Deductible in private insolvency: what can i keep??

Deductible in private insolvency: What can I keep?

Deductible in personal insolvency: What do I get to keep?

Those who are heading for insolvency because of too many debts often have countless questions and worries about this topic. Apart from Uncertainties about the process and how to deal with creditors and the insolvency administrator is also concerned about his own life situation.

Many people believe that they will have to give up all their money during insolvency and will then have nothing left for survival. But it is not. The Deductible provides for private insolvency for the fact that the debtors at least the Minimum subsistence level available have.

But what does that mean in concrete terms?? What is left for me in the event of private insolvency? How much can I keep? What is the exact amount of the deductible in the event of private insolvency?? These questions are to be clarified in the following councellor.

A brief summary of the deductible in the event of private insolvency

The deductible is the portion of income that may not be garnished during the insolvency proceedings. It ensures the debtor’s subsistence level during the insolvency process.

The amount of the garnishment exemption limit is determined in the garnishment table. Currently, it is 1179.99 euros for a single person without maintenance obligations.

If the debtor is liable to pay maintenance to others, the exemption amount is increased. The exact values can be found in the garnishment table.

Further information on insolvency

Deductible in the case of private insolvency: What is it??

Private insolvency: The deductible is intended to secure the minimum subsistence level

Private insolvency: the deductible is intended to secure the minimum subsistence level.

If you accumulate so many debts that private insolvency is the last resort, you have to pay a deductible adhere to many rules of conduct. Thus, the debtor is responsible, both at the time of the application and during the actual insolvency proceedings, as well as during the subsequent period of good conduct until the residual debt is discharged to declare his total income.

However, it is not the case that the insolvent debtor would have to hand over all his income to the insolvency administrator and indirectly to the creditors. Finally live on something themselves. For this there is the deductible with the private insolvency.

How much money may I keep in the case of private insolvency?

The deductible in private insolvency is a Exempt amount that debtors can dispose of, without having to contribute it to the insolvency estate. Only above this seizure exemption limit is the money divided among the creditors in the case of private insolvency and the period of good conduct.

But how high is the deductible in private insolvency in concrete terms? How much money am I left with in the event of private insolvency?? The Garnishment exemption limits are set by law and adjusted at regular intervals (every two years) to reflect changes in the cost of living.

The legal basis for this is § 850c of the Code of Civil Procedure (ZPO). The current values can always be found in the garnishment exemption limits announcement, which is also known as the Garnishment table is known.

Private insolvency: The seizure exemption limit

The garnishment exemption limit in the case of private insolvency is set by law in the garnishment table

The garnishment exemption limit in the case of private insolvency is set by law in the garnishment table.

To properly understand the garnishment table for the private insolvency deductible, you should first know the following: The general Garnishment limit is currently (as of 2018) 1139.99 euros. This means that you may keep your income up to this amount in any case.

If you are responsible for other persons obliged to pay maintenance his, the exemption amount increases according to. A maintenance obligation exists, for example, for children or for low-earning spouses.

Person liable to pay maintenanceFree limit
0 1139,99
1 1569,99
2 1799,99
3 2039,99
4 2279,99
5 and more 2519,99

In concrete terms, this means the following in the case of private insolvency deductible for a married couple: The debtor has a higher garnishment limit, so he can keep more of his salary. Similarly, in the case of private insolvency, the deductible with a child is higher. If you have several children, the garnishment allowance increases accordingly.

Deductible in private insolvency: Table

Do I have to hand over everything that exceeds the exemption amount? No. Now the garnishment table comes into play. Because even if you have a higher income, you can still make a deduction from the part that is above the limit keep the garnishment-free portion.

Deductible in personal insolvency: the table with the exemption limits contains the individual deductible

Deductible in private insolvency: the table with the exemption limits contains the individual deductible.

How much that is exactly, so how high your deductible in private insolvency, you can see the table. To do this, look for the line in which your monthly net wage is listed, and then consult the column there that indicates the number of people for whom you are dependent.

Just as with the exemption limit, the garnishable amounts that exceed this, the maintenance takes into account.

Exceptions: What is unseizable?

There are also types of income that are generally Exempt from garnishment are. These are specified in §§ 850a and 850b ZPO. These include, for example:

  • Christmas bonus (up to a maximum of 500 euros)
  • Education allowances
  • Blind allowances
  • Maintenance pensions
  • Survivor pensions

Deductible in private insolvency for pensioners

The personal insolvency deductible applies to pensioners as well as employees

The personal insolvency deductible applies to pensioners as well as employees.

