Earn money online: 19 serious opportunities 2022!

You can find everything on the internet: the latest news, the best series or the weather forecast for the next week. On the net there is not only an endless amount of information, but also possibilities to earn money comfortably. We present the best websites and apps and explain what you need to do to make money online.*

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With these 19 ways, you can make serious money online

The Internet offers many various opportunities, get money. Whether a small Side job or one full-time job, a lot is possible online. We have for you the 18 best options you’ve picked out online, with whom earn money seriously can.

1. test products

Product tester wanted: Not only can you make money in surveys with your own opinion Earn money, including through product reviews you can supplement your pocket money. You can rely on Online platforms register and accept orders for product tests there. are present very different categories This is possible because many large companies, from drugstores to clothing stores to delivery services, are looking for testers for their products via these platforms. With your ratings you help not only to your wallet, but also to the companies that products to improve.

Which requirements should you bring?

To work as a product tester you will need no special requirements. It is important that you work reliably and really test the products on the criteria that are prescribed. Only so the companies can also do something with your test.

How much can I earn?

You will be paid by the platforms individually for each product test. The exact amount can be vary very much, as there are tests that are very elaborate and others for which you don’t have to invest so much time. If you are lucky, according to some platforms are up to 50 Euro per order inside. All in all, you can earn pocket money through product tests of 100 to 200 euros a month earn.

2. surveys

With paid surveys you can easily and without much effort earn money online. You simply register for different portals in, get the Surveys by e-mail sent to you and can then with a few clicks earn money on the side.

What qualifications should you bring?

You need for filling out surveys No special qualifications. However, it may be that you have to pay for some surveys are not suitable, since companies usually advertise their products certain target group tailor. Equally, however, there will be many surveys that fit exactly to you. You should therefore as many interests as possible then the portals will allocate more surveys to you.

How much can you earn?

How much money the surveys earn you depends a lot on, how much time you invest. The surveys differ depending on the effort in their payment. For some you get 50 cents, for others ten euros. In total, surveys can be used to earn around 100 to 200 euros a month earn.

3. cashback actions

You can also easily create online earn money while shopping: you buy a new top or a CD and get money back. The whole thing works with the help of Cashback promotions. Online you can previously check with portals, which stores offer promotions.

Which requirements should you bring?

Earning money works here only if you first which spend. So it is an advantage if you use these promotions only, if you want to buy something anyway. With the platforms you only have to register and you can already use the promotions.

How much you can earn?

On average, stores offer five to fifteen percent cashback for your purchase.

4. (online) tutoring

give tutoring is one of the most popular part-time jobs, especially for students Pupils and students. You don’t necessarily have to travel to your student’s home for a tutoring session, you can also online tutoring is possible. There are different Video chat programs with the help of which you can easily give online tutoring. Also materials you can use this well, for example by sharing your screen. Also that Sending assignments is no problem.

Which requirements should you bring with you?

To be able to give tutoring, you should have one or more have a good command of school subjects. It’s also important that you’re good at selling your Pass on knowledge to others. For the special form of online tutoring, you need a laptop and a stable internet connection. The same goes for your student(s).

How much can you earn?

How much your hourly wage is for tutoring, you can in principle define yourself. What amount is appropriate depends on your status. As a student you can earn up to ten Euro per hour require. If you’ve already graduated from high school and are studying, an hourly rate of 15 Euro and more adequate. So tutoring is particularly suitable as a side job if you want to earn money as a student want.

5. submit university assignments

Earning money online is of course also possible by cell phone. The app Red Thread, for example, has set itself the goal of making business students to support their learning and offers you the possibility, Tasks and solutions for business studies submit. For these you get then quite simply money.

Which requirements should you bring with you?

Requirements you need only one: You should have a Business degree occupy. At which university and in which semester you study, doesn’t matter at all. And it doesn’t matter which module the tasks you submit relate to, because the app covers a wide range of study content.

How much can I earn?

If you have sent in tasks and solutions, they will be checked within 24 hours. And already then you will receive your money: 50 cents per task and solution.

