Handwritten resume

You have opened a job ad on your computer or smartphone and stumble across the employer’s requirement: "Please send us your CV in handwritten form." What does it mean? Why does an employer ask for a handwritten resume nowadays?? What does a handwritten resume look like? Is it allowed to ask such a thing from an applicant at all?? All answers can be found here.

  • What means "handwritten" resume?
  • Who asks for a handwritten resume?
  • Why is a handwritten resume required?
  • Create handwritten resume
  • Tips from our application experts
  • What a written out resume must contain:
  • Introduction
  • Main part
  • Conclusion

What does "handwritten" resume?

A handwritten or. handwritten or also detailed resp. written out resume means that the recipient of your application not a tabular resume would like to have. Your curriculum vitae should therefore be not created with a computer, but, as the name suggests, handwriting. However, you cannot use a handwritten-looking font in your word processing program for this purpose.

Who requires a handwritten resume?

Handwritten resume

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A handwritten resume is rarely asked for these days. Among the employers who prefer to receive the resume along with a cover letter or letter of motivation in a detailed rather than a tabular format are smaller medium-sized companies Again, those more on the long-established and conservative side of the employer spectrum.

But also from Authorities, for example in the judicial sector, and some large industrial companies sometimes a handwritten resume is explicitly requested.

Keyword motivation letter: Students and young professionals may also be asked for a handwritten version of their curriculum vitae in their applications. So it happens occasionally that they are used for a Scholarship application or even for the Application for BAfoG need to submit a handwritten resume.

A Tabular resume is the applicable standard in most cases for application documents. Write out your own resume and create a handwritten version – this is not an insignificant additional effort for the creation of an application portfolio. Therefore, many applicants ask themselves whether such a requirement is justified at all. The short answer is "yes. Applicants may apply for a formulated, handwritten curriculum vitae be asked.

Why is a handwritten resume required?

If you are asked for a detailed resume, this does not happen simply because it is generally possible and permissible to ask you to do so. So if the recipient of your application asks you for a handwritten sample, as it were, he or she is most likely working with a Writing experts (graphologists) together.

A grafologist is specialized in analyzing the to analyze handwriting and from it conclusions about the personality of the applicant to draw, we are talking here about a graphological expert opinion. It is generally said, for example, that handwriting that is slanted to the left is a sign of self-centeredness. Not a good sign for an employer who wants harmonious cooperation among his employees. However, graphologists usually come only in the last round of the selection process to the assignment, i.e. for the top candidates of a position to be filled.

Create a handwritten resume

For the Preparation of a handwritten curriculum vitae first of all, we must emphasize once again that it is not enough to transfer your tabular resume into a handwritten version and to list your activities in bullet points as in an employment reference. As already indicated it is a detailed resume. This in turn means that you can use your resume in essay form have to reproduce.

Tips from our application experts:

What a formulated curriculum vitae contain must be

There are plenty of samples for written resumes on the Internet, but at this point we would like to point out the following explicitly advise against the use of sample templates would like. Since it is your curriculum vitae or. is your story, the content must be correspondingly individually its.

Just like a tabular resume, the handwritten version must also follow a certain structure. A tabular resume is structured antichronologically (starting with the current job). In contrast to this, you must describe your However, when writing a detailed resume, you should not present your career in chronological order, but rather in chronological order.

Furthermore, in addition to your professional stations, you should also briefly explain how your Motivation for the respective change presented. So you tell a part of your life story so far, in the order it happened.

The following examples are not intended to serve as a sample or template, but rather as a suggestion.


Here you summarize your personal data.

"My name is Max Muster. I was hired on 24.12.Born in 1980 in Beispielstadt and now living at Musterstrabe 12 in 12345 Beispielstadt. …"

Main part

A comprehensible and coherent outline of the main part of your formulated resume is enormously important. The thematic sections (school, education, studies, internships, work experience, hobbies, strengths and weaknesses, achievements, experience abroad, social commitment) should be separate by paragraphs, so that the chosen structure of your detailed curriculum vitae is clearly visible and the personnel decision-maker can more easily recognize which stations you have passed through and what experience you have gained in the process.

"I started school in 1986 and graduated in 1999 with a general university entrance qualification (grade point average 1.3)". My advanced courses were German and Physics."

"Because machines have always excited me, I began a vocational training as an industrial mechanic at Supermaschinen GmbH, which I successfully completed after 2.5 years. Afterwards I worked in my training company for one more year. My essential tasks were …"

"In 2004, after a year of work experience, I decided to take up an engineering degree because I …"

"During my studies I have completed various internships …"


Finally, you explain which employer you would like to work for in the future and why.

"Currently I am looking for a new professional home challenge in the field of mechanical engineering, as I …"

The handwritten resume ends – just like a tabular resume created with a computer – with the Location and the current date as well as your signature.

you need Help with the preparation of your resume?

Our Multiple award-winning online application service specializes in the individual and professional preparation of application documents. This also includes the creation of texts for a formulated resume. However, since here your personality goes along with the handwriting, you still have to handwrite the text for your application prepared by our application experts. Just contact us – our experienced team will be happy to help you!

Handwritten resume Help

Our multiple award-winning online application service is specialized in the individual and professional preparation of application documents. This also includes writing texts for a formulated resume.

However, since here your personality along with the handwriting, you then have to add to the text for your application created by our application experts handwritten copy.

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