Find new friends – with these 7 tips it succeeds

Find new friends

Find new friends is quite difficult for many people.

Do you feel the same way?

Do you often feel lonely and long to make friends with like-minded people exchange?

Do you wonder why you have no or only a few friends??

Does it cost you possibly large overcoming on others to approach?

Do you suffer from Shyness Or even at social anxiety and therefore wait until people approach YOU?
Or you just don’t know how to go about making new contacts, so friendship usually doesn’t happen at all?

If so, here’s the solution for you:

Because in this article I present you 7 helpful practical tips with which you make it, new friends find new friends.

Sounds good? Super!

Find new friends

With this Instruction you can quickly and easily get into conversation with people who will soon become your friends true Be able to become friends.

So you are ready to leave loneliness, frustration and boredom behind?..

…And to spend a life with true friends by your side, with whom you feel comfortable and with whom you can be who you are?

Then: Here we go!

But before how to exclusive tips come, I’ll tell you what else you can do false and true friends can distinguish.

Table of Contents: What to expect in this article

How to recognize a fake friend

There are many indications how you can recognize a false friend.

Here is a small overview for you:

  • You have nothing in common and you are not on the same wavelength
  • Opinions, views and beliefs vary widely
  • You have no or very little to talk about
  • You feel uncomfortable in the presence of this "friend"
  • You have the feeling that you no longer enrich each other
  • The "friend" does not begrudge you your successes (anymore)
  • You can no longer have any understanding for each other
  • There is no common basis of trust anymore
  • The "friend" is hardly interested in you and is no longer there for you
  • It’s hard to empathize with each other and practice tolerance
  • You have grown apart and in different directions

If you agree on many of these points, then you should reconsider this "friendship".

Does she really do you good and is she really that important for you?
Or maybe it is better to end the friendship or to limit the contact a lot?

Okay, but what makes a true friend now??

How to recognize a true friend

  • You like to spend time with this friend
  • You are connected by great experiences together
  • The friendship brings you joy and fulfillment
  • You have many things in common and interests
  • You can trust this friend with everything
  • You can behave like this towards him,
    how you really are, with all your strengths and weaknesses
  • In difficult situations you can rely on your friend and ask him for help
  • You can talk to your friend about anything, he listens to you attentively without judging you
  • always stand behind you and defend you from others
  • You feel understood and in good hands with him
  • After a meeting you feel strengthened and positively charged

So, now I don’t want to keep the tips from you any longer.

Here are the 7 practical exercises to find new friends together:

Tip 1: Show initiative

The first and at the same time most important step to meet new friends is to show openness and willingness to take action yourself.

Because if you just hope and wait for potential friends to cross your path, you may be waiting a long time.

So get into action and make a conscious decision to make sure yourself to get in touch with potential friends.

What you can do in advance:

  1. What has interested me before and would I like to try out?
  2. What hobbies did I have in the past and would I like to take up again??

When you become aware of which Hobby or which Passion YOU want to pay more attention, then you are on a good way to soon be in contact with like-minded to come!

Of course, friendships can also start under other circumstances (for example, while shopping).

As a rule, the chance of making new friends is twice as high if you share the same hobby or passion.

Tip 2: Get into action and visit new places

If you know what activity you would like to try, then come directly to the T-U-N, because "success has three letters" as we all know. ;)

Making new friends

So it is best to make a trial lesson today for something that interests you.

No matter what it may be: A great Play a sport or a Dance, meditation or painting classes, who appeals to you. There are no limits to your creativity.

Go and see what happens!

You’ll find that once you’ve found a great hobby, you’ll be able to make really fun, you will quickly make friends with People in contact Get in touch with people who enjoy this activity as much as you do.

This already creates the basis for an exciting conversation.

So go for it and dare!

Because common ground is the basis for a solid friendship!

Here’s a list for you of places where you can easily strike up a conversation:

You can make new friends at these places:

  • In the university, at work or in the neighborhood
  • At events (birthdays, concerts/ festivals, parties)
  • At seminars, congresses, lectures, workshops
  • In the city, in the park or in the supermarket
  • At the gym, dance class or sports club
  • In choir, language course or theater
  • In a volunteer activity
  • In further education centers, district adult education centers
  • In a travel group

Of course, there are a number of other ways to connect with people that have potential for a real friendship Have.

It is best to visit places you like and where you feel comfortable.

Because when you feel good, you attract people who feel good.

And you will see that in this way sympathetic people will enter your life.

Here’s another tip:

Be absolutely from the beginning authentic and do not pretend to please others.

In the long run, it can be quite exhausting to constantly play some role just to make an impression on others.

So stay true to yourself and you will also meet sincere and honest people.

And that’s exactly the kind of friends you want to have, isn’t it??

Tip 3: Take the first step

Now that you know be active yourself need to become in order for a conversation to occur

and you should seek out places where possible friends hang out…

Yes, then one thing can still stop you from making friends:

Your Fear to approach people!

Of course, especially in the beginning it is not so easy to take the first step.

But always think about the best thing that can happen:

you get the opportunity to make a true friend for life.

And that is worth it, isn’t it??!

If you see someone (preferably in an informal place), who you like and whom you have perhaps already met several times..

..then dare to approach and talk to this person.

You can talk to this person first of all about quite banal things, like about the weather or about the place where you both are located.