Over-indebtedness is a phenomenon that can affect all age groups. Therefore even older people are not spared from this problem. Especially high costs for medical treatment or similar can lead to an accumulation of debts.

If you are a pensioner and become insolvent, you are affected by garnishment just like everyone else. The following applies pension is usually considered normal income, so that it can only be kept in full up to the garnishment limit.

P-Konto for the deductible in the event of private insolvency

To ensure that the deductible actually remains with the debtor in the case of personal insolvency, the debtor should file a Set up garnishment protection account (so-called P account). In this account, a monthly balance of 1133.80 euros is protected from garnishment in a lump sum. This corresponds to the general garnishment limit.

If the account is attached, the debtor can still access it thanks to the allowance and make transfers and withdrawals in the amount of the garnishment-free amount. This is important in order to remain able to act during the insolvency and also to avoid, for example, rent debts.

How to set up a P-Konto?

In principle, you can make normal transfers and withdrawals from your bank’s apply for the establishment of such a garnishment protection account, to secure the deductible in private insolvency.

It is also possible, to have the existing current account converted. This conversion must be carried out by the bank free of charge. Subsequently, however, account maintenance fees may be incurred, but they must not be higher than before.

It is important to know that a P-Konto can only be set up as an individual account. So, if you previously operated the checking account as a joint account, you must either change this before the conversion or simply set up an independent P account.

Protect other amounts on the P-Konto

Deductible in private insolvency: access to it can be secured by the P account

Deductible in private insolvency: access to it can be secured by the P account.

Since with a P-Konto first only the basic deductible is protected in case of private insolvency, i.e. up to the lower garnishment exemption limit, you should take care of a top-up if you are entitled to more.

This is the case, for example, if you – as mentioned above – are liable to pay maintenance for other people. The you must then prove the increased exemption amount to the bank with a certificate, so that the protection can also be granted for the higher excess in the case of private insolvency.

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115 Replies to "Deductible in private insolvency: What can I keep??”

1. Can I have only one account, s.g. P-Konto?
2. I have not yet filed for personal insolvency. This comes a little later, after the court. Can I use the money that is now in the account, z.B. for vacation, for car purchase (I work and currently go to work by bus (very long), for debt settlement to third parties, because I had taken private money credit?
3. Can the furniture, carpets, dishes, pictures, lamps also be seized? But this also belongs to my wife – how is this regulated??

You may only have one P-Konto. If you waste money before filing for private insolvency, you may be denied residual debt discharge. Even in the case of a married couple, as a rule only those items that belong solely to the debtor may be seized.

Your team from

My husband is self-employed and probably has to file for bankruptcy now.
I work as a saleswoman part time(18hrs./I have my own current account from the beginning (before marriage and now) where I receive my salary and child support from my boys.
Do I have to convert it then also in so-called P-Konto and all of my bank data or. To show savings if they are there at all.
Our big son has to his birthdays once to 6 years Playstation 3 from us and to 8 birthday a small TV from the in-laws (Grandma & Grandpa) get, the little son got to 6 birthday a tablet.For Christmas, my husband ordered me a coffee machine or a coffee maker.given, which he probably still pays off in installments.
Can this all be seized?

Thank you in advance for your effort and time to give me feedback.

Hello, I now get after a long struggle a back payment from the Wohngeldstelle which have taken whether you believe it 7 months, retroactively 880 euros back payment, but am in the Insolventz and have a P account.

From Feb. 2021 now on 1. Nov. 2021 paid out, I am left with this amount . Kind regards

Dear Sir or Madam I am an unemployed pensioner and receive an unemployment pension and have a P account with S. My Insolvens runs now in the third year and am already in the feel-good phase . I have a pension of 1220.21 and have expenses of 800.10 a month from the rest I do my shopping . I take the money at the beginning of the month to live down and leave the rest for the expenses on it that go for three years from 1 – 18 down and that goes for 3 years so now Suddenly the bank transfers my standing order on11.of the month no more and fetches it back must still 2.00 Euro dunning fee although credit is available that was in February so and in March are 118.00 Euro credit on the account disappeared that actually for the rate 73.75 is for Otto standing order ! The bank told me that the insolvency administrator has it, so I called them and they told me that they do not have it ! I would like to know when the insolvency administrator can deduct what from the account ? Thank you !

you should have this confused case examined by a lawyer for insolvency law.

