“Hart aber fair” without corona: what else can you say?? Fierce discussion about pippi longstocking

ARD presenter Frank Plasberg poses in the 'Hart aber fair' studio and looks into the camera

A political talk show without a Corona reference – this time "Hart aber fair" took on another hotly debated topic. Verbal lapses not excluded.

  • Every Monday, Frank Plasberg discusses a current topic with his guests on the ARD show "Hart aber fair".
  • This time, it was all about the German language – and especially about frowned-upon words.
  • A term in the Pippi Longstocking books caused a heated debate.

Update from 5. October, 22.2 p.m: On Monday evening in the ARD heavily debated about language:"Controversy about the languageWhat is still allowed to say and what is better not to say?“ was the title of the broadcast. Frank Plasberg also discussed discriminatory terms with his guests. With a topic the tempers heated up.

Plasberg made reference to the "Negro King" who appeared in Pippi Longstocking is thematized. The author Astrid Lindgren wanted to describe thereby the father of Pippi. Already some years ago sparked then a debate over the legitimacy of the term. Calls have been made to remove the word from children’s books. There was disagreement on this issue in the roundtable:

  • Stephan Anpalagan (journalist and theologian)I would replace the term by the word "South Sea King", because otherwise we let a term live on, which is highly problematic."
  • Stefanie Lohaus (feminist and publicist): "There can be gladly a version for historians, but otherwise it should be changed. I don’t want to read this problematic term to a four-year-old child."
  • Svenja Flabpohler (philosopher, chief editor "Philosophie Magazin"): "I think it’s important to talk about it, possibly even in the issues themselves. As historical evidence or as a quotation it should be possible to mention this word. Because it was a historical term."
  • Jan Weiler (writer and columnist): "By all means leave it in. If we start crossing out works of art like literature, we can also give the Venus de Milo (permissive sculpture of the goddess Aphrodite, d. Red.) change into a bathing suit because she is naked. One can insert a note in the back of the book.
  • Jurgen von der Lippe (TV presenter and comedian): "Leave it in, of course. A book is a contemporary witness. Of course, you can discuss all this with your children and say: It wasn’t so bad back then, now we don’t say that anymore. But I can’t just go around in books. "

The voices of the panel became continuously louder, so that Plasberg had to intervene and the topic changed. Also fr.de reports on the program. It seems to be a controversial issue. What do you think? Vote.

Hart aber fair: On Plasberg’s topic, many a frowned-upon word could fall – Twitter user quotes interview from 2014

First news from 5. October, 15.06 o’clock: Munich – The Corona pandemic* currently overshadows basically everything. At the latest since the Illness of Donald Trump also the US election campaign. Thus for months also hardly a Polit-Talk* comes without a reference to the new virus Sars-CoV-2 from. "Hart but fair" undertakes this Monday (5. October) at least an attempt. The ARD broadcast with host Frank Plasberg is pouncing on a topic that is also stirring up tempers: our language. or rather the increasing number of frowned-upon words – be it in the context of the "nudity" that has spilled over from the U.S.A Racism debate* or the call for the use of gender-sensitive language.

The title of the issue, which was published at 21.8 p.m. broadcast*, reads: "Controversy about the language: What may one say still and what better not?"In addition the transmitter shows one Gypsy sauce, which currently has to fear for its long known designation. In some places it has already been renamed "Hungarian style sauce". On the photo you can also see the sign of the Berlin subway station Mohrenstrabe.

Hart aber fair: Several manufacturers no longer offer gypsy sauce

Hart aber fair: philosopher, feminist and comedian von der Lippe are among the guests

As guests of this expenditure of "Hart however fairly "* are invited the TV moderator and Komiker Jurgen von der Lippe – known for his sharp-tonguedness -, the publicist Stefanie Lohaus, who founded and co-edits the feminist "Missy Magazine," the journalist and theologian Stephan Anpalagan, Co-founder of the consultancy "Democracy in Work", the writer and columnist Jan Weiler, who invented the term emilism to describe the tendency of parents to give their children traditional first names, and the philosopher Svenja Flabpohler, Editor in chief of the Philosophy Magazine.

In addition, Plasberg* asks the cook Andrew Onuegbu, Owner of the Restaurants "Zum Mohrenkopf to the individual interview. This defends the name of its local against the just in this time increasing resistances. In an interview with the North German portal moin.en he explained his motives: "That comes from the Middle Ages and designated at that time simply People with dark skin. I am a Moor myself – and proud of it. I did not choose this, I was born this way."

Comedian Jurgen von der Lippe looks mischievously grinning into the camera

Hart aber fair: There is no gray area in this topic

The ARD advertises its transmission with the reference to the different positions – basically there is with this topic no grey area: One may not say everything any longer, warn the one and smell Censorship! The others think: What the heck?, Terms like gypsy sauce or Mohrenstrabe are racist, must go! Who is right? And who is censoring whom, marginalizing, creating Taboos and prohibitions?“

Before the verbal exchange of blows is broadcast in the studio, it went on Twitter already around. For example, several users fear that the ARD’s discussion will mainly On the right margin should make for shining eyes. „At ‘Hart aber fair you may therefore today with a wink the N or Z word say. That might excite beside the moderator team still the one or other before the televisions", User "Human, Mensch, Insan" fears. And "ferenc conjectures: "A topic that burns under the nails of the eternally sane. (. ) As if one had no burning Topics 2020.“

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