Earn money on the internet in switzerland – 21 tips and tricks

Thanks to the Internet, in 2021 it is easier than ever to earn from a pittance to many 1000 francs a month. How about escaping from the hamster wheel with a passive income? For this big dream, everyone starts small. Who knows how it will develop? Whether you’re a student, a stay-at-home mom, or a working professional, be sure to take advantage of the opportunity to earn extra income. You can earn money immediately with surveys on the Internet as a sideline.

My tips on how to make money fast on the internet

All listed methods to earn money online immediately also work in Switzerland!
Important: I don’t like all the possibilities, but would like to introduce them to you anyway. You then decide for yourself whether you want to join or not.

1. Make money by filling out online surveys

With the right strategy it is possible to earn a sack money. I get up to 300-400 francs a month for online surveys. Online surveys are for me the cheapest way to earn a little money on the side and also 100% legal and without risk. I can especially recommend the following survey platforms*:

  • Opinion site
  • Decider Club
  • Marketagent
  • Ampuls.ch(sign up and get 200 points as a gift right away& )
  • Mobrog (app only)

They offer a simple user interface. The platforms offer you online surveys that are specifically selected for Switzerland and the language is German. You can start quickly and earn the first amounts, that’s what I appreciate about the survey platforms. This is how much I earned with online surveys.

& Super Tip! &
Get 200 Migros Cumulus or Coop Superpoints as a gift! From Ampuls.ch I’m quite excited about it right now, because the reward is very generous and you can redeem for many different prizes. If you’re talking about this link at Ampuls.ch* you get 200 points for free, which you can redeem for 200 Coop Superpoints or 200 Migros Cumulus points. They are transferred directly to your Migros or Coop app in real time!

2. Make money online: Become a mystery shopper

& Mystery Shopping with Ipsos*! Store in the store "undercover" and get paid for shopping! The platform also works for Switzerland. If you have enough desire and time (and nerves) it is a nice pastime. At Ipsos Mystery Shopper you get paid to pretend to be a real customer.

Earn money on the internet in switzerland - 21 tips and tricks

3. Rabattcorner (Swiss cashback website)

With Rabattcorner you get money back for your purchase in many Swiss online stores! If you sign up via this link*, you will receive 5 francs starting bonus! Over the last few years I have been able to get several hundred francs back, because I used to shop online a lot. My Rabattcorner experience. Alternative: Monerio.

4. Earn money with your own blog

Create a blog and sell advertising space! Make potential cooperation partners aware of you. Build your own business this way. Switch Google Ad Sense ads and lean back. When earning money with sponsored content on your own website, your personal signature should always be recognizable. With the right strategy you can earn several 1000 francs a month with your own blog.

How to make money with your blog* by the business heroines. 30+ lucrative sources of income for your blog.

5. Earn money with your own online course

Online courses on the Internet are booming. And you can earn a lot of money, no matter to which topic. Many niches can be monetized, for example, special diets, sewing courses, marketing courses, etc.

How you too can develop and launch your own lucrative online course? If you are interested in launching online courses, check out the free masterclass by Katharina Lewald. Or listen to their free business podcast. I always listen to these podcasts in the morning on my way to work and have already been able to take a few things with me for my own business. It is partly unbelievable how much you can earn with your own online course. Once created it can be sold infinitely.

What do you do with the money you earn on the Internet??
Save and invest naturally!
Start with Inyova (share savings plan) or Selma (ETF Savings Plan) easy to invest your money wisely and sustainably to build your wealth.

Extra tip: Free bank account for Switzerland

Zak coupon code: ZAKLOV

Download the free banking app Zak from Bank Cler now!
With my code ZAKLOV you get CHF 50.- after registration for free

6. Earn money with Fiverr

Fiverr is a platform where you can sell your digital skills. Meanwhile almost everything can be made into money. Sign up here at Fiverr and offer your services to the whole world! Or find a freelancer yourself who can do jobs for your business!

