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Our experienced team in the delivery room sees each birth as an individual event. No matter if you come to us alone or if you are accompanied: We arrange the birth together with you according to your ideas and needs. Of course, we always observe the medical requirements. We are happy to support you and help you – just as you wish.

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A pleasant birth experience

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To make you feel comfortable, we have designed the environment of our delivery rooms in a friendly way. You can move freely and use many relaxing and birth facilitating aids. You can also choose between traditional and modern delivery options. Contact us for more information- we are happy to answer all your questions.

Our comprehensive offer ranges from water birth to particularly natural delivery to a gentle Caesarean section.

We will be happy to answer any questions you may have and to advise and accompany you individually. If your pregnancy progresses inconspicuously, we will support you on your way to a birth experience that is as natural as possible. This means that you will be accompanied by one of our experienced midwives, while our medical specialists will remain in the background and will only be there for you and your baby if necessary.

Gentle, birth facilitating methods

If you wish, we can offer you homeopathy (alternative medicine) and acupuncture (an ancient Asian healing method) to support the birth. Of course, we also offer modern regional anesthesia procedures (local anesthesia with epidural). Our delivery room is attended to around the clock by an anesthesiologist.

The loving promotion of the relationship (bonding)

We will establish physical contact between you and your baby as soon as possible after the birth. The children are always- also in case of a caesarean section The baby should be weaned at the earliest after the first cry and, if possible, after the umbilical cord has pulsated out. In the case of vaginal birth, we will help you to dry your baby yourself and bring it onto your stomach yourself. We would like to help you to overcome the search reflex, the so-called "birth reflex". Rooting, your baby’s experience, where he or she latches on to the breast within about 40-60 minutes. We want to disturb this phase as little as possible by unnecessary interventions. We conduct the first examination of the baby in several phases. The child is not necessarily removed from your breast. Of course, we will gently involve your partner in the situation at all times.

If you have other ideas about the first phase after birth or do not want to breastfeed, please contact us so that we can adapt to your wishes.

Early discharge (sog. "Outpatient birth")

If you would like to be discharged from the clinic early after the birth, you are welcome to return home after a recovery time of 4 to 6 hours (6 hours after peridural anesthesia). The prerequisite is that both you and your baby are doing well. Therefore, our pediatrician will examine your child and one of our experienced midwives will take over your postnatal care at home. If you wish to have an outpatient birth, please contact us in good time. Then we can give you comprehensive advice.

In addition, there is no "minimum lying-in period" for vaginal birth after 4-6 hours. This means that you can go home at any time if you are feeling well. Even after a cesarean section, it is possible to go home the following day if you wish and if you have support at home.

Please remember, however, that if you are discharged within 48 hours of the birth, you will not be required to undergo the second child examination (U2 incl. metabolic screening) must be performed by a pediatrician in the office. The U2 must be completed by 10. Day of life.

Accompaniment during childbirth

If a close caregiver is present during the birth, this can greatly help the expectant mother. ÜCarefully consider who you would like to have by your side during the birth. Most women bring their partner to the birth. It is also possible for other close friends, such as a good friend, your sister or your mother, to support you. So that you can concentrate fully on yourself and the birth, you should be accompanied by no more than two people in the delivery room.

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