Your team from

Is the child benefit attachable and to be included in the insolvency allowance?
Or does only the net salary count?

Child benefit does not count towards net income and does not affect the garnishment allowance.

Your team from

I would like to file for bankruptcy soon.
Can I be denied residual debt discharge if, out of sheer desperation, I have withdrawn all the money from the account in the form of my incoming salary??
So I earn 1700€ net ca and have 1500€ withdrawn to pay with it other debts.
According to this, this month is the first in which I will not be able to meet my payment obligations.
Does this now have a negative impact on my upcoming insolvency proceedings?

Thanks in advance!

the reasons for the refusal of the residual debt discharge are to be taken from § 290 InsO. Among other things, this includes not having squandered any assets in the three years prior to the application for the opening of proceedings.

Your team from

Hello, I am in the private insolvency and I am according to my bank 1078 € ZUr Verfugung, but have learned that this amount has been increased for a long time, is that true and when can I get that credited again for the last few years Thanks in advance

there is a difference between the seizable income and the amount which is protected on a garnishment protection account. On a P-Konto are basically 1.133,80 euro protected. In case of existing maintenance obligations etc. can the amount be increased. You can find the garnishable income in the garnishment table. You can get more detailed information and support at a counseling center or a lawyer.

Your team from

Hello, I am 100° severely disabled, does this increase my exemption amount?Become I have care degree 2 and get 325 €. Is this taken into account?

care benefits are usually not attachable. You should be allowed to keep the amount completely.

Your team from

I have filed for private insolvency my husband and I are in the month 1569 euros at disposal can I increase the amount because my husband by his illnesses very many medicines needs and we unfortunately have no car he must go very much by train

the amount of garnishable income depends on the number of dependents. for more information please contact the insolvency administrator.

Your team from

Hello I am already in the private insolvency on the advice of the debt counselor I have changed the bank and opened a new account but no p account because the debt counselor told me that this is not necessary first because no one would find out my data now it has happened and my entire salary was taken away although I have already paid according to the table my amount of 270 euros
now I’m standing there can pay reingarnichts no food or other buy because I have no money how can I continue to proceed or can I get the money back thank you in advance

we are not allowed to offer free legal advice here. A lawyer can advise you on how to proceed. you can apply for a Beratungshilfeschein, with that you get a first consultation and you only have to pay 15 € for it.

Your team from

I have a question during my insolvency from my old employer a special payment of over 7000 euros (payment of remaining vacation days) for the complete amount was seized is that legal or do I have a partial claim

According to a ruling by the BAG, vacation pay may be garnished – as a rule, however, only to the extent that it exceeds the garnishment exemption limits for the period for which the pay is paid.

Your team from

How is it with private insolvency with maintenance payments, which are seized. Is there the income limit also at 1139 or if dependent on a 2 child then higher (for the first child is no longer to pay maintenance)

the garnishment exemption limits according to the garnishment table do not necessarily have to be complied with, if it is a matter of legally stipulated maintenance claims. In this case, it may be possible to claim more money than is provided for in the table.

Your team from

Hello I have a small question my husband is in the private insolvency he had to pay all the time every month only 200 € now at once every month 500 € where is the

this can happen, among other things, if your husband’s income has increased.

Your team from

Hello, my friend has been in bankruptcy for 3 years. If we were to move in together, would something be taken away from me or would he receive less than he does now, because I might be credited.
Thank you for your answer.

usually moving in together doesn’t have this kind of effect.

Your team from

Good evening…I have a question I live alone and I earn 2.000 Gross what or how much dufen they mehnen away Thank you very much for the answer

the relevant information can be found in the current garnishment table.

Your team from

Hello, a question I have a P protection account, have several garnishments on my giro account and at work…yet I am not in bankruptcy, my question does the table also apply to me? Because I only get the allowance for 5 people which is all correct but what is above I get nothing.

Hello.. have been in seizure proceedings since september. Earn 2000euro thereby I in existenzminimum live wırd me 1470 paid out plus I pay still 330euro Alimente. I have 1140euros left over from wages. My question is, I drive every day to work 75km there and back a total of 150km fuel weekly 60-70euro, I have a chance to increase subsistence level because of professional practice? Besides, I am married again, and my current life risk has 2 more children?

