Conquering a man – how you can do it

For some time now, you can’t get this great guy out of your head. You think of his warm charisma, his sympathetic manner and the brown eyes you can sink into. Him you want to have by your side and ask yourself: "How to win him over?"

Maybe you already know each other, are friends or work colleagues. You may have only recently noticed it and have only exchanged a few words with you so far.

You can wait and hope that your dream man will ask you on a date. Just as well you can also go up to him and conquer the man. We tell you how you can be happy with him at your side and wrap him around your finger.

Become active and win his heart

Do you want that Heart of a man for you to win, it is advisable to take the active part. You finally know exactly what you want – and it’s clearly him.

As a modern and emancipated woman, you take a step towards him yourself instead of letting him approach you. Why? It’s simple: maybe he doesn’t realize that you’re into him, and he hasn’t considered you as a partner yet.

Another possibility is that he is shy and reserved and does not dare to approach you. Go for it, he opens up, feels confident, and gives a closer acquaintance a chance.

Besides it impresses many men, If the woman is tough and express your interest. Thus you collected automatically a plus point with your Gegenuber.

Think of his hunting instinct

Even if you take the active part with flirting, it is important that he conquers you likewise. Most gentlemen have pronounced hunting instinct. They are particularly attentive, if a woman makes herself scarce also once.

That is: You may use strategies to wrap him around the finger. At the same time, however, you should give him the feeling that you are not available quickly.

Did he first notice, what an awesome woman you are, Goes on the hunt for you. With a little luck your own conquest strategy will work out.

First learn to love yourself

So you can reach out to him, play your self-confidence and the love for you a big role. Only if you like yourself for who you are, can you approach him openly and confidently.

You become self-confident, for example, by ..

  • you do not compare yourself with other women.
  • your Quirks and flawsaccept.
  • trust yourself.
  • a Keep an upright posture take.
  • regularly tell you how great you are.

Strategies to win a man over

Conquering someone is neither a science nor magic. You should just prepare a strategy and be optimistic. Believe in you and stand by your dreams and wishes.

If you notice that your strategy is not working, you can of course try another strategy. However, you should not lose sight of yourself in the process.

If he has not shown his interest in you yet, you should not change yourself. Instead, tell yourself that there is a partner waiting for you somewhere who will take you as you are. Be relaxed and trust in that true love will come to you.

Sometimes love needs patience

There is love at first sight. Maybe you are lucky and find someone who sees you and immediately knows "This is the woman of my heart!".

But sometimes feelings are not easy and take time to develop. Be patient And tell yourself that no one can force love.

You may first build a friendship, which will develop into something more after a few weeks and months. Besides, there is a possibility that your dream man is not ready for a relationship yet. Maybe the job has top priority at the moment.

It is important that you play with open cards and tell him that you are interested in him.

20 tips how to conquer your dream man

You may ask yourself: "What can I do concretely to win his heart?".

We will give you some useful tips below. Choose the ones you feel most comfortable with and don’t bend yourself to please your crush.

Be yourself

In a healthy relationship both partners can show their true selves and love each other as they are. If you want to be happy in your partnership, you should Show your personality from the beginning.

Say openly if you have a preference for romantic novels or listen to pop songs from time to time. Don’t pretend to like soccer just because the other person is a fan of a certain team. Your dream man wants to get to know you and not an artificial figure.

Value your appearance

You feel insecure in high heels and dresses are not your thing? Then just wear a shirt and jeans on the date. You don’t have to dress up, to please him.

But: value your appearance and show him that the meeting is important to you and that you have put some thought into it. Put on light, natural makeup and tie your hair in a ponytail. It is important that you feel comfortable all around, nothing pinches or pinches.

Be confident

Many gentlemen like confident women, who know what they want. Believe in yourself and say to yourself "I am great and will conquer him!". Your attitude automatically has an influence on your counterpart and that makes you even more attractive.