Earn money on the internet in switzerland - 21 tips and tricks

What can you offer on Fiverr?

  • Graphics and design
  • Digital Marketing
  • Text& Translation
  • Video& Animation
  • Music and audio
  • Programming and technology
  • Data
  • Business
  • Lifestyle

You can edit videos, create graphics, do translations, write texts, program an app, compose music, etc.? Then sell your services as a freelancer! Fiverr is great for digital nomads. Do you like to design recipes? Sell your ideas? By the way, you can also have a freelancer create a whole blog for you!

7. Become a crowdtester

Crowdtesting is the process of putting software through its paces by a large number of testers on the Internet for a fee. This data is then used for further development and improvement of the software.

8. Create a Patreon blog

You can also use Patreon, which is a blog behind a paywall. So readers have to pay and subscribe to read your content first. You need valuable content and insider tips that readers are dying to have. You describe, for example, which is your weight loss secret or how you have managed a certain craft work so ingenious.

9. Sell crafts on Etsy

On the platform Etsy you can sell your creative works. Do you have a particular craft technique. If you are creative and want to sell your work online worldwide? Then Etsy is the right platform for you. You can also sell graphics, templates and photos as digital downloads. The possibilities are really endless.

10. FanSlave – EASY (?) Earn money with clicks

Earn money by liking on social media sites? This is how you can earn money quickly and easily at FanSlave*. Now this sounds a bit like Indian click farms? But you will probably never be able to make money that easy again? Simple yes, but not much money comes together. You are a fan slave after all and slaves do what the master says&

Companies buy likes. That’s the way it is nowadays on the Internet. But where do the likes come from? Exactly from such platforms. And the platforms need real users. FanSlave needs not only Indians and Chinese, but also Germans and Swiss to click at the German speaking companies. Otherwise it happens that a Swiss company has 1000 clicks from India. And you can’t. You can earn money on FanSlave in the following ways: Like on Facebook pages, heart on Instagram profiles and pictures, go to websites and blogs to generate traffic, like on Youtube videos. You can even use your Twitter account. The clicking is a bit annoying and tedious. The only question is whether you want to support the system. Through this platform you now know that you can’t exactly trust the follower count of companies and personalities. It’s unfair to buy Likes in order to fool cooperation partners! Liking is also quite annoying and you only get a few cents for it. The websites of PaidLikes and FanSlave also had technical problems with me. The blogger Hazel from Berlin from Pocket Money has tried out the click farms.

11. Winning with Internet competitions

One of my most lucrative sources of income: Fill out contests on the Internet – as many as you can – and sell the winnings on Ricardo. Especially concert tickets and open air passes bring in a lot of money. Bookmark pages that regularly offer contests and browse them once a week. You need at least 50 completed contests per week if you want to win successfully in the contests. It’s important that you use the browser’s "auto-fill for forms" feature. On Facebook you should like as many brands as possible – they often organize raffles with great chances to win. Attention: open an email address that you use exclusively for contest entries. Otherwise you will be completely spammed. Don’t give your real phone number, because contest operators use it for advertising and resell it.

12. Ebay and Ricardo Reselling

The classics. Unfortunately, it is no longer possible to earn money as well as in the early days of the platforms. The market is flooded with cheap China goods – people don’t buy any crap anymore. In addition, you can find out within seconds whether the goods were bought at AliExpress or Wish by using the reverse image search of Google. Sell goods for friends, colleagues, acquaintances, family and ask a commission for it. But you do all the work. I have been reselling for many years on a small scale. On flea markets I had rarely success, the good things have the dealers already online vertickert and sell locally only the junk, which they do not get rid otherwise. Look for apartment liquidations, but even there the good stuff is sorted out beforehand.

13. Tip Earn money with Lego

Buy Star Wars Lego or other rare sets (city life), store them and sell them in a few years for three times the amount (value investment). Alternatively, you can buy old Legos from apartment liquidations or mothers of grown-up sons who have cleaned out their houses. Lego is extremely popular especially with adult collectors.