The extent to which an increase is possible must be clarified with the responsible insolvency administrator. You can also get information from a lawyer for traffic law.

Your team from

Hello I earn 1500 €Netto am currently up to 750 €gepfandet have applied for personal insolvency how much remains me have monatl rent costs of 5
600€ without my partner I would never manage and sit on the street Work but 12 hours a day and 5 times a week !

the deductible is determined by means of the garnishment table, as can be seen from the above text.

Your team from

Hello I have a question I am in insolvency already three years . I am a pensioner can I register a small company and what do I have to hand over then. LG. K.

as a rule, you are allowed to become self-employed while insolvency is in progress. However, please note: As you have no fixed income as a self-employed person, a fictitious income is used. Based on this, the attachable amount is then determined. This will be deducted, regardless of whether you have actually achieved the income.

Your team from

Dear ladies and gentlemen,
I would like to inquire about this amount. The garnishable amount in a private insolvency is 1139,99€. Since I pay maintenance in kind like rent, food etc. for your own son, the garnishable amount of 1569,99 € would have to increase. Does it mean that if I once receive a salary up to 1569,99 € net amount this amount may not be attacked because it is at 1569,99€ seizure-free amount. And we have the alternating model with 2 weeks each with our son.
I would be pleased about an answer.
Mfg Enrico B.

if your income is below the garnishable amount, there will be no garnishment.

Your privatinsolvenz

Hello, I have been in private insolvency for a year and have had to set up a P account. I am self-employed and have a business account and it is required to be separate. The company is not insolvent and was excluded from insolvency. Now the bank of the P account has simply transferred the entire balance to the insolvency administrator. Without informing me. I have already been refused to transfer 380 euros from my P account to someone else. How can this be and what can I do ?
I thank you for an answer.

how it came to this, we can judge from a distance only with difficulty. It is recommended that you seek advice from a lawyer.

Your team from

hello, as a widower ( pensioner ) i have lost my assets through fraud. it is thereby a debt of approx. 20000, – arose which increases by interest always more. there is a judgment against me. i got married again and live from the help of my wife, because i get only about 200,- pension and by minijob again 300,-. is now also the income of my wife taken into account with the exemption limit? the debt against me arose before the marriage.

the income of the spouse is usually not taken into account. However, the spouse may have to pay the costs of the proceedings.

Your team from

Good morning.
I am divorced and responsible for 4 children. For 2 children is seized with me from the wage. So this month I still have 1200 Euro. Since children 3 and 4 live in a different city than children 1 and 2 are there 2 different youth welfare offices responsible. Due to the garnishment of salary it is not possible to pay for the others, a judgment does not come about and my allowance is not increased. I work up to 240 hours a month… Now where do I have to file what to add to my 0 account? Is that at all possible since yes the employer pays directly from the salary to district B for 2 children And for each transfer 10 euros processing calculated..

Thanks in advance

best to get advice from a debt counseling center. There the appropriate documents can be sighted. Unfortunately, we can not make general statements from a distance.

Your team from

My daughter will be 18 during my insolvency and still goes to school. What if she accepts an apprenticeship?

You are referring to the deductible in your question? As a rule you are still obliged to support your daughter until she has completed her first education. If you are still obliged to pay maintenance, this will also be taken into account in the deductible.

Your team from

My insolvency or. period of good conduct is on 15.2. expired. My guardian has informed me that a decision on the granting of residual debt discharge may still take some time. Will my salary then continue to be reduced. For February the full amount was deducted from me again. So what was also deducted in the 6 years.

with the end of the assignment period the payments should also end. For the last month is often calculated proportionately. However, there is no legal basis.

Your team from

Hollo, I have been in private insolvency for just under 2 years and until now I always had a wage and account garnishment so I only had my allowance.
Now the main proceedings have been completed and supposedly there is no more garnishment of the account but only garnishment of wages.
Is this correct and can I now freely dispose of all the money in the account or do I now have to transfer the remaining money myself to the insolvency administrator?

you have been informed, should the account garnishment be completed. More detailed information can be obtained from the insolvency administrator.