At the same time you prove that you like yourself. This is the best prerequisite for your dream man to develop an interest in you.

Pay attention to eye contact

Look your counterpart in the eye, while you are talking. This shows him that you are interested in him and that he is the center of attention for you at that moment.

If your gaze wanders around the room instead, it is a sign for him that you do not want to hear what he has to say. In addition, deep looks are a good basis for flirting.

How to conquer a man?

Prove your sense of humor

Most people love to laugh. Having fun together will bring you closer together. You may develop your first inside jokes together during your date.

Present your humorous side in the presence of your dream man. Be funny, but not too silly. It goes down well, moreover, if you can also laugh at yourself. You drop your red wine glass or discover a run in your pantyhose? Just laugh about it!

Laugh a lot

Generally it looks attractive to many gentlemen if you laugh and smile frequently. A beautiful smile is well received by others and proves that you do not take life too seriously.

If your eyes shine, you have already wrapped your partner around your finger. And: a smile is a sign that you are really satisfied with your present company. Then it won’t be long before you have conquered it.

Give him a piece of your mind

Your counterpart makes a joke at your expense? Counter the remark with a confident – and equally funny – statement. Be honest and say if you do not agree with him.

If you don’t like the food you ordered, but he loves the pasta, you don’t have to agree with him. He may find it more attractive if you stand by your point of view and defend it. But: Do not be too negative. If you complain about little things, this is counterproductive.

Ask interested questions

Even if deep down you already know "This is it!" you want to get to know the other person better. If you want to understand men and find out more about them, you should ask questions. This will tell you what makes him tick, what values he has and what his opinion is about different topics.

At the same time, you’re signaling to him that you’re actually interested in him and serious about him. Talk about yourself too, but avoid long monologues. Show your dream man that you are emphatic and that you care about what the people around you think and feel.

Ask man interested questions

Give him a compliment

You like to hear compliments and feel flattered when someone tells you about your beautiful hair or your great sense of humor. Gentlemen also like it when they get a compliment.

Tell your date openly what you like about him or her. This can be character traits or the sound of his voice, in addition to appearances. Don’t compliment your ideal partner too much, though, and be honest. If he has brown eyes, but you like blue eyes, you don’t have to pretend it’s different.

Let ex-boyfriends be ex-boyfriends

There are a few topics you should avoid on a date. Besides politics or religion, ex-relationships are also part of it. You may tell how long you have been single or why your partner broke up with you. However, do not go too deep into the details.

If you talk about your ex-boyfriend for a long time, it gives the impression that you are not finished with your partnership yet. Spicy bedtime stories also do not belong in a date.

Show yourself happy

If you are at peace with yourself and you are doing well, your date will notice that too. Even if you sincerely wish you weren’t single anymore or feel better with someone by your side, don’t act like you’re always looking or not happy.

If the other person suspects that you are putting all your hopes in a relationship with him, it puts him under pressure. Prove that you can live a beautiful life even without a second half.

Touch it – apparently – by accident

Small touches can have a big impact. Stroke him lightly over the shoulder when passing by or put your hand briefly on his back. This makes the other person feel unconsciously attracted to you. In general, it’s a good idea to use your body language.

Sit straight on the chair facing him and tilt your head a bit. If you additionally play with a strand of your hair, you have aroused his interest.

Be mysterious

Your Date partner wants to get to know you and learn more about yourself. For this to work, you should tell about yourself. But: Don’t give away too much of yourself. Many gentlemen find it exciting to meet a mysterious woman. You like to find out what is behind this and what surprises are still coming to light.

So keep a few more secrets and don’t tell too much about yourself.

Ask him specifically for a date

Women are also allowed to ask for a date! Be brave and tell your counterpart honestly that you would like to see him again. Suggest a concrete date and what you want to do.

She wants to win over the man

On the one hand, this shows your ideal partner that you great interest work on deepening your connection. At the same time you are committed and you can be sure that you will meet again.