14. Earn money on the Internet with Youtube videos

Youtube uses Ad Sense from Google. With Youtube you need at least 1000 followers to be able to advertise at all. Already smaller Youtuber earn 300 francs per month. With large Youtubern it is several 1000 in the month. I don’t use Youtube myself, because cutting and editing videos doesn’t appeal to me.

15. Earn money on the Internet with Amazon affiliate program

This is also only profitable if you have a lot of traffic on your website. You place a link from Amazon on your blog and then visitors buy the featured book through your link. I had no great success with it on any of my blogs.

16. Make money selling your photos online

I thought I had some nice photos to sell. Unfortunately, the competition on these platforms is huge (professional photographers). I have sold 20 photos on Adobe Stock, EyeEm and Shutterstock*. The income is rather small, but once you have uploaded and tagged the images, you have nothing else to do. If you’re a talented amateur photographer, you can also try thinking local. Take above-average photos of your village, church, buildings and landscapes and sell them to local companies or local politicians at a reasonable price. Small companies usually don’t have the budget to hire expensive photographers. But still they want to illustrate their website with nice pictures or send a greeting card.

17. Drop shipping and print on demand

Sell merchandise without having to worry about inventory, packaging, and shipping. Drop shipping products directly from the wholesaler to your customers. I have rather neglected this method, but it is possible to earn money with skill and ability. At the moment I am testing RedBubble. Here I try to sell products with my photos and designs. I upload my pictures, RedBubble takes care of the printing and shipping and of course collects most of the money.

I tried a store at Shopify on a test basis. You can easily import products from AliExpress and use them for your store. It’s really easy, but you have to do the advertising for your store yourself. Shopify experts spend many thousands of euros on advertising to sell in a big way. AliExpress goods are mostly poor quality and I don’t like to deal with customer complaints. Therefore I will not pursue drop shipping any further.

18. Earn money on Amazon with e-book / novel / guidebook writing

You can offer your e-book through Amazon Self Publishing or your own website. Learn all about the Amazon Kindle strategy and make money from your own e-book. My dream has long been to publish my own e-book on Amazon.

19. Momox

At Momox you can make cash out of old books! You scan your old books in the Momox app and immediately see how much you get for them. You have to send the books by mail to Germany. For us Swiss it is a bit more complicated. We can join, but we can’t send our book package to Germany for free. Momox then resells the purchased books via Amazon (Many used books from Medimops come from Momox). Momox also buys branded clothes.

20. Earn money with paid emails

Recently I came across another crazy way to generate some money online. And that is with reading newsletter mails. For this you should create a separate mail address and please don’t use your normal address, otherwise everything will be spammed soon. I have tested Questler*, the site is strangely designed and seems somehow old-fashioned. And you really have to work insanely hard for your money, which you can see in the graphic below. You get partly only 0.002 – 0.010 Cent per click. Questler sends you mails that you have to open and click on a button. I have not tried to pay out my credit yet. I am definitely not up for it anymore.

Earn money on the internet in switzerland - 21 tips and tricks

21. Earn money as a clickworker

On Clickworker* you can make money with more demanding jobs. Here it depends a lot on what skills you have. Fees vary depending on the project and job description. Between cents and two-digit euro amounts everything is possible. Clickworker is something for people who have more time on their hands. You make z.b. Article descriptions, translations and texts on topics you are especially familiar with for customers. The term clickworker is a bit misleading here, because you are rather a textworker.

Sometimes it also has very funny jobs in it, which I would never do. For example, I should once record my voice and scan my body. Or photograph a baby from all sides. I do not want to imagine what mischief could be done with it.

Do you have any other tips on how to make money online?

Post it in the comments.

How you can generate a digital income fast and without risk, you could also read in this blogpost. I hope I could give you some ideas how to make money on the internet.

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