Customer story: tom builds himself a monkey bar/bar wall

Customer Tom builds a monkey bar/rung wall out of Cali-Cube

After: now you can shimmy on the ceiling to your heart’s content.

Tom has built a great, customized Monkey-Bar / Wall bars with CALI-CUBE.

Tom from Lower Austria wanted a money bar / wall bars directly custom made to the ceiling of his gym. With CALI-CUBE this is a simple undertaking.

A CALI-CUBE user of the first hour is Tom. After a year, when we informed him about the latest development of the MULTI-CALI he has found that his ceiling is now ripe to be conquered by our great tube connector constructions.

customer builds a monkey bar / wall bars from Cali-Cube

Before:Ceiling is bare, small Cali-Cube is left in the picture

Customer builds a monkey bar/rung wall from Cali-Cube

After: now you can shimmy on the ceiling to your heart’s content.

Your monkey bar / wall bars can be set up quickly

This is what came out of it: Take a couple of coated tubular bars and size 6 Kee Klamp tubular connectors and the athlete’s heart laughs at the cool custom possibilities that open up!

With this cool wall bars / monkey bar you can strengthen your upper arms accordingly. Pull-ups and the like are just as feasible as swinging and lifting dumbbells to the next rung.

The construction is from Tom, so we are not liable for the stability of the construction, because it is only a suggestion.

For gymnastics the ceiling is so awesome, really a blast!"

Customer Tom from Lower Austria

Version Tom there is now also modular.

Many customers are interested in the monkey bar / wall bars, but do not have much space or want to start small.

Wall bars for the side wall

It is also suitable for the side wall and it is available in 3 lengths. 180cm, 270cm and for the old buildings also in 360cm.

Monkey bar is modular

For the hangers the monkey bar is intended.

It is also available in 3 lengths: 180cm, 270cm and in 360cm.

So fun goes double! You can have a race with the double monkey bar, which is available in 3 lengths: 180cm, 270cm and 360cm.

Once all please

You are welcome to combine a wall bars with the Monkey-Bar on the ceiling. Or gladly develop something entirely your own.

How do you come to your individual fitness equipment / sports equipment / monkey bar / wall bars?

In the first computer zoom session we work in hand sketches and info and discuss the details. If the original plan is not stable enough, we suggest changes and bring them together to a coherent concept.

Any improvements will then be incorporated and presented at the next computer session. We always take our time and so the future owner of fitness equipment can already get a good idea of how it will look in his garden. Almost all order, as most of our customers directly after the 2. or if necessary 3. Meeting.

Then it goes to the production. Tom has already had some bars pre-cut and powder-coated, so he has a good grip and does not slip. All bars are of course suitable for outdoor use, either by powder coating or by standard galvanizing. By the way, the bars can be coated in all possible RAL colors or in metal mica with a special grip.

The parts then come with a detailed description so that the structure is as simple as possible.

But the most beautiful moment for our customers is to try out their individual fitness equipment/climbing scaffold for the first time.

And ours, when we get the beautiful photos with the kind words of happy customers. We are happy to share these with you!

"Get Money Back Program"

We also offer customers with interesting solutions to take part in our "Get-Money-Back-Programme. Customers with interesting developments share their stories and you can buy a whole "package" here in the store.

Every customer builds his own fitness/climbing structure with our support

Do you want to implement your own idea? A first sketch helps us to understand your ideas. We are happy to work them out with you for feasibility and optimization.

We can also easily adapt existing packages to your needs. Maybe you have another site or more or less space. All no problem! We take care of it!

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