Dog licks paws: 5 reasons& first aid

Licking paws is quite normal in a dog or a cat first of all. Each Dog licks his Paws, just like he licks other places on his body. But if the dog licks itself constantly without a break, you have to act. There can be several problems behind it, the most likely ones:

  • Behavioral problems
  • Boredom
    The dog licks his paws mostly when he is lying around unattended.
  • Fear of abandonment
    The dog licks his paws mostly when he is left alone.
  • Stress
    The dog licks resp. bites on his paws when he is under stress.

The fact that a dog licks his paws can have various causes. (#01)

That a dog licks his paws can have various causes. (#01)

Dog licks paw: injury or foreign body

Before you think about a serious disease, you should exclude all other causes first. The easiest way Injury or foreign body on the foot recognize. So if the dog is constantly Paw licks, you should examine these once more exactly.

Symptoms of a paw injury:

  • Dog licks his paw
  • Dog limping
  • blood on the paw
  • Dog may not appear at all
  • Dog whines

That is why you should examine the foot carefully. Especially if Dog in addition limping or not putting weight on the paw when walking, this is a likely possibility. If one does not find, it can still be that a spreisel or a small stone somewhere between the pads of the feet sticks. Therefore, even after a first examination, this cause should not be completely chopped off.

However, if you find an injury you should:

  • Clean the paw thoroughly (preferably with water)
  • Disinfect the paw
  • Possibly shorten the hair
  • Carefully remove the foreign body
  • To do this, examine the wound in as good a light as possible
  • Remove foreign body with tweezers
  • If the wound is bleeding heavily or if the wound is very wide, it is essential to consult a veterinarian
  • Cut the hair from the area
  • Apply wound ointment
  • Apply paw bandage tightly (do not tie off)
  • Only in this way it can heal quickly and without complications.

If the dog is licking his paws because of an injury, action must be taken immediately. (#02)

If the dog licks his paws because of an injury, immediate action must be taken. (#02)

Possible injuries:

  • Injuries to the thumb claw
  • Bleeding cuts
  • A cut in the bale
  • Claw is broken off
  • Wood splinters or thorns are stuck in the paw
  • A tick has taken hold
  • Grasses stuck between the toes

If one is uncertain or if the wound is large or. inflamed one should absolutely visit a veterinary surgeon.
If the paw is injured may the Dog the first days go for a walk only briefly, the wound must remain bandaged. As long as the dog licks paws, the bandage remains on.

Itching or parasite infestation?

If the Dog its Licking paws, this can well be due to a constant itching. Often a Itching be recognized by an altered skin surface. If there are pustules or red spots on the paw that the dog is constantly licking? Does the skin look somehow different than on the other paws? Or are any Parasites to detect that could cause this itching?

  • Fleas:
    These little pests are about one to four millimeters in size. They have very large hind legs that enable them to jump almost a meter. This is a good way for fleas to jump from one dog to the next. Since such a flea infestation does not only affect the dog, in case of a flea infestation the environment should always be included in the fight as well.
  • Mites:
    The first thing to notice about a mite infestation is the frequent scratching or shaking of the dog’s head. licks the affected area. Later there are bald patches of fur, dandruff and / or incrustations. If the dog shakes its head more often, one should examine absolutely the ears. Mites can even pass on to humans.
    There are several different types of mites that afflict a dog:
  • Ear mites
  • Mice mites
  • Autumn grass mites
  • Deomdex mites

Whether fleas, mites or ticks, any kind of parasite is a pain for the dog. (#03)

Dog licking paws: Whether it’s fleas, mites or ticks, any kind of parasite is a pain in the butt for a dog. (#03)

Dog licks paw: boredom?

Do not find Injuries or foreign objects and also the skin looks normal, one should consider once, how the everyday life of the dog looks like.

A Dog licks its Paws even if he is bored. A dog can also feel bored if he goes for a walk regularly or if he is always with you.

Dogs are often bored when they have no task to do. When dogs have nothing to think about, nothing to learn, and nothing to do, some dogs get really bored. Then dogs tend to lick their Bored somehow to expel. Dogs that are bored:

  • Yelping and barking
  • Destroy objects
  • nibbling or licking body parts
  • Aggressive behavior
  • Lethargy& Lustlessness

One Dog, who is bored, that Paws to forbid licking, brings nothing. You have to keep the dog busy and in such a way that it is busy. Letting him out in the garden for half an hour is nice, but it won’t keep a dog busy. The same counts for the (always the same) Round the block.

Dogs need a big round through uncharted territories (Variety is needed here). Every day the same round is boring. He must be able to run freely, sniff, run, romp and play. With conspecifics and with his master / mistress. There are many ways Dog to demand while going for a walk. You just have to find them.

The walk should be kept as interesting as possible. (#04)

The walk should be kept as interesting as possible. (#04)

Dog licks paw while alone

Many dogs have a Problem with being alone. Which is also natural, dogs are pack animals. The pack is always together. If the Pack leader (we) then "just" leave the pack and let the Dog left alone in the apartment, a dog must first learn that everything is okay.

Thus, the Dog stress and anxiety. This he tries to compensate. Dogs that have not learned to be alone show this by:

  • Loud yowling
  • Continuous barking
  • Licking paws or. bite
  • destroying the apartment
  • Unclean
  • Ect.

If the Dog his Licking paws, when he is alone, you should do (another) training with him. Slowly get him used to being alone. It should also be remembered that a dog that has been exercised can be more easily alone, as he sleeps the first time quietly and contentedly.

You should slowly accustom the dog to being alone, so that he does not lick his paws in panic. (#05)

You should slowly get the dog used to being alone so he doesn’t lick his paws in panic. (#05)

Intertoe abscess: when the dog licks his paw

The Dog licks its Paws, when examining one finds Nodules or blisters. Here an intermediate toe abscess can be present.

  • When touched the dog is in pain
  • The paw feels warm
  • At this point the hair goes out

Since such an intermediate toe abscess is very painful, please react quickly and consult a veterinarian.

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