Earn money fast – with these tips you’re guaranteed to succeed!

The brain of humans is evolutionary designed to make short term decisions. After all, in the past life was often indefinite and events unpredictable. So it’s no wonder that the desire to earn money fast is so great.

Nowadays we have been trained to have a certain foresight, but our basic instincts are not so easy to switch off. But that is not a problem! In this article you will learn many different methods to make money fast. Some can even be done immediately.

Earn money fast - with these tips you're guaranteed to succeed!


  • Earn more than 30€ immediately after registration
  • Payout within from 24h via Paypal or bank transfer
  • Simple step-by-step instructions

The advantage of money-making methods that can be found online is that you can usually get started right away without much ado and earn money easily. Also, the payout can be available faster since you don’t have to wait until the end of the month like you would with a traditional job.

The methods below are divided into those for which you don’t need to have any previous experience and those for which it is advantageous if you have certain skills.

1. Apps – earn money with your cell phone

A fantastic option if you want to earn money fast are apps like Appjobber or Streetspotr. You also have the advantage that earning money is not done completely online, but partly partly. You get the orders through the app and then you have to complete them in your area.

Example assignments include having to make a consultation with a pharmacist in a particular store or photographing product prices in a supermarket. Most jobs take only 5 – 15 minutes, provided you are already in the right place. It’s especially easy to earn money with these apps if you live in big cities, since there are a lot of orders here.

Earn money fast: the best providers on the net

  • Payment per product test up to 30 Euro
  • Payment: Bank transfer, Paypal or vouchers
  • Payout from: 30 Euro& within 24h
  • NEW: More surveys& Tests in the Testerheld app
  • Payment per survey: up to 3 Euro
  • Compensation: bonus points (redeemable in z. B. Amazon vouchers)
  • Payout from: 10 Euro
  • Payment per survey: up to 3 Euro
  • Payment: Paypal or Skrill
  • Payout from: 5 Euro
  • Pay per survey: ca. 1 Euro
  • Payment: cash via Paypal or vouchers
  • Withdrawal from: 5 Euro
  • Payment per survey: 1 Euro
  • Payment: Vouchers& In-kind rewards
  • Payment from: 2500 GFK points

2. Product tester at Testerheld – comfortably from home

One method that is completely online is that of the product tester at Testerheld. Here your task is to test websites, apps or games and then give your feedback on them. Since these are apps you might use anyway, the money earns on the side.

You decide yourself if you want to do the tests on your cell phone or on your PC. However, some app tests are only possible on mobile devices. Currently, orders in the amount of more than 200 € are available immediately after registration. It’s not a small amount of money to earn, but there are low barriers to entry. You can easily withdraw the money you have earned via PayPal.

3. Open an account, switch providers – switching bonuses

If companies are looking for new customers, then they are willing to spend a lot of money for it. You’re sure to have noticed this when you see that you can get up to €100 in bonuses when you open an account. Sometimes the electricity provider offers great discounts or even an electric scooter.

If you meet the conditions for receiving the bonus when signing a new contract or changing to a new one, there is nothing to stop you from signing up. You should only pay attention to the cancellation conditions and mark a date for the cancellation in your calendar. This will prevent you from accidentally renewing the contract and signing a new one for a bonus.

4. Surveys on the net – the easiest method imaginable

If you are looking for ways to make money online, you will not be able to avoid surveys. Google Ads and numerous websites promote online surveys as an easy way to start earning a few bucks online. What is the reason?

Survey panels belong to market research companies, for whom your opinion is worth money. It is very easy to register so that as many people as possible participate in the surveys and they become more meaningful.

The earnings on survey platforms are often low, but it’s a way to dip a toe in the cold water of making money online. You will find z. B. on Swagbucks, decision makers club or Lifepoints.

5. Microjobs – "Every little bit helps"

Microjobs are tasks of a very small scope. Tasks like the ones you complete in apps like Streetspotr, for example, are among them. But there are also other platforms where you can find what you are looking for. One of them is Clickworker.

You can be entrusted with writing small texts, proofreading, categorizing data or doing research on the web. The pay is often only a few cents, but the tasks are quickly done by hand and small livestock also makes crap.

Tips to successfully make money fast

Earn money fast - with these tips you're guaranteed to succeed!

If you are looking for fast money, then there are a few things to keep in mind. Most importantly, as always in life, if something is too good to be true, then it is not true. Don’t get wrapped around the finger by tempting offers that might even pull money out of your pockets.

It can be hard, especially if you are dependent on the money. The creators of these ads are aware of the readers’ predicament and use phrases to persuade you. Close the page and devote yourself to more serious things, for which there are also testimonials on the Internet.

The great wealth you will find elsewhere

Get rich quick – that only works with the lottery and there only with a good portion of luck. Be aware that you can earn money quickly, but it will not make you a millionaire. Promises such as "Earn 357 euros a day with only 20 minutes of work" are also unrealistic.

