Copy protection: sanctions for circumvention?

Can I copy a DVD that has copy protection?

May I copy a DVD that is equipped with copy protection?

For Author and Company, who have acquired the rights of copyright-protected works, put Unauthorized copying a major problem for. This is because they fear a financial loss, especially for CDs and DVDs Decrease in sales and thus financial losses.

As a result, the companies concerned are constantly looking for new Possibilities, to protect the To restrict duplications. For example Data carrier with a copy protection create.

But with which Measures can be unwanted Prevent copies? If existing copy protection can be legally circumvent? And with which Penalties must be taken by persons if necessary. calculate the circumvent copy protection of a CD/DVD? The following guide provides answers to these and other questions.

FAQ on copy protection

These are measures designed to prevent data – which is often subject to copyright – from being copied. The methods can differ depending on the medium.

No, the unauthorized interference with technical protection measures can constitute a criminal offense.

If methods are used to circumvent an existing copy protection and duplicate a DVD, private individuals face a fine or imprisonment for up to one year.

Copy protection: What the law says!

Under the designation "Copy protection are basically all measures which contribute to the Prevent duplication of data. Copy protection is of great relevance especially in the case of copyrighted works, which is why the associated regulations are also in the copyright law (UrhG) can be found. In § 95a Abs. 1 UrhG it says:

Effective technological measures for the protection of a work or other subject matter protected under this Act may not be circumvented without the consent of the rightholder, provided that the person acting knows or should know from the circumstances that the circumvention is being done to enable access to or use of such work or subject matter.

From this quote it is clear that circumvention of technical protection measures basically prohibits is. Thus, people who have an existing Cracking copy protection, with Consequences calculate.

What are the possibilities of copy protection?

software, DVD or CD copy: Copy protection is often intended to prevent this

copy software, DVD or CD: A copy protection is to prevent this often.

When it comes to copy protection, most people probably think primarily of technical ways to protect the stop copying CDs and DVDs. However, copy protection is generally in all media in one way or another possible.

There are among other things different possibilities, in order to prevent a copy protection in Paper to be included. Since the Reading pleasure from it not impaired is to be prohibited, these are often methods that are mainly differentiation between original and copy enable. For this purpose, for example, so-called micro-points are used, which only visible on copy become. Furthermore, a certain copy protection can be watermark generate.

In the meantime, it is no longer a rarity that the Contents from Internet pages copied by a third party and passed off as their own. As technical copy protection for a website may include a Marker lock and a right-click lock serve. However, the content is still protected by source text available that the protective effect is only limited. In addition, there is a risk of Users thereby scares away are.

Also Television broadcaster can be broadcast program with a copy protection provided. This measure prevents recorder correspondingly marked content record. On the storage medium then only one error message displayed.

To DVDs from being copied, the data will often be incorrect information added. the DVD player read over this and may prevent the Play movie without problems, whereas a computer has problems with this Deviation to circumvent. Thereby must constantly new methods be developed in order to avoid the one step ahead of hackers to be. In contrast to this CD the copy protection for music meanwhile widely abandoned, because it prevents, for example, the transmission to Mp3 players or cell phones prevents was.

circumvent copy protection: Is that illegal?

circumvent copy protection with a program? Sanctions may be imposed for this

circumvent copy protection with a program? For it sanctions can threaten.

In everyday life, an existing copy protection quite annoying be. This prevents, for example, a duplicate purchased DVD, to watch the movie on the way to be viewed on the cell phone. In this case, there is usually the technical possibility to generate an copy protection to circumvent and to make accessible a CD, DVD or other data medium.

But am I allowed to crack the copy protection with software? The legislator evaluates such an action according to § 108b UrhG as unauthorized interference with technical protection measures. This is a crime, for which private individuals are charged with a imprisonment of up to one year or one fine have to count.

A higher penalty is provided for by the legislator if the offender commercially acts. In this case, people who remove copy protection must assume that this offense will result in a fine or an Prison sentences of up to three years entails.

If you want to make sure that content for a Private copy should therefore be allowed to be duplicated on the Packing according to Hints to search for an existing copy protection and this if necessary. avoid. In addition, it also often enables a Logo, a Data carrier with copy protection to identify.

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