Driving with the cat

Driving a car with a cat

In transport boxes cats can be safely taken in the car.

Cats travel reluctantly. Every change of location is pure stress for the sensitive animals, because unfamiliar noises and smells make even robust natures nervous. However, pet owners still need to occasionally drive with your cat- be it for the annual visit to the vet, a move or a longer vacation. Driving may not be your cat’s desired mode of locomotion- but with a little preparation you take your Fellnase the fear of the journey.

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What must I consider, if I would like to drive with my cat car?

There is hardly a cat that voluntarily enters its transport box, after all the appearance and smell of the box reminds of unpleasant visits to the vet or longer car rides. Nevertheless, the cat must be kept safe during the car ride- and that it is only in a transport box made of hard plastic, a wicker basket or a sturdy textile bag, which has been approved for animal transport.

As tempting as it is to put a collar, harness and leash on your cat, they do not adequately protect your cat from accidental injuries. A cat running around in the car can also be a life-threatening cause of accidents too quickly jumps the kitty on the headrest, the lap of their human or hiding under the gas pedal in the footwell. For transport is suitable only for cats approved, safe transport bag or box.

Kätzchen in the car

Transport boxes not only keep the cat from exploring the car, but also offer more protection in case of accidents.

Before the ride

So, keeping the cat safe in the carrier is the first step to a safe trip in the car. In order to make it easier for your cat to enter the box, it is advisable to make the box attractive for the cat. Instead of bringing the basket out only for awkward vet visits, you can bring it into the living area several days or even weeks in advance. Valerian and catnip make the smell of the transport box attractive and relax nervous cats.

pheromone sprays like Feliway and Felifriend have a similar effect. Use small treats and integrate the box into your daily play sessions- so your cat learns to associate the transport box with something positive. Once the fear of the big, unpleasant smelling box is gone, you can even try to lure your cat into the carrier with the help of a toy, a game rod or a treat.

Important: Please do not close the door and make sure that your cat does not feel constricted in any case! Your cat can leave the box at any time.

Transport box for cats

Trixie transport box Capri, Open Top

  • The box can be opened from the front and from the top- ideal for vet visits
  • Maximum load capacity is twelve kilograms
  • Attachment device for the car seat belt included

During the journey

Of course, this doesn’t apply on the actual day of transport. Before you drive with the cat, stow your quadruped safely in the transport basket and close the door this time, so that the fur nose can not escape. An old towel in the box makes the stay more comfortable for your cat and soaks up possible mishaps.

Because not only with nervous cats the bladder empties once unintentionally. While you are driving with your cat, it can often come to nausea and vomiting in the pelt-nose.

In the car itself, the basket is strapped to the seat. This is the only way to make sure that the box does not fall off the seat when braking or accelerating and your cat gets hurt. Of course, you also want to avoid having to take your hand off the steering wheel during the car ride to catch a transport box that slides down.

Make sure your velvet paw is as comfortable as possible during the trip

To make the journey as comfortable as possible for your cat, you can briefly air out the car before transporting it. As long as the temperature in the car allows it, keep all windows closed during the journey. In fact, most cats are sensitive to drafts. The hearing of our house tigers is also very sensitive, ideally turn off the radio and stereo system. In unknown situations you are the contact person for your cat. Talk calmly with your house cat this not only relaxes your pelt nose, but also you as a cat owner.

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