Corona dispute crashes spotify’s party

Corona dispute crashes Spotify's party

The conflict between Joe Rogan, Neil Young and Spotify currently dominates the podcast world. It’s reminiscent of an escalating party altercation. A winner is not recognizable.

When I learned about the controversy surrounding Joe Rogan, Neil Young and Spotify learned, my first impulse was not to report it. Many topics are cooked hotter than they are eaten and I did not want to encourage a debate whose escalation seemed to me not only preprogrammed but even quite desirable. In the end I reported, because the controversy became too big to be ignored.

What had happened in the controversy over the American podcaster Joe Rogan? Basically it was like at a party: Someone says something thoughtless and suddenly it’s the end of the world. - Simply podcasten!

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Spotify throws a party

Let’s imagine, Spotify would have invited to a party. Artists, stars and celebrities like to gather to celebrate together. As a dutiful host Spotify visibly concerned with making each participant as comfortable as possible. There are politically correct morsels, in the background badly remunerated music runs. It should be beautiful, no one should take offense, nothing should disturb the meeting.

Unfortunately, the streaming company did the math without Joe Rogan. After all, the comedian, martial artist, presenter and currently the world’s most successful podcaster doesn’t just say innocuous things. In the roughly 1.800 episodes of his podcast The Joe Rogan Experience, Rogan interviews guests from every imaginable sector of society – and yes, even those with contentious opinions. That’s why Rogan has brought Spotify’s party with two more, more or less wanted guests. Dr. Peter McCullough (cardiologist) and Dr. Robert Malone (co-developer of an mRNA anti-covid agent) are credible scientists in Rogan’s view, although some of their viewpoints contradict the current scientific mainstream.

How did the Rogan-Young-Spotify conflict start??

Rogan interviews the scientists about their contentious opinions, which include Spotify anxiously watching over the buffet. As long as things stay peaceful, let Rogan do his thing. In the hustle and bustle of the party, statements like those of virologist Dr. Malone: "People are being hypnotized into vaccination. " perceptible.

The party people don’t want to take this lying down. A group of scientists join together, in an open letter they demand, as host Spotify May not simply leave it without comment. And another party guest also outraged loudly. It’s Neil Young calling out to all determined: "This is dangerous misinformation! Either Rogan goes or I go!"

The party gets bogged down. Nobody dances. Guests focus on the conflict, suddenly there seems to be no other topic left. Behind closed doors, the first guests begin to refer to Joe Rogan and his guests as "swindlers" and "anti-vaccination" to dub. These accusations are not surprising, they are low-hanging fruit. And they are harvested, although Rogan had already assured before the party that he was by no means an opponent of vaccination.

Young or Rogan? Spotify forced to make decision

Involuntarily must Spotify change the role from host to referee, and is by no means to be envied for it. So who should go, the rock legend or the podcast icon? Betrayed and disappointed decides Spotify after some appeasement attempts for the shoulder conclusion with the Podcaster. Young’s music disappears from the catalog of the streaming service. It’s a move that all partygoers regret, including Joe Rogan and in particular Spotify. It’s an escalation Neil Young has conjured up in fidelity to his moral values.

Is the spook over now? Not at all. More artists show solidarity with Neil Young. At a party, the "misleading" and "dangerous, even "potentially fatal" information about Corona, they no longer wanted to play its music. Meanwhile, musician James Blunt self-deprecatingly threatens that if Rogan stays at the party, Blunt will play more of his own music – and after all, no one could want that to happen.

Spotify has a cold sweat on its brow, party guests are unsettled, the Spotify-Share loses about a quarter of its value in January. A solution must be found. Spotify’s CEO Daniel Ek announces new rules for the party. Anyone who wants to talk about Covid in the future will get a hint from the host about scientifically reliable information. Some party guests welcome this in the spirit of freedom of speech, for others it is at best a sham.

Royally criticizing Spotify

As if enough guests weren’t already offended, outraged, incensed and disappointed, suddenly two more interested parties sign up for mudslinging. Royal dropouts Prince Harry and Meghan Markle enter the salon. In aristocratic manner, they hint that these controversies on and about Spotify also, in a way, a reason his why they spent all of last year not getting to Spotify’s parties had come. The two had a podcast deal at Spotify signed, but in 2021 not a single episode published.

Another low blow for the Gasteber. What a mess. Entered and retorted half loudly Spotify, But last year they had to pay about 20.Deleted 000 podcasts that were spreading misinformation about the Corona pandemic. But his top podcaster Joe Rogan will Spotify not be able to muzzle. Not to mention that they shouldn’t be doing that either. Speaking of Rogan, what is he doing right now??

What does Joe Rogan have to say about the Corona controversy??

The 54-year-old has since gone into the front yard. There he records a cell phone video. He regrets the controversy and explains his view of what’s going on. Rogan declares he is by no means infallible. He is interested in controversial opinions and also in counter-opinions. That’s why, he says, he interviewed numerous scientists who support mainstream opinions about Corona.

Joe Rogan apologizes for controversy surrounding his podcast

Image: Instagram: Joe Rogan

Especially with emotional issues, he said he wants to be even better prepared in the future. At the same time, he reminds us that apparent certainties in the Covid pandemic can also be overturned, and that we should remain open to new information.

Rogan shakes hands with the outraged partygoers like Neil Young. He reveals himself to be a fan of her music, apologizes and hopes that in the future she will be too Spotify’s Parties may return.

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