Demos: young liberals call for consistent crackdown

(")Unfortunately, we have to note that during these so-called "walks" there are not only citizens who want to protest non-violently and peacefully because of the current political situation around Corona, but also in parts there are undoubtedly extremist and anti-Semitic currents present. Therefore, it is for us not only indiscutable, but also damaging to democracy, if demonstrators with NS-relativierenden symbols go on the street. Similarly, we observe that many demonstrators do not comply with the hygiene requirements imposed by the authorities.(")

The deputy circle chairman of the boys liberals Kardo Hussein explains:

(")We liberals appreciate the high value of freedom of speech and freedom of assembly. Therefore, for constitutional reasons, we cannot and do not want to ban the demonstrations across the board. However, we clearly draw a red line when people take this situation, which is stressful for all of us, as an opportunity to compare the terrible time of National Socialism with today’s corona policy".

District chairman and state parliament candidate Hendrik Garken adds:

(")Part of the right to assemble during a pandemic is also to comply with official requirements. Therefore also for the "Monday walkers" applies, that they keep to distances, but above all also to the valid mask obligation. The rule of law must be more consistent in cases of such crimes and violations of sanitary regulations. In our opinion, the police should be more involved here. In addition, we demand that the moderate part of the protest clearly distances itself from the extremists.(")

The Lubeck Young Liberals would like to see a more consistent crackdown on violations

The Lubeck Young Liberals would like to see a more consistent crackdown on violations.

Text number: 149721 Author: Kardo Hussein/Red. from the 01.02.2022 at 11.44 o’clock

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J. Stockmann

wrote on 01.02.2022 at 15.04 p.m:
Liberals have a "personal view" on this , which they have and keep, but just may not refer to all people or demand these personlichne views.

One appreciates the high value of the freedom of assembly, for comparisons with the time of the National Socialism one has however no understanding, so the liberals.

Claiming rights has nothing to do with the questionable comparisons of individuals to National Socialism. The fact is, however, that comparisons to this then ,authoritarian system, in which one was allowed to demonstrate only in the same political consensus, would not be forbidden and would not be dismissed out of hand. Individuals, who represent confused theses and exaggerate excessively, do not change the topic and cause of the demonstration and the goals of the majority there, who do not represent these theses about National Socialism. In addition, often also from the so-called "democrats" , thus that which one always so puts out with some parties, such comparisons expressed.

. but also in parts undoubtedly extremist and anti-Semitic currents are present. Therefore, it is not only out of the question for us, but also detrimental to democracy, if demonstrators.

Irrelevant, because at all demonstrations of all political directions there is an accumulation of questionable fellow demonstrators with sometimes questionable views. Demonstrators are not responsible for the "questionable attitude of individuals who are fellow travelers2. As a comparison: It has a political direction even a "Lenin statue" on their party premises and that in Gelsenkirchen. In Luebeck one tolerates election posters and does not hear any criticism with the political attitude, although these deviate clearly from our free democratic attitude and the founder debt at the death of millions humans

However, we clearly draw a red line when people take this situation, which is incriminating for all of us, as an opportunity to compare the terrible time of National Socialism with today’s Corona politics.

That red line is your own and you are allowed to represent it. However, a comparison to "some laws" is during this bad time neither forbidden, nor are these individual cases of great concern,as they remain individual cases. So z. B the term "degeneracy which even Helmut Schmidt and other politicians used in a completely different context than the Nazis did.

Part of the right to assemble during a pandemic is complying with regulatory requirements. Therefore also applies to the "Monday walkers", That they adhere to distances, but above all also to the applicable mask requirement.

Yes, that’s right, even at the CSD, at FfF, where it is neither criticized nor considered a "crime" Was viewed. Just so: not wearing a mask, or not keeping the distance, is not a crime, but a misdemeanor.

The rule of law must be more consistent in cases of such crimes and violations of hygiene requirements. Here, from our point of view, the police is more in demand. Furthermore, we demand that the moderate part of the protest clearly distances itself from the extremists.