This way you can warm up to the person and see if there is any interest at all on the other side for a conversation or not.

If this is the case, you can continue the conversation and ask what your counterpart would like to hobbies, attitudes and Interests has.

For example, if you are both taking a dance class, this is the best condition for a more intense exchange, because you can talk about your common passion.

And this is how you manage basic foundation for a friendship and find out how this "potential" friend ticks.

Of course, there is another option for the more daring and if you are a extrovert the better:

Ask yourself who in your immediate circle you have always wanted to meet.
Whom you may have admired for a long time for a certain skill that you would like to learn as well?

Of course, this version is a bit more uncomfortable than the previous one, but you will benefit from it and develop yourself personally.

And the chance of new good friend increases many times over!

Contact the person you would like to get to know better by phone or even in person.
If you don’t dare you can also start in writing.

Maybe you are afraid how this person might react, but I can assure you that most people are very happy if you are interested in them and their hobbies and show them appreciation.

Again, warm up first and start with casual topics.

You have nothing to lose, on the contrary:

You have the opportunity to find a true new friend.

Tip 4: Network with interesting people on social media

Since we live in the age of digitalization and the Internet is really indispensable, let’s dedicate ourselves to this simple way of communication. :)

Here the offer is huge and you can find suitable platforms for almost every hobby and every subject area find new friends you can visit!

Find new friends

If you already have someone in mind whom you know by sight and who has struck a sympathetic chord with you, you have the opportunity to find this person through social networks, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or even Xing.

When you have found the person, you can write to him or her, for example, like this:

"Hello XY, I found you here by chance and thought to write to you sometime. We met the other day in the university library and had a nice chat. What about you, did you find the book you wanted to borrow??"

Start with something casual, go into a specific situation you have experienced together.

And if you do not know the person yet?

Write something like:

"Hi XY, I found you here by accident and thought I’d drop you a line. Saw in your profile that you have very similar interests as me. I would be happy to talk about XY with you."

Tip 5: Meet with your chat acquaintances

Once you’ve met someone nice over the internet, you should meet them in person soon to find out if you get along as well in real life.

No question, exchanging ideas with someone about exciting topics on the Internet may be comfortable.

However, deep friendships still take place in reality.

Because besides great conversations, for example to do things together an integral part of a friendship.

So take the initiative and ask for a first meeting.

You’ll find that most people respond positively when you take a step toward them.

Because many others also find it difficult to approach strangers.

Even if your counterpart cancels the first time, you should not take this cancellation personally.

Maybe he really doesn’t have time for your date or he is under a lot of pressure / stress.

Only if your chat friend cancels the second or third meeting and he doesn’t suggest another date, you can assume that he is not interested in building a real friendship with you.

But don’t let that get you down, because other people are just waiting to meet you!

So: Just start writing, arrange a meeting with a nice contact and get to know each other. Easy going!

If you are very shy, you can also just bring a familiar person with you to the meeting, who offers you backbone.

So it is easier to get into conversation with the new acquaintance and to open up more.

Tip 6: Arrange further meetings

If the first meeting was promising, arrange to meet again to show your chat acquaintance that you are really interested in getting to know them further.

So keep investing time and effort into this relationship.

But of course, the other person should also make an effort to continue meeting with you, so that the balance of give and take is balanced.

If your new acquaintance does not make any effort to get to know you further, you should break off the contact.

After all, you can use your time more wisely by dating other potential friends who will appreciate your presence more.

Tip 7: Organize common activities

Another, somewhat more unusual way to make new friends is, Scheduling events.

What do you feel most like doing right now?

To a fun Bowling evening? A sociable Barbecue? A common Bike tour or rather a fun Game night?

Find new friends

Create events (for example, via Facebook) and invite people who might also be interested in these activities.
If you feel more comfortable doing this, you can also team up with another person.

Even if at the beginning only one person accepts..
…better one than none, right?? ;)

You’ll see that the more often you do cool events like this, the more word will spread about them.

Gradually, more and more people will come and Acquaintances can develop into friendships!

Special tip: Revive old friendships

Besides seven tips, that can help you make new friends, there’s another way around "new" or rather "old" regain friends.

Do you know friends who used to be important to you, but whom you lost track of for some reason, for example because you moved and had little time left??

Now you think back to the great friendship and would like to get in touch with this person again?

It is worth a try!

Contact this old friend and set up a meeting.

If you find that you are still on the same wavelength?

Great, then your friendship from before has a chance to blossom again.

However, if you realize that you’ve grown too far apart, there’s no common ground left, and you don’t feel comfortable?

Does not matter.

Then there are other friends waiting for you, who are better suited to your current life!

Make new friends – YOU deserve it!

Good relationships are important because they enrich your life and give you additional joy, happiness and satisfaction.

With these 7 tips, that will help you to make new friends, you are well equipped!

Now it’s up to you!

Get active and you’ll soon meet people on the same level.

I’m sure you’ll be fine with a positive and Open mindset and a portion of Courage, very quickly make new contacts, which over time will become real friendships can develop.

Trust that you will meet exactly those people who are sympathetic to you, share similar interests and with whom you harmonize.

Take advantage of the opportunities presented to you, take the initiative and you will see…
… nothing now stands in the way of a thick friendship!

I wish you all the best, lots of fun and a wonderful time with your new friends!

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