Desire to have children? The best tips to get pregnant faster

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By Friederike Ostermeyer | 24. September 2021, 2:46 pm

If two are to become three – STYLEBOOK spoke with two child wish experts about what you can do as a couple to create the perfect conditions for a desired pregnancy.

Many couples take more and more time before the topic of wanting a child is really seriously discussed. Job, finances, lack of childcare- the reasons for postponing family planning are many and varied. But what if getting pregnant beyond 35 proves to be much more difficult than originally anticipated?

„Stay calm for now", advise the gynecologists Dr. Anne Sophie Fleckenstein and Dr. Antje Mainka, author of the book "Finally Pregnant! All about the desire to have children and conception" opposite STYLEBOOK. „As a rule, 80 percent of couples who have regular sexual intercourse will still get pregnant at the right time within a year, provided that the cycle is regular and the woman and man are "healthy, know the experts.


Get checked out by your gynecologist

In order not to let unnecessarily much time pass, the visit with the physician or the doctor of the confidence is nevertheless advisable. This way, it is possible to check in advance whether there are any anatomical or clinical peculiarities that could complicate a pregnancy. Any pre-existing conditions, such as high blood pressure or thyroid problems, can also be detected and treated quickly accordingly, knows Fleckenstein. And last but not least, vaccinations should be checked as a matter of urgency.

The nicotine issue

Smoking during smoking during pregnancy is known to be bad, smoking during childbearing can even be a major reason why it doesn’t work out. „The rate of being able to conceive drops by 10 to 40 percent in female smokers", according to gynecologists. Why? Nicotine, tar and co. contribute to the fact that the egg cells do not mature properly and are thus unusable for a possible fertilization. The good news: "It is actually the case that the oocytes regenerate completely after smoking cessation.“ So: Away with the Glimmstengel! By the way, the same applies to men: nicotine damages the quality of sperm and their genetic material to such an extent that in many cases there is hardly anything left in the ejaculate. No wonder that two thirds of all infertile men are smokers. But here, too, a few months of abstinence are enough to slowly but steadily get the sperm back on track.

Maximum two cups of coffee a day for both!

It is obvious that alcohol is also not good for the baby project. „Restrict extremely or best not at all", advise therefore also the child desire experts. But what many probably don’t know: Coffee, or more precisely caffeine, can also have a hindering effect. As early as the 1980s, several studies showed that excessive coffee drinking (incl. Energy drinks) can upset the female hormone balance. For men, so white the gynecologist, this sometimes has even more fatal effects: Too much caffeine, especially in combination with sugar, not only negatively alters the DNA in the sperm, it can also cause sperm volume to decrease significantly. So it’s better to limit yourself to two cups a day or switch to tea altogether.

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