This corresponds to an income of about 1000 Euro per hour, no one will just give it to you. Be realistic and you will find ways to earn 20 or 30 euros in an hour.

Important requirements – will, internet, courage

Let’s not kid ourselves, if you want to make money fast it’s very easy to do it online. Using apps or survey panels, you can earn a few extra bucks without having to meet any high requirements. However, it is important that you have the will to do it and not just dream about it.

If it’s things like babysitting, freelancing or waitressing, it’s also quite possible that these jobs are outside of your comfort zone. This is scary at first and tempts you to choose the easy options. Face your fear, be brave and try something new. The higher the hurdle, the bigger the reward.

6. Website tester – Bugs and errors want no one

If you are experienced with computers, then try yourself as a website tester! You’ll be testing websites for functionality and looking for any bugs or errors. Then you write a detailed report describing your approach and any mistakes you made.

On the platform Testbirds you can earn money so fast. An average of 10 euros per hour is possible, but if you find important bugs, bonus payments are also possible.

7. Copywriter or. Editor – turn your words into money

More and more websites are created every day on the Internet, and not every operator writes the texts for their websites themselves. So there is a huge need for copywriters to fill that void. A contact point where you can get orders quite quickly is Textbroker or Content.en.

After registering, you write a sample text, which is then evaluated. The rating classifies your text quality and thus also determines your payment. It averages 2 – 3 cents per word. If your quality increases over time, higher earnings are possible.

8. Affiliate programs – refer friends and earn money

Have you ever noticed that on every page and YouTube channel there are links to Amazon? Amazon has the world’s largest affiliate or. Affiliate program. Whenever someone buys something on Amazon through the affiliate link, there is a commission for the link creator. Completely without additional costs for the buyer.

You can take advantage of this. You need to have your own website or YouTube channel to be an Amazon affiliate, but you can recommend other products by the dozen. How about that bank account you’re happy with or that online course you took the other day?. Affiliate programs are available almost everywhere, you just have to find them. You then have access to many hundreds of people via social media.

9. Freelancing – earn a lot of money with your skills

Just as copywriters are always in demand, there is a never-ending need for video editors, photo editors, sound designers, programmers, and more. Chances are that once you have learned one of these skills, you can now make good money doing it.

All you have to do is sign up on websites like Upwork or Freelancer.Sign up com and create a meaningful profile. Even if you don’t have any skills yet, it’s not a problem. You can easily learn the skills you need through YouTube tutorials.

10. Create online courses – what are you particularly good at?

Admittedly, creating online courses takes time and is not the best way to make money quickly. Especially if you don’t know what to create a course about. But let me tell you that you also have a skill that not many people have.

Even if you only show how to acquire beautiful handwriting or how to learn effectively, platforms like Skillshare offer you fantastic opportunities, as you are paid according to watchtime. The longer people watch your courses, the more money you earn. Earning is more or less passive, because you create the course once and then you can earn money continuously.

11. Donate plasma – your blood can save lives and is precious

If you want to make some quick money on the side, then donating plasma is a good choice. In almost every big city there are companies where you can donate your plasma and get paid for it. This is usually between 20 and 35 euros per donation.

Donating plasma takes about an hour all in all. Depending on your weight and other parameters in your blood you can go to donate once a week or bi-weekly.

12. Sell hair – Rapunzel’s hair becomes big money

If you have nice long hairs growing on your head, they can be turned into cash. How much money exactly for the hair rumkommt, depends on the hair color, the quality and of course the length. Roughly, blonde hair is more in demand and the longer the more expensive.

For sale, various platforms are available or even the way to Ebay classifieds. For a braid with 30 cm black hair you can get about 80 euros here. Not a bad deal, especially if you were going to cut your hair anyway.

13. Sell used stuff – turn old into new

Let’s face it, who doesn’t have something lying around at home or hanging in their closet that hasn’t been used in ages. So why not sell the old one and either use it to fill your bank account or buy something new (used)?

On Ebay classifieds your old treasures can be made into money. All it takes is a nice title, appealing photos and a compelling description. Try to be as detailed as possible when doing this. If you have the knack, there is almost no easier and faster way to earn money.

14. Clinical trials – your body is a temple, and worth a lot

If you are serious about making money fast, then you should consider clinical trials. As a participant you can quickly make several thousand euros this way, within a few weeks. It’s important, however, that you don’t have a problem with drugs being tried on you.

Although the substances to be tested have been extensively tested on humans beforehand, there is always a small residual risk. Should that not be a k.O.-Criterion for you to be, you earn not only money, but also still help the medicine. A few outpatient visits and a short inpatient stay are usually required.

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15. Babysitters – always in demand and well paid

There are only a few jobs that are so easy to have and with which you can earn money so quickly. Babysitters are always in demand because it’s not out of the blue that mom and dad might not have time or want to do something. If you have strong nerves and a sense of responsibility, then become a babysitter.

