urgently needed.

Daniel Wechsler in front of the Tante Emma store in Dernau

In Dernau on the Ahr, Daniel Wechsler works with full commitment in a small "Aunt Emma" store. Thorsten Cirkel founded the improvised store – Wechsler joined a few weeks later and has been running the store with Cirkel and another helper ever since. In the container, the flood helpers offer the things that the people on the ground really need. On the website of the Aunt Emma’s stores you can find an actual list with the goods, which are urgently needed at the moment.

  • Helpers Flood Ahr

The Helpers is a voluntary initiative of helpers from the region.

Helping after the flood disaster in the ahr valley - what you can do now

On the website you can find information about which aid projects, NGOs and groups of helpers are active in the region. But also which relief goods and services are being arranged and what the supply status in the flooded areas looks like. You can reach the website of the Helfer-Staff here.

  • Ahrhelp – The flood relief community in the flood region Ahr

You want to help? As a helper:in, you can respond specifically to requests for help from affected people on the Ahrhelp website. Find all requests for help here. You can also post your Offer help. You can post donations in kind, places to sleep, cleaning/clean-up help and other relief efforts in the different categories. People looking for help can find your offers of help and inquire with you, like on a regular market place, only of course for free!

You need help? If you have been affected by the flood and need help, you can find helpers here who offer various services. You can also post your specific requests for help here and all helpers can see them and contact you for help. Find all current offers of help here.

You coordinate aid initiatives? If you are in the process of helping those who can’t ask for help yourself, you can also use this platform to create requests for help on behalf of those affected.

Flood reporters give those affected a national voice

Since the end of August, reporters from FOCUS Online with our own office on site in the flood area. We want to offer the people in the whole flood region a supraregional stage. In our helper ticker you can find out which current aid projects still need support.

  • Interesting help projects from the regionwe present in our ticker.

Your story deserves to be told? You need help? You have questions or suggestions about our work?

Contact our reporters by mail or via the flood phone.

How to reach our flood reporters

To give people in the flood zone a voice, FOCUS Online and the other BurdaForward brands have a permanent office on the ground in the flood zone. A team of ten reporters will report constantly from the flood region.

We want to be approachable for everyone and help to solve the problems in the region together. You reach our editors here:

or by phone at: 02641 30 49 444

You can also find all the latest news on our Facebook page.

You want to follow the work of the flood reporters and their stories on Instagram? You can find our channel here.

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