Halligbrot – for fish fans, the most beautiful way to eat crabs.

A Halligbrot recipe must not be missing on a blog like herzelieb of course. After all, I live right on the coast and am not far from the water. There is nothing better for me than to visit the outer harbor of Husum on market day and pick up some crabs. For a Halligbread we leave everything behind!


We eat only home-pulled crabs. Something else is out of the question! But did you know that when you buy crabs from the cutter, you always pay a price per liter? This liter is not equal to one kilo! And no one can tell you exactly how much you will get to the gram. This can vary a bit and also depends a bit on the discretion of the fisherman. One liter of unpulsed crabs equals about 500 – 700 grams. But in the fish store you pay a price per kilo. For the Halligbrot I calculate 400 – 500 grams of fresh unpulled crabs per person. My fishmonger always says "One pound per mouth"!"

By the way, fishermen are not allowed to preserve their catch on board! The North Sea crabs are only cooked on the cutter. However, the small crabs are similarly delicate to minced meat and for this reason fishermen are not allowed to be at sea with their catch for longer than 72 hours.

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