The constitutional state does not have to be lectured by students or the legally ignorant and demands for "distancing" would then not only be required here, but always. Strangely enough, you don’t hold your own nose . One expresses then" We can not help it if others mask themselves and commit crimes. "
Funny, that you always demand this only from others, but never see yourself in the responsibility.

Demonstrations against the excessive measures and above all, the suddenly turned 180 degrees opinion of the policy, which you can no longer understand, z. B. the abruptly "changed time of the recovered status or the sudden and absurd "compulsory testing for all in public transport" , are completely legitimate.
Incidentally, I personally know of considerably more people from the esoteric and green spectrum who no longer want to support the measures, as alleged "evil right-wingers!"

Peter Lahndorf

wrote on 01.02.2022 at 15.15 o’clock:
You are far away from reality.
I go now for 6 weeks always on Mondays on the street, but extremists or Nazis I have not met or seen there. Not even badges or clothes which would remind me of the scene.
What I met were well-informed citizens with concerns for themselves, their children and grandchildren.
Maybe you should try to talk to the individual or the organizer and not get your information from the hard of hearing or hearsay.
Proximity to the people has never hurt.
MfG Peter

L. Mayerhoff

wrote at 01.02.2022 at 17.34 o’clock:
Then the young liberals should demand the same for the counter-demonstrators as well.

The affiliation of some who run along there, is there clearly to see, at the stickers and hoodies with the four Buchstabem A**B.

But is surely something completely different. Only not to understand that those who find the system for years unbearable, now demonstrate for it and find their restrictions quite great!?

Liese M.

wrote on 01.02.2022 at 18.11 pm:
So slowly can the eternal Rumreiten on national socialism and right-wing extremists at the demos but no longer take seriously, or?? Even the police is aware of this. Or why was a demonstration marched directly through the St.Annenstrasse past the Jewish synagogue approved. Think about it and finally stop spreading such slander. I am so ashamed of you guys, it all just makes me sad :-(


wrote on 01.02.2022 at 19.55 pm:
If you say there is no anti-Semitic vein, then I wonder why people walk around with T-shirts
Where it says solidarity with Ursula Haferback


wrote on 01.02.2022 at 20.3 pm:
Hello young libral people,
you should first admonish your party leader for honesty and election pledge. Then we can continue to talk. invitation stands, just as with the Lubecker Probstin, which until today not! reported.
Get it done?

wrote on 02.02.2022 at 01.08 a.m:
Hello dear JuLis,

a look at what the JuLis want to stand for, according to their own statements, has just put a big smile on my face:

"We are proponents of a meritocracy that places its emphasis on the freedom of individuals and is characterized by personal responsibility and justice."

–> Criticizes you in your contribution perhaps the wrong ones? And if you really want justice, then maybe you should demand it in politics and economy. I think there you should have clearly better "goals" Find than to denounce/legalize those who also take to the streets for your freedom!

"Another topic, which is very important for us, are the human and civil rights."

–> aja, I literally feel your commitment! (irony off)

"We see the steadily increasing surveillance of the population as a danger to our free society and want to counteract this trend."

–> well then times eyes on, which comes in the near future on you! Thank Corona. But go ahead and make spacing and masks (outside) your main topic and call for maximum harshness against such "inhumanities" on.

"The JuLis are not a conformist yes-man association"

–> uff, hmmm. ok. Well, you just take over the image of the evil Nazi on the Monday demonstrations from the leading media and slobber over it. Is certainly something other than "yes". ;)

If you really the values embody, which are to define with the JuLis apparently guiding principles, then we see ourselves next Monday together in the demo procession! Then we can also look together that no extremes do their mischief and we run together for freedom (your guiding principles – our conviction).

A. Summer

wrote on 02.02.2022 at 06.35 o’clock:
Dear readers, do not believe everything you read!

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