Conquer leo man

You met a charming man at a party. He radiates self-confidence, charm and adventurousness. Is spontaneous and ready for a lot of nonsense. You seem to have a lion in front of you. To be able to conquer this Leo man, you need some information.

Now you want to know how to attract and keep this adorable zodiac sign for you. Or whether you fit together, what you need to consider in a long relationship. In the following article I have gathered a lot of information about the lion and written it down from the first date to the long relationship, perhaps marriage.

Information about Leo: As befits the king of the zodiac, he bristles with pride. He exudes a beguiling confidence and has an incomparable charm. That is why many women are after this star sign. When you meet him for the first time, you won’t feel any different. And since a lion likes to be adored, he will also allow any flirtation. As long as you don’t constantly shower him with praise, he’ll be happy to listen to you. But if the lion is in a relationship, you can forget any chance of him. He will flirt with you, that’s the way he is, but that’s all that will happen. Lions are incredibly faithful and loyal to their partners. At least most. It pays to want to conquer a lion man!

The first dates – how to prepare yourself?

After meeting the lion you should not immediately rush up to him and want to have a date. The best strategy, if you are looking for a long relationship, is to let him come to you. Stoke his interest until he plans to conquer you. This is often an advantage because the lion likes to be the conqueror. He has a big ego and always wants to appear as strong and confident. Show him what he gets from you when he conquers you and whet his appetite for you. Soon he will follow you and you will be able to conquer a Leo man!

The styling – what to wear, how to impress him?

Leo men prefer women who are self-confident, who know what their value is. So it is best to wear things in which you feel comfortable and good. Well cut dresses or skirts with blouses go down well on any date. Or an elegant pair of jeans with a blouse. The main thing is that the clothes give you a feeling of self-confidence, then it will be easy to conquer a Leo man!

Leo men are quite often thrilled with when Dress women femininely. Many overlook, so to speak, women who dress like his buddies. You are not perceived as an object of desire. Instead, it does better to serve a bit of the cliche. Then he will immediately keep an eye on you. Elegant dresses, sandals, pencil skirts – it all looks good when you are dating him.

Conquer Loewe man - make up

Ads With the lion it can be quiet a little more make up.

A flowery perfume that you should apply to your neck, wrists and behind your ears is also an advantage. Like an accessory, it will complete the overall picture and above all, appeal to his senses. When hugging can leave such a lasting impression. Only the right dosage is important to be able to conquer a Leo man!

When it comes to accessories, as always: not too much of a good thing. A necklace plus earrings is usually quite enough! Gold necklaces, bracelets, handbags or scarves should be chosen.

With Make Up one can apply quite something thicker. A bright red lipstick makes the eyes wander to you. And that is intentional. Leo men love it when they can show off their woman. When others look around admiringly at you.

In summary, when other men look at you, you are doing everything right with your outfit!

  • Feminine, well cut, elegant clothes
  • Expensive, fragrant perfume
  • Golden accessories
  • Normal, respectively. Go out make up, red lipstick
  • Male clothing
  • Wallflower
  • Cheap stuff

Location of the date

To be able to conquer a lion man you should know that he loves unusual and spontaneous. Of course, for the first date you can first go out for a leisurely meal. But for further dates it would be advisable to do more fancy things.

If you go out with a lion, then you have the advantage that he loves to choose the locale. He knows his way around the city and knows where interesting people are. Even if it is a four star restaurant, that will not deter the lion. He will be happy to pick you up and take you to the restaurant. And even if he can’t afford it that well, he will most likely want to pick up the tab.

Conquer Loewe man - concert

Ads Many interesting people, that’s what the Leo needs!

On later dates you can suggest something spontaneous and adventurous. Go with him to play laser tag, or to interesting discos and dance clubs. Go out with him often, because he loves being the center of attention and being around people.

Even dates that are risky have their charm for him. Are you afraid of horses? Why not try to go for a ride with him? Or go with him to the fair on a Ferris wheel, if you are afraid of heights. He will be impressed and taken with your courage. Moreover, he always likes dates that do not conform to the norm. He is extroverted and likes it exciting. It is worth trying to conquer a Leo man!

  • Let him decide
  • Exciting, spontaneous dates
  • Test your own limits
  • amusement parks, trendy clubs


  • Standard
  • Quiet places
  • Boring ventures

The conversation – how to keep him?

Talking to a Leo is very important. Simply for the reason that you can show him what you are made of. He can’t do anything with a shy wallflower. So he will want to explore you closely and know who you are.

The best thing is to speak confidently about yourself. He wants a woman who knows what she wants and what she is worth. Talk confidently about yourself, hobbies and skills. Leo men prefer women who are independent and self-confident.
Leo men have a pronounced ego and you should take advantage of it. Ask him for his opinion. No provocation, but honest interest in something you also have an opinion about. This will make him feel valued and conversation will be easier. Since Leo men also like to travel, it may be worthwhile to ask for such. Admire his language skills and possibly his understanding of art.

A large circle of friends on your part may also pique his interest. He wants to get to know many different people and the best way to do that is through acquaintances and relationships. You are interesting to him if you are smart and attractive. Make him feel comfortable, so that is a plus!

Be direct with him. Tell him openly that you are interested in him. No wild, tearful expressions of emotion, but in a way that he still understands. Lions like directness and openness and jump at it very easily. Conquering a Leo man has to be learned!