Your team from

Hello i have a question im in current insolvency and i get my expenses back via income tax may the insolvency administrator withhold this or am i entitled to it

Your team from

Hello I have a question?
What about premium every year vacation money Christmas bonus.I have a child abroad that I pay maintenance and the debts there count off do, and here in Germany still 2 children since my ex-wife has not yet sued for maintenance how should I do that??

Your team from

Hello, we are close to private insolvency, think that otherwise there is no other option for us. since we have a condo i am wondering how soon we have to leave our condo. My husband and I are both dependent on our cars because we live in a rural area and there is no public transportation to get to work. Do we still have to expect that the cars will be taken from us, one car has a value of about 5000, Euro and the other about 3000 Euro. My husband drives every day insges. 65 km there we can not use an old box, which is then always in need of repair. I myself have a severe disability certificate 60% and I am dependent on the car for my trips to the doctor and for my side job (get disability pension)

If the vehicle is needed to reach the place of work and the route cannot be covered by public transport, you may generally keep it. Exceptions exist with expensive vehicles – here it can come to an exchange seizure.

Your team from

Good evening,
I am in the Regelinsolvez.
Unfortunately no one can tell me what I am allowed to earn.
I am a single mother of two children 7+8 and only get UVG for both kids. I myself have a net income of 1.098€
My boss would like to pay me more but nobody knows what I am entitled to.
Would be glad to finally get a clear statement

this can be taken from the current garnishment table. The advance payment of alimony is not attachable, i.e. it is not added to your income.

Your team from

Assuming I spend less in month x than I am entitled to according to the garnishment exemption limit, will the "saved" sum be seized in the next month by the private insolvency or do I also have the possibility to save money for necessary purchases?.

it is a salary or. Wage garnishment during the Wohlverhaltenspahse and own a regular account, you are allowed to save.

Your team from

Is the exemption limit for pensioners calculated from gross or net pension??

the net value is important.

Your team from

I am 71 years old and recently widowed,
my monthly income is composed as follows:
own pension 545,00
widow’s pension 280,00
earned income 568,00
total 1.393,00
how much of this is garnishable per month ?

the garnishment table has to be considered. The widow’s pension is not attachable in most cases.

Your team from

I intend to go into private insolvency soon.
I have 3 children who live with me for which I get maintenance (708, -) according to the UVG from the Unterhaltsvorschusskasse because the biological mother can not pay (we were not married). Contact does not take place at present. I also get child support in the amount of 588,- for the 3 children.
I live with my 3 children and with my new girlfriend and her 3 children together.

I earn 2000, – net how is that with the garnishment limit must I see me there as a single person (1139, -) plus maintenance and child support or do I slide up to 2039, – net what I may then keep because of my 3 children plus again the maintenance and the child benefit?

I have read on the Internet that my 3 children at the request of creditors can not be taken into account or only partially taken into account in this seizure or. Net income limit!?

Persons to whom you are dependent cause your allowance to be increased.

Your team from

Hello dear team,
I receive an EU pension which was granted as a permanent pension until the entry into the standard retirement pension of net 612,70 €
I have care degree 3 and get 545 €.
For my 27 year old daughter I get child benefit according to ESTG, due to her disability which is before the age of 25. I have reached the age of 18. 194€.
I am married.
How much would I actually have left in case of insolvency?
Thanks in advance

here the current garnishment table is to be consulted.

Your team from

Hello I have 1question we are married and my wife has made debts credit and Otto zirka23000 euros.
If my wife were to file for insolvency, would my salary be included in the calculation or only hers?

Her salary is not taken into account. Please note, however, that you can be obliged to bear the costs of the proceedings within the framework of the advance on procedural costs.

Your team from

Hello and good day.
I have been in insolvency for 2years have 2 boys who will be 17 years old.we are both in the first year of apprenticeship.I pay for both at the moment 110euro ca. .i earn 1700euro net and am September, the 2 come into the 2nd year of apprenticeship then they earn more.if I then no longer pay child support I must then pay into insolvency.

With kind regards

If you are no longer obligated to support your sons, your exemption amount according to the garnishment table decreases.

your team from

my father had a brain hemorrhage 2 years ago, he is a pensioner, care degree 5 and has a professional guardian who said that he cannot do the private insolvency himself but my father can.
How is that supposed to work my father can’t walk at the moment, isn’t it his job?.
In addition, my father has a pension of 1118 € and my mother of 780 € it is just enough for you to live, the debts burden him already 35 years.
The supervisor can take care of it ?