You can find jobs either by word-of-mouth or on portals like mentored.de. Ten to fifteen euros per hour are not uncommon. However, the more you can offer, the more you earn. If you can also give tutoring, cook and help in the household, 20 euros per hour is possible.

16. Walking dogs – making money like clockwork

Dogs need exercise, but unfortunately not every dog owner has time to walk their dog several times a day. Walking other people’s dogs is therefore a good way to earn money on the side. You don’t need any special skills for this.

There are numerous websites, like Rover.com, where you can register to earn money as a dog sitter. What you should bring to this job is simply a love of animals and the confidence in yourself that you can keep calm even in difficult situations.

17. Cleaning – often scorned but always in demand

As a cleaner, the field of activity, depending on the place, consists of cleaning toilets, mopping floors and vacuuming carpets. For some a thankless job, because who wants to clean toilets professionally. The advantage, however, is that money can be earned relatively quickly here, as cleaners are always in demand.

To find a job, you can contact local cleaning companies or look for ads on supermarket bulletin boards or Ebay classifieds. Eleven euros per hour is common, but if you have learned the profession, it can be 13 or 14 euros.

18. Waiting tables – with charm to a big tip

You can also earn easy money as a waiter or, as it is often called, a service worker. You can get a good start with service worker staffing companies, as they offer free training and you’ll be assigned to different locations.

Of course, restaurants or even bars are also suitable as a workplace. Class as a waiter is that there are tips. The better you serve and maybe entertain the customers, the higher it will be. So you can quickly earn some money on the side every day, which is not even taxable.

19. Amazon Flex – own car, own boss, good pay

For some time now, you can work for Amazon, using your own car as a delivery driver to distribute packages. You divide your time yourself and get an hourly wage of 25 euros or more. Besides the car, you only need a cell phone.

The working days can be chosen by you, as well as the shift duration. You can choose between short two-hour shifts or an eight-hour workday. The only sticking point is that Amazon doesn’t look for delivery drivers at every location. Currently there are about 40 locations advertised, especially in Baden-Wurttemberg, Hesse and North Rhine-Westphalia drivers are in demand.

20. Working at trade shows – a job with many facets

If you want to work at trade fairs, you have two different options. You can work for the organizers of the fair and so you are always at the same place of work. This works for example as a hostess or also for the security staff.

The other option is to work with a company that is active at trade fairs. Then you drive from trade fair to trade fair, perhaps helping with set-up and then with sales or representation. Each way has its advantages and disadvantages, but both are very diverse and you get to know different areas (and get free access to fairs).

21. Extras – get paid for standing around

It sounds strange at first glance, but the job of an extra is 90% standing around and waiting. Being in front of the camera is only a small part of it. If this suits you and you don’t have problems with inactivity, this could be your way with which you can earn money fast.

Extras are often paid 50 to 150 euros per shooting day. With only two shooting days per month, a lot comes together. About extra.de, Stagepool or Jobwrk you will find a lot of available jobs. Of course, more of them are available in big cities with film studios than in small villages. But even a day trip can be financially worthwhile.

22. Rent a car – use your own four wheels to earn money

With your own car you can earn money on the side, for example with carpooling at BlaBlaCar or by means of car advertising. But it is also quick and easy to rent out your car to other drivers. Moqo or Snappcar allow you this service.

You can set yourself how much money you want to earn per rental and select who is allowed to rent the car. So you don’t have to worry about a hooligan driving your car. Per month you can recoup your gas money if the location and demand are good. Furthermore you can earn money with advertising on your car.

Earn money fast - with these tips you're guaranteed to succeed!


  • Earn more than 30€ directly after registration
  • Payout within of 24h By Paypal or bank transfer
  • Simple step-by-step instructions

Conclusion about earning money quickly

No matter what your motivation is for wanting to make money fast, ways to fill your bank account in short order exist en masse. Many of these are online, giving you the advantage of working from the comfort of your home. Be it with online surveys, change bonuses or a video course.

In addition to the methods to earn money online, but also the classic options should not be left out. This includes, for example, waiting tables, donating plasma or babysitting. You can get these jobs without much effort and they don’t have much requirements.

However, our recommendation is Testerheld. For the registration you need only an E-Mail address and directly after the registration orders at a value of over 200 euro are to you at the disposal. All this with payouts within 24 hours.

FAQ: Frequently asked questions about making money fast

Do I have to pay taxes if I earn money on the internet?

We are not tax advisors and therefore cannot give detailed advice. But if you earn money, whether online or offline, for example with surveys or on Testerheld, that counts as income. All income (except for a few exceptions like tips) is taxable and must be declared on your tax return.

How much extra money can I earn per month?

Exactly how much you can earn each month will depend on your drive. If you take more time for these ways to earn money, your earnings are also higher. 500 Euro per month are then no rarity. Earning money fast also works if you have little time. A good alternative to online surveys are apps like Testerheld, because here you get more for your time.

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