6. Apps: micro jobs and clickworkers

Also with apps you can go all the way simply earn money. You download them on your cell phone and get immediately earnings displayed. What exactly you earn your money with, is vvaries from app to app. There are apps that give you Micro-jobs teach. They show you what is available in your Environment just for orders gives, for example the photographing advertising posters. If you take these jobs, you will earn a few extra euros. The job as an online flea market Clickworker. You take small tasks and projects from companies to without being permanently employed by them. For this there are special Clickworker apps, but you can also get the jobs via certain platforms search.


For both surveys and micro jobs, it is recommended to apply to to register as many portals and apps as possible. How to increase your chance of getting more surveys and jobs.

Which requirements should you bring with you?

That comes quite individual to the job. If you want to take photos, you need one good (mobile) camera, if you take a micro-job as a copywriter, you should be able to be able to write well. So you can easily choose the jobs that fit you.

How much you can earn?

Your compensation is also very individual here. Mostly you get for a micro-job only cent to small euro amounts. So you should accept many micro jobs, to earn money.

Earn money online: An overview of all opportunities

Online money earning requirements earning potential time expenditure
test products Experience with the respective products medium medium
Surveys None medium low
(Online) Tutoring Be able to impart knowledge high high
Apps Varies depending on app low low
Cashback promotions First spend money medium low
Testing computer games Affinity in the area of computer games medium medium
online flea market negotiation skills medium medium
sell photos good (mobile) camera, eye for motives low medium
Bitcoins Expert knowledge for bitcoins, startup capital high medium
affiliate marketing Large community on social media or other platforms high high
Recruit friends No medium low
YouTube Creative content, lots of clicks high high
Influencer Large community high high
gamer Professional in at least one computer game medium/high high
Virtual assistance Depends on the client medium high
Programming and web design expertise in computer science medium to high high
Give online courses Expert for a demanded topic medium high
Writing texts Good spelling and punctuation medium high

7. refer friends

With this option you do not even have to do anything yourself. It is rather a matter of your friends to use certain offers. Many companies offer bonuses on if you have friends and recruit friends. This includes for example current accounts, electricity providers or even online shops. Most of the time the whole thing works Referral link, that you send to your friends. If they then buy something via this link, for example, you get money or another bonus for it.

What requirements should you bring with you?

With most providers you have to be a customer yourself, to recruit friends and get a bonus for it. So first of all just have a look at your electricity provider or a bank check if there are any bonuses for referring friends. If not, you will find online many offers, where you get money for referred friends.

How much can you earn?

Your earnings will of course always depend on your individual offers from. At current accounts you can have up to 75 Euro earn money with a referred friend, at electricity providers can it also 50 to 100 euros its. If your friends don’t need a new account right away, you can also simply give them Online stores with cashback recommend. Here you will get up to 10 percent cashback for every purchase that your friend(s) makes. And your friends / -inside get of course also further their Cashback.

8. test computer games

product tester / -innen there is not only for the latest vacuum cleaner or the trendy party gadget. Also online you can test products and earn money that way: with computer games. Because they also have to be before their launch be tested. As Game tester / -in However, it’s not about just playing a little bit of the game. Your task is rather to look for to look out for mistakes. Are there any bugs in the game? Are instructions unclear? job postings are usually available online directly to the game producers / manufacturers.

What requirements should you bring?

You should be familiar with computer games. It is less about knowing a lot about a certain game. Rather, the testing of computer games requires a certain affinity in this area ahead. You should play games more often and know what is important. addition, it is important that you very be careful in your analysis and concentrate well. Last but not least, of course you need to computer on which the game is running.

How much can you earn?

The remuneration differs depending on the game manufacturer. Mostly you will paid per hour, there are between seven and 15 euros inside. Sometimes there is also additional money, if you find bugs in the computer game.

9. Online flea market and Amazon FBA

Another way to earn money online is the selling things you don’t need any more. For example, just sort your Closet or search in the basement for old treasures. With a photo and a small description you can easily put your old stuff on upload and offer items online at various flea markets. Do you want to save the logistics, offers Amazon the possibility products to store, to package and also to send. The service is called Amazon FBA. As soon as you place your sales ads you upload to Amazon, you can choose the option and send it to Amazon.

Which requirements should you bring?