In case he ignores you or shows no interest, you can also show yourself mysterious. Often you then arouse his curiosity and he wants to know what is hidden behind your facade. Unfortunately, this trick works only once, then you can’t make him curious anymore by "leaving him on the left".

  • Topics on certain opinions
  • Self-confidence, directness
  • Topics like hobbies and skills
  • Insecurity
  • Wallflower
  • Boring conversations

The relationship – Leo man conquer

You’ve been on a few dates and you’ve made it: the Leo man is conquered and is now your partner!
But what do you need to prepare for in a relationship with him? What quirks this zodiac sign is likely to have? Any nasty surprises?

Conquer Loewe man - couple

Leo is just a very vain sign of the zodiac. If you want to keep and ensnare him, you should give him at least one compliment every day. This shows him that he is important to you. And the better he feels, the better the relationship will work.
But it is necessary to be careful: If you praise him too often, he will very quickly become arrogant. Then you no longer have an understanding partner, but someone very annoying, conceited on the cheek. So you need to find a good measure for the compliments. The happy relationship is in your hands and of course in his too!

In addition, show him in a relationship that you need him too. Leo men often forget that there are other people. So make it clear to him in the conversation what is important to you. He will want to listen to you, for he sees that you are unhappy. And he likes his wife to have an opinion and to be able to defend it. So when you talk to him, describe your point of view calmly and normally. Since the Leo is a bit impulsive, you should avoid stumbling blocks and faux pas as much as possible.

That the Talk is important in a relationship, shows itself especially with the lion. He can see in a certain way that you are not well, but he can’t see any hidden clues. You must address him directly, do not equivocate and do not lie. Only then will the Leo understand you completely, and can, if he wants, respond to you. Yes, it can be exhausting to try to conquer a Leo man.

His hobbies, his life, yourself

Two things are also very important to a Leo: independence and limelight. Leo are always very extroverted and do not miss any opportunity to put themselves in the center of attention. If he smells a good company or knows where something is going on, he will want to go there. Be prepared for the fact that you will have to go out with him a lot, because he has his ear to the pulse and knows exactly what he wants. This does not have to be a disco or dance bar. He will want to go anywhere you meet interesting people. And the larger your own circle of friends is, the easier it is for them to conquer a Leo man. Den he will want to be friends with you just because of many new people.

His hobbies are the other thing that is very important for him. He loves to sing and hold gigs? Then you should definitely let him do that too. He will be reluctant to choose between you and his hobbies. And with some lions then also the choice will fall on the hobby. So let him do what he wants, he is not a sign of the zodiac that can be easily restrained. And with many of his hobbies, he is usually additionally lucky to be in the spotlight there as well. And a Leo needs that too. Affirm him in what he is doing and sprinkle some compliments about it in conversations too.

All in all you can say: The Leo is happy when he gets attention. He will be a real cuddly tiger if he can feel comfortable with you. And if you are also such a person, who may have the same hobbies, you can do them together with him as well! This is the ideal opportunity to create couple memories.

Which zodiac signs go well with Leo?

Conquer Loewe man - star sign

The all-important question: which sign of the zodiac suits Leo? Are there zodiac signs that do not harmonize? Is yours perhaps among them? Does your zodiac sign match with Leo?

Which zodiac signs fit together, or are good for a relationship and the like. Of course, these are not statements to be taken extremely to heart. There are also constellations that work in spite of or maybe exactly because of that. And no two people are alike. So don’t throw in the towel just because you were born in the wrong month.
Constellations like Virgo and Sagittarius can also work for ages.

So here are all the zodiac signs divided into three groups:

  • Aries (fiery love life that balances everything else)
  • Gemini (good prospects for relationship and marriage)
  • Libra (restraint on both sides, good prospects)
  • Sagittarius (Very good prospects!)
  • Taurus (emotional tug-of-war, very exhausting in the long run)
  • Cancer (Cancer often comes up short emotionally)
  • Leo (tolerance required, good outlook)
  • Scorpio (jealousy and flirtation do not get along, fiery love life)
  • Virgo (criticism and self-absorption do not get along, quarrel!)
  • Capricorn (opposites should avoid each other!)
  • Aquarius (hardly conceivable, only sexually)
  • Pisces (quarrel preprogrammed!)

As you can see there are some zodiac signs that do well or half well with the lion. Once again it should be mentioned here that not all people are the same and yet it can succeed between them both. Tolerance and understanding are the be-all and end-all in such relationships and both of you should bring enough of it with you.


Leo can be a very difficult zodiac sign. A magnet for women, he likes to flirt and is often on the road. Who is very jealous should rather leave the lion the fingers. Because this will only offend him and make him angry, because the Leo is a proud and very loyal sign of the zodiac.

If you are lucky enough to be able to capture a Leo man and keep him, then kudos to you! You have what it takes to keep and love this lion. Since you have accomplished this, you are in for a great relationship! The Leo man is excellent to the point of no return, especially if you are also a fire sign!

However, if you have problems allowing him the limelight, then the relationship could be damaged and you could possibly lose out. The lion is a top dog that doesn’t let anyone dispute its territory. That’s just the way it is, and no one will change it.

Leo’s are also notorious for being good in bed. Although no one takes the crown away from the Sagittarius in this discipline, but lions are good in second place and give quite a few surprises.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to leave a comment. We try to answer as quickly as possible.

You do not want to conquer a lion man? Here we go to Virgo!

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