Every year again… O fir tree, o fir tree

Every year again... O fir tree, o fir tree

Household tips: Putting up the Christmas tree

Every year the same procedure! Christmas is coming and the search for a Christmas tree begins. the Christmas tree is put up and decorated before Christmas Eve. In most families it remains until the Three Wise Men. To give the tree an opportunity to acclimatize, it should be placed one or two days before the celebration. Why, explains the following article.

Tips around the Christmas tree

The Christmas tree should not be purchased too close to the holiday. If one waits until Christmas Eve the choice of Christmas trees is not so big anymore. The Christmas tree should also be stored in the garage or cellar until its grand appearance. So the tree has time to get used to the changed temperature. If you cut a slice of about 2 cm off the trunk and place it in a bucket of water, you will enjoy your fir tree longer. it is important to refill the water daily.

If the fir tree is wrapped in a transport net, this should first be cut open and removed. The tree should be placed in the Christmas tree stand and the net should be cut from the bottom to the top. Who uses a Christmas tree stand with a hoist, the tree can be set up more easily. The freed fir tree should remain at least one day so stand. It is always important to ensure that the tree stands securely. Especially important is the firm stand, if the tree is decorated with burning Christmas tree candles. Who decides for the Christmas tree candles, which should perhaps better do without tinsel.

The tree needs water

If you use a Christmas tree stand with a water tank, it can be filled with plain tap water. This way the tree lasts longer. There are Christmas tree stands that are equipped with a water level indicator. So you always have an eye on when water needs to be refilled. Many nurseries or experts advise to add a little sugar or flower fresh in the water. It is also important to deposit next to the Christmas tree a bucket of water, purely visually does it also a filled floor vase.

Those who choose a large Christmas tree should know that such a large tree also consumes a lot of liquid. So water should be refilled regularly. Many Christmas trees are already cut in November and often already placed in the living room before the third Advent. So that the tree does not lose too early and also not too many needles, there are some tricks how to prevent that. Thus, the type of Christmas tree plays a decisive role. Nordmann firs and noble firs are the longest lasting and almost do not needle at all. If you now have a Christmas tree stand with a water tank and always refill it, you will enjoy your Christmas tree well into January. It is important to pay attention to quality features of the Christmas tree stand.

Three variants of Christmas tree stands

There are three types of Christmas tree stands. The screw stand, the Christmas tree stand with clamping mechanism and the fir tree stand with cable technology. The screw stand is easy to handle. The Christmas tree is fixed in the stand with three or four screws. However, this requires two people. One that holds the tree and one that turns in the screws.
With the Christmas tree stand with clamping mechanism, the tree is simply secured with wooden wedges. The tree is secured with clamps or standing rods.
The tree stand with pulley has a foot lever with which the tree can be lashed down. So you do not need to work under the tree.
Christmas tree stands are also available in different sizes to fit any Christmas tree. So if you decide to have a big tree, you should choose the Christmas tree stand accordingly.

How the Christmas tree is decorated is of course a matter of taste. Some decorate it traditionally in red and gold, others prefer the natural variant with pine cones and straw stars.

Proper care after the holiday

Also when dismantling the tree should already prepare for the next winter. Resin residues on the Christmas tree stand can be easily dissolved with WD-40 multifunctional product and a thin film of WD-40 protects against corrosion during storage. This should also give the tree a secure hold in the well-kept Christmas tree stand for the next year.

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