You have to say goodbye to your old stuff, so you should not be someone who is too attached to his possessions. Besides, it is advisable that you inform yourself beforehand, how much your stuff is still worth, so you don’t get ripped off when negotiating with the buyer. That is why negotiating skills an advantage. You should approach the sale confidently and be convinced of your stuff. So you can negotiate the best price for everything.

How much you can earn?

How much money you earn in the end depends very much on, how many and which items you offer for sale. Generally there are no limits set. With high quality clothing, furniture or computer games can already be a few hundred euros earn.


You are offering on a sales platform too much effort and you would prefer to see how much earn money fast? Then you can also sell your old stuff at so called buying service offer. There you learn immediately, whether and for how much they will be bought from you. The portals then sell your stuff on.

10. sell photos

You like to do in your free time photos? Then you can turn your hobby into money online. This is made possible by Stock photo platforms. There you can sell your upload photos and others can download them for a fee, for example for a website.

Which requirements should you bring?

You need for your photos no professional equipment. Mostly it is enough to Cell phone with a good camera out, so that the photos have a good quality. However, you should have eye for good motives and also creative ideas have. After all, the point is that customers / clients choose yours from all the photos offered in the end.

How much you can earn?

When your photos are downloaded, you usually get only Cents. So in order to earn a lot of money here you should as many photos as possible from different themes offer on these portals.

Earn money online with photos

11. Trade with Bitcoins

The old fashioned saving on an account of your trusted bank does not work well nowadays. The interest rates are low and that Money rather loses value than it wins. Online there are a few ways to earn your money to invest more profitably. Besides the stock business, this is mainly the Trade with cryptocurrencies. Especially the Bitcoin has gained in value in the past years.


Earning money with Bitcoins works in theory very simple: You buy the Bitcoin from a lowest possible exchange rate and sell it again when it is worth more. The difference is then your profit. However, in practice this does not work quite so easily, because it is often Price fluctuations there, which most cannot be predicted.

Which requirements should you bring along?

Before you can get into Bitcoin trading you should be deal with it intensively. So, first of all, do a thorough research on how the Bitcoin has developed in the past time, which Possibilities there are with the plant and how exactly the currency actually works. In addition, you first need an certain starting capital, that you can invest.

How much can I earn?

All or nothing: When earning with Bitcoins almost everything is possible. Investors who have invested at the beginning can see their value in the meantime thousandfold have. But you can also lose all your money. In 2017, for example, the value of the Bitcoin almost halved in a few days. So for this way to make money online, you should have very willing to take risks be.

12. affiliate marketing

You can also social media channels or other online presence use to earn money. For this you only have to buy advertising for different products switch. The whole thing is called affiliate marketing. At you link products or stores, that fit to your content. For example on Facebook or your own blog. With the help of a tracking codes the company can see how many users have clicked on the link. You get paid for every click.

Recommendation with cash bonus

The current account of 1822 convinces not only with a welcome bonus but also with a bonus for referrals.

  • 100 Euro credit + 100 Euro for recommendation
  • free checking account until 26 years
  • free Visa credit card

Earning money when opening an account. Photo: Jens Domschky/gettyimages

Which requirements should you bring along?

Here is one large community advantage. The more people subscribed to your channels or read your blog, the higher the probability, that companies offer you these ways of making money is. Also you also earn more, if your link is clicked more often. But you should make sure that your Match the content to the businesses you are linking to. This is how it works for your community authentic.

How much can you earn?

How much money you get per click varies from company to company different. Therefore it is also here difficult to name a flat rate of earnings. One thing is certain: The more people you can get to click on the link, the more money you earn.

13. YouTube

It is known: With YouTube you can earn good money online. Whether with beauty products, how it for example Dagi Bee and Bibis Beauty Palace make, or with Gaming like Gronkh. you all are full-time YouTuber / -innen. But you don’t have to become a star in the scene right away. Already With fewer subscribers / subscribers and clicks you can get with YouTube your Increase account balance.

Which requirements should you bring along?

The most important thing with Earn money on YouTubeYou need good content. So think in advance, what are the main topics you want to cover in your channel, what you are good at and what also is desired by the audience. You should also make sure that you stand out from other YouTubers and that you offer something special to offer. It is also important, as many people as possible draw attention to your videos. The bigger your community is, the more money you can make with YouTube.

