Grow hair faster: accelerate hair growth with plantur 21?

In the past few months I have often been asked about my hair. To be more precise on my hair length. And still I often get questions like "Since when do you have such long hair??", "Are you wearing your hair extensions again??"or "Oha, you have got long hair". Not only from friends and acquaintances, but also from you. So in today’s post I want to go into more detail about hair growth.

A long, gorgeous mane has long been synonymous with femininity, never goes out of style, and is also versatile to style. Many young girls and women want long, healthy and strong hair for this reason. But often it fails because of the broken tips, which should actually be cut every eight weeks at the hairdresser’s. Basically, hair grows about. 1-2 cm per month – this is genetically determined. So if you go to the hairdresser every other month and take approx. 3-4 cm from the tips cut off, you come logically not really forward in terms of a longer hair splendor. Basically, the long growth of hair is difficult to control, because hair growth is influenced from the inside. But with a few tools it is still possible to make the hair grow faster. Therefore, I would like to tell you my personal "miracle product" from Plantur 21, which actually brought about visible changes for me (even for outsiders). In addition, you will learn from me, with which foods you can boost hair growth. But back to Plantur: With this, my hair could not only finally grow beyond its "standard length", I could also finally significantly reduce my long-standing hair loss.

At this point, I would like to say that I am a loyal customer of Plantur 21 for years and was very happy when the dr. Wolff GmbH with me agreed to a cooperation.

Sudden hair loss😲

Before ca. 5 years ago I suddenly suffered from incredible hair loss and lost almost 1/4 (if not half) of my hair. I thought it was due to stress, my hormones were going crazy or it was simply due to the (wrong) diet. Unfortunately, however, it only got worse and worse. To wash or brush my hair was for me again and again a new overcoming. Any products from the conventional drugstores for dietary supplementation with zinc, which should provide against hair loss and for better growth, did not help. After several visits to the doctor, however, no one was able to determine anything more specific. By chance I discovered Plantur 21 in the drugstore department and wanted to start a new attempt against my hair loss.

The experiment

Grow hair faster: accelerate hair growth with plantur 21?

Plantur 21 Nutri Caffeine Elixir

My first product from Plantur 21 was the Nutri Caffeine Elixir, which in my opinion even the best product from this brand is. If I am not mistaken it has at that time 7.99 € in the drugstore departments cost (now 8.99 €). The price I find from my point of view completely in order, if one thinks of the prices of the capsules, which do not cause any improvements. The elixir contains 200 ml and if used regularly will last for approx. 7 months off. The elixir protects against lack of energy in the hair root with its Nutri-Caffeine-Complex.

The application is quite easy: Apply daily parting into the scalp, massage with fingertips with light circular movements and wait&
For the first few weeks, maybe months, I was motivated to apply the elixir every day and could notice big changes pretty quickly. The hair loss was significantly reduced and the hair became longer. I could see that especially in the baby hair, which at one time almost became a pony. With time I reduced the application from every day to once a week, simply because I didn’t think about it as often as I did in the beginning. And although I later used the elixir from Plantur 21 only rarely, the hair loss did not occur and the hair became longer.

Meanwhile, my hair is well beyond my "maximum" length. For many women, the hair often stops growing when it reaches a certain length.

My tip for the application: Tie my hair into a ponytail and apply it lengthwise on my scalp. Then brush the open hair well at the roots with a brush, so that the scalp is better supplied with blood.

Grow hair faster: accelerate hair growth with plantur 21?

Plantur 21 – The Nutri Caffeine Shampoo

After I have used ca. 2 bottles of the Elixir have consumed, I wanted besides still the Shampoo to try Plantur 21. This costs at 250 ml 8,99 € and is to be used above all with lean hair growth, it brakes before the dismantling of an important energy carrier (cAMP) and contains very valuable nutrients such as zinc, magnesium and Biotin. Who has dealt with the subject a little, knows that these micronutrients are important factors for a healthy and strong hair growth provide. The shampoo also nourishes and repairs the hair and is well suited for colored and damaged hair. Since you use the shampoo every time you wash your hair and it does not cause fallouts or. Since there can be interruptions due to forgetfulness, I hoped for greater changes in hair growth than with the Elixir. Unfortunately, I must confess that the shampoo could not show me any particularly visible and faster hair growth on my hair. I noticed this already during the first applications, because the shampoo has hardly foamed. This may be because my hair does not absorb every shampoo well. Or maybe because they are not colored? However, if you have no problems with different shampoos, you should definitely test the shampoo! The application is at least much easier, because you do not have to constantly remind yourself to use the elixir& Moreover, in Nutri Caffeine Shampoo you have 3 effects in one: the hair becomes clean, the hair loss improves AND the hair becomes longer&

Grow hair faster: accelerate hair growth with plantur 21?

The care -Nutri Conditioner& Hydro Spray

I had not seen these products in the drugstore store so far and accordingly did not know them. When Plantur 21 had sent me the products, I was all the more happy to test them. The Conditioner costs 5,99 € for 150 ml and is especially for dull, colored and damaged hair. On my hair, which is neither colored nor matte, but slightly damaged, I noticed that it was more pleasant to comb. I also have the impression that especially my tips no longer feel so straw-like.

The Hydro Spray (at 100 ml for 4.99 €) I often use it before blow drying, or just when I think of it. Daily application is recommended. Comfortably spray into dry or even damp hair and do not rinse out. The spray moisturizes noticeably and also like the conditioner facilitates combing.

Grow hair faster: accelerate hair growth with plantur 21?
Grow hair faster: accelerate hair growth with plantur 21?

Grow hair faster with a healthy diet

In addition to products for the hair, a healthy diet can be an advantage. For healthy hair growth proteins, copper, silicon and vitamin E are quite important. Proteins form keratins and copper is important for hair pigmentation. Silicon supports growth and strength, vitamin E is used for the health of the scalp and hair follicles.

So eat foods that contain a lot of proteins, high vitamin content and many minerals. For an additional healthy look of your hair omega 3 fatty acids help you. These keep in fish (salmon, tuna, mackerel, etc.).), chia seeds, walnuts and canola and linseed oil.

Other foods for healthy hair growth:
  • everything that is colorful (paprika. broccoli, avocado, spinach, cabbage)
  • green tea
  • Dried fruits

Through head massages and frequent brushing

As already written above, brushing promotes blood circulation to the scalp. Regular head massages also stimulate blood circulation. This stimulates the hair follicles (which are small invaginations of the skin where the hair roots are formed) and does not disturb their metabolism. This helps them to work efficiently and produce new and healthy hair& Best used every evening with a brush ca. Massage the scalp with light circular movements for 2-3 minutes. The circulation of the scalp is thus well stimulated and spreads the natural hair oils evenly over the hair.

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