Unfortunately, we cannot judge from a distance whether the guardian is obliged to do this. It depends on his area of responsibility.

Your team of private

good day
I remain the exemption limit even if I do not pay rent because I have more money then at my disposal
thank you very much

the allowances set in the garnishment table depend only on your income and your maintenance obligations.

Your privatinsolvenz

Like what is if one unemployment benefit II recipient is what may one from the end of the 3 year from the P account keep and if the Arge.Money increases?
Thanks in advance for your help .

You are allowed to keep the garnishment-free amount according to the current garnishment table during the entire good conduct phase. Since you receive ALG II, the tax-free amount should not be exceeded as a rule.

Your team from

Good day,
What does it actually look like when a married couple wants to go into personal insolvency ? Joint debt is a credit agreement or. Everyone still has a single credit card

each of the two partners must go through the private insolvency alone. The income of the spouses is not added together.

Your team from

Hello what happens if I am married have an income of net 2300 and have a child ?
What remains for me ?

you can see this in the current garnishment table.

Your team of private

Hello, I have 2 years ago a private insolvency initiated and this was on 04.01.2017 opened. Now my ex girlfriend comes around the corner and has the Unterhaltsvorschubkasse on my neck hezt. I earn 1250,- Euro per month and want to pay what I can. What does it look like then? Are piling up new debts because of it now? Because I can not pay the regular maintenance
Or is that adjusted to my salary?

have maintenance obligations, a higher deductible is applied. This will leave enough money so that you can pay alimony.

Your team from

Hello, am in the 4. Year of the inso! Will my partner on 13.6.19 marry and thus receive the wage tax class 3. My partner has three children, there are no alimony payments from the biological father and uvg is therefore omitted! Will their children be counted against me when the tax-free amount is increased? Since the Jugendamt says I now have to pay for their children! She also signs over 1.5 children to me on the wage tax card!

it should be assumed that you are liable to pay maintenance to the children and your allowance will be increased accordingly.

Your team from

Is it possible through a lawyer or the debt counseling service to offer the bank a settlement payment or lower rates WITH THE ANNOUNCEMENT that otherwise it will go into insolvency WITHOUT having to go into insolvency after that.

Quasi a pressure-full "bluff.

Because the bank does not respond to my offers. I am also chronically ill maybe that include.

My goal is to use your help and authority to persuade the bank to lower rates or make a settlement without having to go bankrupt.

I am dependent on a child.
My selbsterhalt rises yes then on 1570eu.
From this I would have to pay ONLY the maintenance of the dusseldorfer table(350eu) or?
Since 1220 remained to me means correctly??

we are not a consulting firm ourselves. A lawyer or a debt counseling service can help you negotiate with the bank. How much alimony you have to pay depends on the circumstances. If it is a matter of immediate maintenance claims, a court can also set higher payments.

Your privatinsolvenz

My question I am since 2015 in the
prinatinsovenz and from my salary is immediately seized to subsistence level. Can I be exempt from GEZ.

Needed urgent answer to this have again afraid of consequences have children and always worked now I’m old and insolvent although I have nothing was from or. Through junk real estate scam ruined existence and children suffer. Done with debtor help donst suicide made. Hatze 120.000 mortgage get dsvon were 50.000 Interest.
Had 40.000 a paid so rest 80.0000 clear ne. But physically broken down as worked through own rent and mortgage and 2 kids with no child support to get tsg and night. Then also costs repair of the real estate unf property tax and no help debts with bank and seizure of all glauiger almost simultaneously. Even child support was seized although fad wrong is and me and children no subsistence level granted. Completely penniless despite work.

I everywhere ho bank believer sozialamt etc. No responsibility no further help. Everyone brushed me off and this ignorance destroyed mivh angry and sad and…. I was powerless and paralyzed helpless ashamed of myself.
The fraudulent real estate company and in collaboration with the bank that would never have approved the loan with my income of 1700 euros inc. Child benefit and for 3 people of which 3 children.
What is the. For me criminal, because the Geschafts sfuhrer of theImmobilie company were briefly arrested. penalty. No more cheating on people in Germany. The biggest bank involved. She had innethsl 12 months 180.want to get 000 Euro interest from me. How legal is it. I had practically a quarter million debt for gsr notts. For my existence destruction and physical and psychological collapse. And now comes their

an exemption from the broadcasting fee is usually only possible if you receive a social benefit such as ALG II, basic security in old age or assistance for the blind. For more information, contact the contribution service.