How much can you earn?

For the amount of your earnings on YouTube is on the one hand the number of clicks of your videos crucial. However, there are for 1000 clicks just one euro. So for the job to pay off, you’d have to have produce many videos, which are clicked very often. That’s why many YouTuber / -inside also use another way to earn money: Product placements. Thereby you put in your videos introduce new products and you get paid. Of course you also need as large a community as possible, who watches your videos.

Make money online with YouTube

14. Become an influencer

But you can earn money with your own ideas not only on the YouTube platform. As Influencer / -in you can quasi any social media platform use. Whether Facebook, Instagram or TikTok – The main thing Click numbers are right. As an Influencer you inspire with your content an big community. These also want companies for themselves and so they give a lot of money for marketing via Influencer / -inside from. The whole thing works not only through the company’s products, as with affiliate marketing or product placements on YouTube, but goes far beyond that. Start a company for example whole campaigns with Influencers / Influencerinnen and integrate them into their advertising.


Celebrity examples for successful Influencer / – inside are the twins Lisa and Lena, who use the platform TikTok with their music videos have become famous. On Instagram they have over 15 million subscribers. Also models like Lena Gercke and Stefanie Giesinger are now using their large community on social media to make money.

Which requirements should you bring with you?

As with YouTube, as an influencer on other platforms, it’s your content that has to be convincing. You make yourself as an Influencer / -in yourself to a brand. That’s why you need to think about it beforehand, what you want to stand for. Furthermore you should be familiar with you can use the various social media platforms and know, which formats work on which network.

How much can you earn?

Here, too, when it comes to earning money, the most important thing is your community to. The more followers you have, the more money you can earn. Because: your chances of being used by companies for their influencer marketing, rise with your popularity at. If you are successful as an Influencer, you can several thousand euros a month earn.

15. Become a gamer

With a passion for play computer, you can become famous not only on YouTube, but also as a professional gamers earn money online. Meanwhile, computer gaming a real profession. Because: e-sport is becoming more and more popular and so there are many competitions, where an attractive prize money attracts.

Which requirements should you bring with you?

This question can be answered quite simply: you should be really good at at least one computer game. And that better than (almost) everybody else. Because only in this way you can really gain a foothold in the professional gamer scene. And just like in real sports, it’s the same with e-sports: train, train, train. It is about, to improve yourself more and more. At the beginning you should first draw attention to yourself online, for example regularly on platforms like stream Twitch live and show your skills. So you have the chance Agencies become aware of you and put you under contract.

How much can you earn?

At the top of the world rankings As a professional gamer you can win a big tournament and earn quickly become a millionaire. But only a few succeed. Also with Soccer clubs you can be employed as a professional gamer and work for a company 10.000 Euro a month playing FIFA. So if you get a foothold in the industry, you can make become really rich. As a beginner / -in in the professional gamer area you can first for example participate in smaller tournaments. The Electronic Sports League offers almost daily tournaments also for hobby gamers. The prize money there are on average between 50 and 300 euros.

16. Virtual Assistant

Another way to earn money online on a full-time basis is to Job as a virtual assistant. As the name suggests, you assist for example companies or private persons for individual tasks. But that’s what you do not in person on site, but wherever you like, because the communication runs over the Internet. There are very many topics, in which a virtual assistance is in demand, from Coordinating appointments to bookkeeping to research activities. On different Job portals you can register as a virtual assistant and be found by companies by indicating your skills.

What requirements should I bring?

You need a laptop and a good internet connection. Then you can start in principle with the job. For some jobs you should already have Previous knowledge in the fields you should bring with you, for example in accounting. So always make sure with the orders that you also meet the requirements.

How much can I earn?

You put your hourly wage is usually fixed by yourself. It always depends on the exact activity. For jobs in which you are a professional and can score with your experience, you can certainly Charge 20 euros and more per hour for your work.

17. programming and web design

Also the workplace of programmers and web designers is mainly the Internet. In this job you create websites, you are familiar with programming languages and you are an expert on software. You can offer your skills – similar to the virtual assistant job – on various websites and thus be found by companies.

Which prerequisites should you bring with you?