Give him the opportunity for a date

You would rather not actively ask for a date? Then offer to simply give him the template and wait for him to ask you for a next meeting. Tell him, for example, that you wanted to try out the new Indian restaurant.

Concerts or movies you want to attend are also a good idea. Your man of the heart can respond to this and ask you to go to the movies together or to reserve seats in a restaurant. Recognize him Wave the fence post If he’s not, you can go to plan B and ask him out for a second date.

Kiss him

Kissing on the first date is taboo? You don’t have to follow how others do it. If you feel like kissing him – and realize that he is not averse – take the initiative.

Kiss him goodbye after your meeting and find out if the butterflies are flying with you. At the same time you can estimate whether he is also interested in you.

She wants to conquer him and kisses him

Write to him regularly

Once you have met, you should send him a message on his smartphone from time to time. Tell him that you enjoyed the evening with him and that you would like to do it again. Wish him a good morning from time to time and send him a photo.

However, you should not type too much and too detailed. Especially if you are not together yet, this can be too much of a good thing. Wait and see how he reacts and whether he will contact you of his own accord.

Talk to him on the phone

Especially if your ideal partner lives in another city, is on vacation or has a lot of stress at work, some time may pass until the next meeting. If this is the case, you stay in contact when you talk on the phone.

The You can keep phone calls short or exchange news for hours. Ask him if it is convenient for him when you call him and send him a photo. If he does not have time, then simply contact him again later.

Avoid games

Games are persistent when it comes to ( dating ). But you do not need it. Don’t wait three days to get in touch with him, just tell him that you’re interested. He knows where he stands with you and you can tell from his reaction whether he can imagine more with you.

Be relaxed

You want this great guy and you are sure that you are a great match. Even if you have a goal and want to achieve it, you should remain relaxed.

Persistence is all right, However, it is not a good idea if you try to convince the other person about you. Trust yourself and hope that everything will work out in the end.

To conquer a man is not always easy

Some men are challenges

There are gentlemen who develop interest in a woman after a short time. You are sure that you want to see your lady of the heart again and start a relationship soon with her. If they like a woman and find her attractive, they would prefer not to let her go.

In addition, you can also meet someone with whom your conquest strategies do not work immediately. Maybe he does not notice that you are very interested in him. Possibly there is also something completely different behind it, which has no connection with you as a person.

If your dream man turns out to be a challenge, but you should not give up. Try to understand it and give it time.

How to conquer a newly separated man

Maybe you know what it’s like: If you’ve just broken up with your boyfriend or he’s broken up with you, you’re not thinking about a new relationship for a while. But at some point you will be ready for a partner again.

The same is true for the gentlemen. If you want to win someone over who is newly separated, you should give him time. No matter if he has ended the partnership or has been dumped:

Possibly his mind is on his former girlfriend. He must the end of the relationship still able to cope and at the moment can not imagine opening up to a new woman.

However, this does not mean that he is not interested in you. If he likes you, he may one day approach you and see you as a potential new partner. Tell him that you can imagine more with him, but don’t be disappointed if he doesn’t respond immediately.

If he’s finished with his ex-girlfriend, he’ll be all the more free for a wonderful woman like you.

Even a man with commitment anxiety can love you

If you want to win over a man who is reluctant to commit, you should be patient. Knowing that your dream partner has had rather casual affairs so far and avoids relationships, you have two options:

You can move on and find a partner that’s backed by a Marriage and children dreams. Or be persistent and optimistic that you are the woman he can finally imagine something solid with.

When a man loses his heart, he won’t let his sweetheart go away. Perhaps his attachment anxiety is based on unpleasant experiences he has had in the past. Prove to him that a relationship is something great and that you are a woman he can count on.

If you want to conquer a man, you need self-confidence and some courage. Be yourself and show up as you are. Do not give up too quickly and be patient.

You’ll see: If you fit together, you will also find each other.

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