Your team from

My son has a P account with 1300 euros per month.00eSalary on it he gets but only 1050.00€ paid outand not the deductible of 1139.99€ why then that and what can he do.

without more detailed information it is difficult for us to answer such a question. A lawyer can advise you.

Your team from

My spouse will probably have to file for bankruptcy because he has his company in debt and also own social security contributions such as health insurance and Rundfunkgebphren etc with tidy sums are unpaid.
As a spouse, do I have to worry that they will go into my savings account and pension plan? We do not have a property division but a division of tax and all debts are in his name as well as broadcasting, rent etc., but my income is under 1000€.

here is my question.
i filed for bankruptcy in april and since may the application is through.
At the time of application was still a garnishment on the savings account that still has an amount of about 2900.-€ showed. I have managed to get a garnishment lift sent to the bank by the creditor and is now free from the creditor.
I am self-employed, and would use this amount very very necessary since I am already backlogged with the health insurance again.and also otherwise not have a cent at your disposal.
How far am I entitled to the sum, and how could I manage that this sum is available to me?.
I would be very grateful for an answer.

Hello dear team of private
I have 2 weeks ago at the debtor counselor / lawyer signed the application for personal insolvency. If the whole thing goes off then remains for me according to garnishment table an allowance of 1.737€ plus child benefit of 204€ (1child) since my earnings are about 1850€ net.
Is this correct?
Now one lives actually on narrow foot during an insolvency.. but that seems so much to me..
Now to the real question: can I save during the private insolvency?? And if yes, savings account, daily allowance account? Or can this then also be seized? There is also the possibility to end the whole thing after 3 years if then 35% of the total debt plus procedural costs are paid. However, I must be able/allowed to save this up during this time!?

Thanks in advance

Good day
I am thinking about applying for private insolvency. I live alone and have no children. Now my question. I earn about 1650eu, according to the table I may keep about 1350eu. But if my account is seized remain but only 1139eu.
So how does this work. Can a creditor still seize my account even if I am already in insolvency or will the insolvency administrator seize it or will my account remain unaffected?.

Can the employer be changed during the current insolvency proceedings, even if one is employed by the new employer if necessary?. I have less income than before?
I would appreciate an answer.
thank you in advance.

I earn per month ca. 2600 Euro net, my wife 450 Euro. We have two children. I have a loan of 48000 euros and pay it off every month with almost 900 euros, my wife pays your loan with 140 euros per month off. Since we do not make ends meet, I wonder if I stand with a private insolvency me better?

I am since 01.04.2018 in insolvency and have a P protection account am married and have three children studying
1 now I want to stop studying, work for a short time and then study again, what will be deducted from the money I am entitled to?
I don’t receive any Christmas or vacation pay from the company, but for the first time I received a small share package. Can I keep this or does the insolvency administrator get it?

I currently receive unemployment benefits, because I am waiting for my early retirement.
I am severely disabled 100% features accompanying disability.
I am now receiving my vacation pay after termination of my employment contract.
Additionally per year 1 week more, because of heavy handicap.
do I get my vacation pay paid out if I am in the good conduct phase during insolvency.
Income at the moment ALG 1200€.
Counts here also the garnishment table / my free amount and the surplus / 10 euros 5 paid out?

I would have there times ne question how high would be no allowance with a net income of 2100 to max 2500 have three children all still minors and my fiancee of course belongs to it would be pleased whom someone could tell me the exactly With kind regards

I am since the 04.12.19 in private insolvency. Now the DKB bank, where I was a customer for years, and already had a P-Konto, suddenly canceled me. In the meantime I have already tried at other banks to get a new current account, resp. P-Konto to get, unfortunately without success.
What can I do there then, I need nevertheless absolutely an account ?

With kind regards,

Hello, I am trying to find out a little bit about private insolvency, because my life partner has filed for private insolvency. With him it is now so that he is not currently employed, but receives money from the state (I mean that is something more than 800 €). He would now like to do a part-time job. Is he allowed and may he also under these circumstances create a P- account with the established exemption limit?