For this job you need professional knowledge. You should either have a Study or training in the area computer science have completed or at least already a lot of experience in programming and the creation of web pages.

How much can you earn?

Also here you determine yourself, how much your work is worth. Experienced programmers who work for large companies usually require a hourly wage of 40 Euro and more. It should be noted that you will only be paid for individual assignments, which may only take an hour. So you can at this hourly wage do not assume a 40 hour work week.

18. give online courses

Also Teach works meanwhile problem-free online. you know a subject area particularly well? Or can particularly well cooking, using Excel or speaking English? Then make money with your own Online course. There are some platforms where you can offer your courses offer them for free to a large community. Per video you can then teach your students everything, live or recorded.

Which requirements should you bring?

You should work in a To be an expert in a subject area. You should therefore be well versed, that others can learn something from you. Once you have found this area, it is important that you, how you can best convey the knowledge can. After all, the point is that your students understand you. It must also be clear to you that you have to give them can’t help directly on site. So, especially for recorded courses, your explanations must be especially understandable be.

How much can you earn?

Your earnings depend on it, how many participants you can convince of your courses and at what price you offer them. In addition also the topic a role. For especially demanded or complex topics you can charge more than for others. A course hour can ten but also cost 100 euros. The exact pricing is up to you.

19. write texts

Not only can you make money online with your photos, it also with your texts. As a freelance writer you can for example write texts for companies and website owners for their products. There are some online Portals, for which such orders are placed.

Which requirements should you bring with you?

In order to make money from writing, your texts should have the meet the demands of your clients. This includes in any case a confident punctuation and spelling. In addition, if you are writing for a client, you should have adapt your writing style to the product in question be able to find original descriptions.

How much you can earn?

You are usually paid for per written word. The price per word can vary depending on the client and the quality of your text vary. When you get into the job, you can start with about three cents per word calculate.


You do not want to write for a client, but your own topics edit? Then simply publish your own eBook. online you don’t need a big publisher to print your book. You can publish independently and offer them to different dealers.

You set the price yourself. Depending on which retailer you sell it to, you will have to pay a certain amount for each copy sold. You also have to deduct taxes, so that at the end mostly at most 70 percent of the sales price reach you.

Save money online

There are online not only many ways to earn money, but also, Save money. To the best saving tips it belongs to regularly inform about vouchers. On many websites, there are coupons for a wide variety of things, from Clothes to airline tickets to DSL contracts. As a student you can also look for special Student discounts look around. Again, there are often special offers online for many stores.

You can also save online by compare offers and pick out the cheapest one. This works in various categories, including Cell phone tariffs, electricity providers or even current accounts. With the latter you can not only save money, but also one or the other collect bonus. Banks pay you money when you open a checking account with them.

FAQs: The most important questions about earning money online

I want to make money online, but how do I start??

You should first consider, how much time you can invest and want and how you introduce the money making. Do you want work actively, like for example as a copywriter, or rather use passive advantages, for example with cash back actions or Bitcoins? You should choose one or Decide several methods that fit your life and ideas.

How can I earn money online as fast as possible?

For many things you first need some lead time or have to research longer. Especially full-time jobs you do not come immediately to the big money. Do you need as much as possible quickly your first payout, surveys or micro jobs are right for you. You can start immediately after registration.

If I earn money online, do I have to declare it to the tax office??

This depends on the opportunity you choose to earn money online. Who online his old clothes sold or cashback promotions uses, does not have to declare it to the tax office. you earn with your jobs however on the side over 450 euros a month or even work full time on the Internet, you have to do it at report to your health insurance and the tax office. Because, whether you earn the money with a job earn outside or on the Internet, makes no difference in this case.

Can I also under 18 years earn money online?

Yes. For many opportunities presented in this text, you do not have to be 18 years old. If you register with different providers, you will find the exact terms and conditions. Fill out surveys, for example, is at many portals already from 16 years allowed.

Is making money online legal?

Yes. All the options presented here are completely legal. Of course lurk on the Internet also unserious providers. Therefore you should inform well and not on offers, which promise fast the completely large money, fall in.

* This post contains affiliate links. If you click on an affiliate link and register through it, UNICUM will get a commission from that provider. Nothing changes for you.

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