Crypto trends 2022: making money in online gaming and other hypes

Crypto trends 2022: making money in online gaming and other hypes

If you’re investing in cryptocurrencies, you need to have strong nerves – because of the massive Price fluctuations. In the course of the past year, the most important currencies Bitcoin and Ethereum increased, at the end of the year again crashed partly by 40 per cent.

Digital currencies are not just objects of speculation, however: They are arriving more and more in our everyday lives. The first country to El Salvador the cryptocurrency Bitcoin as official currency allows.

With the blockchain, NFTs are also possible – i.e purely digital collectibles, with Ethereum and Co. get paid. The blockchain is the technology on which cryptocurrencies are based.

Crypto art flourished as early as 2021 year. The artist Beeple auctioned off a digital work for 69 million euros. The boom is not stopping – collectors:inside also pay a lot of money for other virtual things. You can create them yourself.

There’s a lot happening around cryptocurrencies and blockchain this year – on the checking account, on the web and in games. We show you the Crypto Trends, you need to know about in 2022.

These are the main digital currencies

Playing to earn crypto money: with play-to-earn games

Breed, feed and trade virtual monsters: Sounds like good old Pokemon. But you do all that in a blockchain game – In which you can earn a lot of money.

Axie Infinity is an online card game and play-to-earn game. The players:inside create unique monsters, the Axies. These exist in the form of an NFT. Their creations sell the participants:inside against Crypto Money. Virtual properties and items can also be offered and purchased.

Some axies, terrains and things will be available for 100.000 euros or even a few million euros traded. By September 2021, Axie Infinity will have purchased NFT worth a total of nearly 1.8 billion euros sells.

2 million players:inside are active in the game. It exists since 2018. In poorer countries, some grow their axies full-time – for example, on the Philippines.

Axie Infinity is the best known, but only one of many play-to-earn games. Because of its huge success, established gaming companies are now looking to jump on the trend.

NFT – what is it??

NFT – what is it actually??

It’s not just in the art world that you hear the term more and more: non-fungible tokens. We took a closer look at what’s behind it, where you can buy NFT art and how much money some are making from it.

What are the crypto trends this year? What our expert says

Benedikt Faupel is a speaker on blockchain at the digital association Bitkom. Here, he reveals what’s in store for us in the crypto world this year. Below we explain all the important terms.

Access to cryptocurrencies is becoming easier, so the topic is once again reaching a broader audience.

2022 will certainly see a lot of NFT and Metaverse of electricity – and with both topics the Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies will play a crucial role.

In addition, there is the discussion about the development towards Web3. Thereby also the topic Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAO) increasingly coming to the forefront.

Bitcoin Will remain the largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization – and should continue to be arguably the best known.

Ethereum but could attract more users with the upgrade from Proof of Work (PoW) to Proof of Stake (PoS). Doing so would also take an important step toward making cryptocurrencies less energy-intensive.

Proof of work versus proof of stake in cryptocurrencies – what is meant by this??

At Proof of Work-methods try user:ins to solve a complex mathematical problem to verify a crypto transaction. Whoever makes it first gets digital coins.

Because there’s competition, everyone’s using up a lot of computing power and therefore electricity. That’s why so-called bitcoin mining gobbles up as much power as entire countries.

At Proof of Stake-process, a single person is selected using a complex process to verify a crypto transaction. Much less power will be consumed.

The blockchain explained – in 100 seconds

The blockchain explained – in 100 seconds

Blockchain is the technology behind the digital currency Bitcoin. But how exactly does a blockchain actually work? We explain it to you in 100 seconds.

Buy and own digital objects in the metaverse: That’s what’s behind it

  • The metaverse is a virtual world, in which user:ins can communicate and interact – actually like on the internet. But elements of the real world are to be represented in the metaverse, and vice versa.
  • Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has described the Metaverse as a kind of "Embodied Internet." described in which we are, instead of looking at it.
  • Since Zuckerberg started his company in meta renamed and announced they would invest billions in building the Metaverse, the idea is booming. So far, however, the new Internet exists only as a vision.
  • Although the Metaverse is supposed to be free of charge. However, you can construct buildings in the virtual space or buy virtual things. This is what you pay for with cryptocurrencies then.
  • One such digital asset you own in the form of an NFT. This ensures that it cannot be counterfeited, multiplied or destroyed. Many companies want to offer such NFT in the metaverse.
  • Nike, H&M and Adidas have already announced that. Walmart also wants in on the action, selling unique digital objects – and even launching its own cryptocurrency.

NFTs have already been sold for this much money

Buying bitcoins at the savings bank? This could soon be possible

So far, you can buy Bitcoins in Germany through Internet marketplaces, bitcoin exchanges, Payment service providers:inside and some online brokers acquire – but not at your bank.

This could change soon. Do you have a current account at a savings bank? Then you can probably buy cryptocurrencies there soon uncomplicated. A pilot project could, according to "Capital launching soon.

The savings banks have been 50 million customers Market leader among German financial institutions. In one fell swoop, many people would have easy access to cryptocurrencies.

Until now, no traditional, large financial institution dared to get started. It may only be a matter of time before others follow suit. Digital bank N26 also plans to enable bitcoin trading soon.

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