Hello must soon go into private insolvency according to debt counseling, I am 65 and pensioner and very sick take for years many drugs, from doctors (cardiologists, etc.). ) certified. The amount available to me then is not enough for food (because lactose and glucose intolerance) and medicines, which are not all paid by the health insurance. Debt counseling now told in writing, I should leave out the drugs, then I would have enough to live again.
What should I do?
With kind regards

Hello I am since 01.04.2017 in bankruptcy and my income is 1100 € my expenses zb rent electricity are 500 €
and what I want to ask can I do a side job and earn 450 € euro is it then also accounted for and deducted

If you do a side job, this amount is added to your income. Their salary what they get then they can take from the Pfadnungstabelle. Your fixed costs do not play a role.

I think about a private insolvency. Have u.a. health insurance debts and rent debts abroad. As far as I know, creditors in foreign countries are also included – is that correct??
On the subject of Exustenzsicherung/ I have no income for a long time, have lived on savings. I still have private debts (relatives had borrowed money) and I still have a life trial.
Does the life attempt have to be dissolved in the course of a privtinsolvenz? How much in reserves can I keep for living expenses??

how high is the exemption limit?:
1 person, single, with 1 child together.

Do I see correctly that I am according to the table with a net income of 2500 € and a child only 438.92 € per month are seized? That would mean I keep about 2050 euros minus the entertain for me? This seems to me quite a lot!

Hello. I have 3 loans on the run by the corona crisis I was dismissed and now live from the office. Therefore, I can currently no longer pay these loans but I am threatened with collection agencies.I have a 6 month old son and my girlfriend is on maternity leave. We live together.

My question would be. If I find new work what could she take away from my salary !?

Hello. I have 3 loans running by the corona crisis I was terminated and now live from the office. Therefore, at the moment I can no longer pay these loans but I am threatened with debt collection agencies.I have a 6 month old son and my girlfriend is on maternity leave. We live together.

My question would be. If I find a new job what could she take away from my salary? !?

after 5jr. 7 months,, I find myself at the debt free private assets instead of,
on 2020. I got a job that pays more (1800) net a month.
before this job, I have only minimum income jobs worked the only up to 1200euro in the month. I am divorced and on mini jobs and Inso Verfahrung I had only a Unterhaltsvorschuss of my two children to Jugendamt with rate repayment and I do to this day still but now, 4 months before my Verfahrung run out, my insolvency administrator demands me 5008eur as Pfandung of 2020 to pay him back and he said that I am not a Unterhaltsverpflichtet person and is only about back payment is concerned. what should I do is my question
thank you very much

I am currently in insolvency and I have scraped together some money from my birthday and my salary and would like to buy a computer for 500/600 € to teach me programming language, in the hope that I have other job opportunities in this regard in the future.

Can I buy this, or do I have to ask my insolvency administrator first? Can he collect the money I have saved?? And if I let someone else from my family buy this and they give me the computer only for use, I may then use it?

thank you for your help

I would have questions about personal insolvency that I am concerned about:
1.) My current account is overdrawn with almost 3 months salary by Dispo. How does it look if I want to / have to convert it into a P account in the event of personal insolvency in order to protect the non-attachable portion of my salary?? May the bank then withhold the money of my wage payments until the account is balanced?? But that would mean that I would not have any money to live on for 3 months and would not be able to pay my rent, so what can I do?? Since I also have a loan with the same bank, which would not be paid within the time of the private insolvency, I could not count on help or concession from my bank (my net salary is only about 200 euros above the exemption limit).
2.) Can I theoretically have my wages garnished by debtors before they have been transferred to my P-Konto by my employer?? In some contracts or terms and conditions, it is stated that a wage garnishment occurs if you no longer meet the installment obligation. In this case, however, the P-account would be of no use.
3.) May my private PC be seized?
4.) Is it allowed to seize something that was bought by installment order, but not yet paid off, so basically it does not belong to me yet?? (And if I don’t want to add something to the mass of debt because there are only a few installments left to pay: Would I be allowed to do that at all and could I then continue to pay the installments for it from my allowance to keep it or would it be seized at the latest once I paid it off?)
Thank you for your answers.

Good day,
private insolvency proceedings have been opened against my boyfriend. Unfortunately, he did not do this of his own accord.
After his current account was blocked by the bank, he made a conversion to a P account to dispose of his salary within the seizure exemption limit. He has no other accounts.
But the bank does not release the account. Reason given: the insolvency administrator must grant release. But this does nothing. What to do? He has no money for 4 weeks. Loss of the rented apartment is imminent.

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