“Hart aber fair”: professor warns of “rude awakening” in the fall

"Hart aber fair" (ARD): professor warns of a "rude awakening" in the fall

"Hart aber fair": professor warns of "rude awakening" in the fall

Vector, dead vaccination, mRNA? These types of vaccines are available

These vaccine types exist and this is how they work.

Monday’s vaccination summit between the federal and state governments turned into a disappointment and ended without a resolution. The Corona vaccinations were also a topic at "Hart aber fair" with moderator Frank Plasberg.

Especially about the question of whether the prioritization, i.e. the vaccination order, should already be lifted immediately, and not only from June, as promised by Chancellor Merkel, was discussed at "Tough but fair" discuss.

"Hart aber fair" (ARD): family doctor dilemma with vaccination

Anke Richter-Scheer is a specialist in internal medicine. The family doctor pleads for more "flexibility at the base". From their point of view, prioritization is a "sword of Damocles" hanging over doctors.

The family doctors would waste a lot of time because you have to follow up older patients by phone. Many, however, had already been cared for in a vaccination center or already had an appointment there. "Of course, this wears you down," says Richter-Scheer. The goal of vaccinating as quickly as possible would not be achieved by this means.

"It must be decided with #patients individually on the spot." The #Specialist for internal medicine Anke Richter-Scheer calls for more pragmatism in #vaccination at #hartaberfair @DasErste. pic.twitter.com/viNSi1yg46

— hart aber fair (@hartaberfair) April 26, 2021

The guests on "Hart aber fair" on 26. April:

  • Professor Dr. Carsten Watzl: Head of the Immunology Research Department – Leibniz Institute for Human Factors Research at TU Dortmund University
  • Dilek Kalayci: Senator for Health of the State of Berlin (SPD)
  • Anke Richter-Scheer: family doctor, head of the Minden-Lubbecke Vaccination Center
  • Johannes Vogel: Member of the Bundestag (FDP)
  • Stephan Grunewald: Psychologist, founder of the rheingold institute
  • Susanne Glass: Head of the ARD television studio in Tel-Aviv

Doctor tells Frank Plasberg about vaccination dilemma: "Either they are vaccinated or they get the dismissal."

The doctor demands that individual decisions must be made and gives an example: "I had two young ladies at the weekend in the vaccination center who wanted to be vaccinated, but were perfectly healthy."Their particular concern: Both are employed on the cruise ship Aida, also had a corresponding certificate with them. "They only take personnel who have been vaccinated through," Richter-Scheer said. "Either they are vaccinated or, in the worst case, they get the sack."

The doctor found a pragmatic solution and told them to come back to the vaccination center in the evening, they often have doses left over then.

Vaccination order:

  • Group 1: over 80-year-olds, people in nursing homes, staff in intensive care units, emergency rooms and ambulance services
  • Group 2: 70-80-year-olds, people with trisomy 21, dementia, transplant patients, staff in daycare centers and elementary schools
  • Group 3: 60-70-year-olds, medically preloaded people, police and firefighters, food retail staff
  • Group 4: all others without special priority
  • further details to the vaccination order you find HERE on the side of the Federal Government.

Toward older patients who refuse AstraZeneca and would rather have BionTech, Richter-Scheer was "very direct". If patients do not have a congenital coagulation disorder, she tells them that they have to ask again in 2-3 weeks if they want another vaccine. Many would then react disappointedly, so that one could lead again a "reasonable, objective discussion". This is possible because, as a family doctor, she is able to assess her patients well. As a medical director in a vaccination center, however, it’s a different matter, because she doesn’t know how psychologically stable the patients are.

More current policy news:

Professor at "Hart but fair": "Then we have next fall the rude awakening"

Immunologist Professor Carsten Watzl defended prioritization on the show. There is currently too little vaccine "to vaccinate us out of this third wave"."That’s why people who are at higher risk of ending up in the hospital or even dying should continue to get it first," she said. "These are just people with pre-existing conditions. These are the over-60s," says Watzl. But this is not about appreciation.

From Watzl’s point of view, it is particularly important that the vaccination rate is increased now, but can also be maintained over the summer. "People must not think in the summer, when the numbers go down: now it’s all over, now I don’t need to get vaccinated anymore. Because then we just have the rude awakening next fall," warns the immunologist. A herd immunity of around 70 percent must be achieved.

Similar to "Hart aber fair," a medical expert also warned on "Markus Lanz". However, she talked about a big risk for children in summer.

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