Club gang #6

THE KLUB GaNG INSPIRES BREMEN WITH EDUCATIONAL EXPERIENCES… Elementary school kids who want to know how cows are milked, burglaries work, and flying into space – and all of this up close and personal instead of in frontal lessons The CLUB GaNG is perfect for you if you are an elementary school child full of thirst for knowledge and experience.

The reportage

How do you actually build a robot? What do you have to do to breathe life into a little machine so that it can dash from A to B at lightning speed?? The KLUB GaNG has set out to find answers to these very questions. The little researchers found what they were looking for in the technology studio at Universum® Bremen.

What does a robot need to get moving?? Electricity, right. For that we first take a battery. Then we need something to conduct electricity – a cable, one blue, one red. In the end, we still need something that consumes electricity so that the soon-to-be robot can start moving. It needs a motor.

After brainstorming together, the kids dash off to find the components they need. Cables are cut and prepared, all individual parts are connected with nimble fingers. That wasn’t so hard! The motor is already humming away vigorously.

But nothing is moving yet, the motor still needs something to get it going. For this purpose, a rotor blade available in normal handicraft shops is cut to size and attached to the motor.

Now, of course, a robot does not only consist of exposed cables, motors and power generators. Since we are building a brushing robot, it needs…of course, a brush! But why a brush, one or two of the explorers might be asking now. It quickly becomes clear that the many bristles are the feet, so to speak, which – stimulated by the motor and the rotor blade – will later move the little robots forward. So each GaNG member grabs a round brush or a square one, natural or completely colorful – just the way he or she likes it.

Club gang #6

Club gang #6

Some of the children are already looking forward to never having to scrub their own fingernails again, because soon they will have their own brush fuzzi for that purpose!

Next step: motor construction and brush must be brought together.
Two or three moves by the little technicians with adhesive tape and a hot glue gun later: Check!

And now? And then there are the decorations, all the things that give the robot its proper appearance. And we wouldn’t be in the universe if every little KLUB GaNG member couldn’t discover and design for themselves. So a huge table is ready with everything the tinkerer’s heart desires. Thousands of wiggly eyes, pipe puzzlers, corks – and so much more. It’s hard to know where to begin.

Some of the children first draw a sketch, which is used to gather the materials. Another one jumps into the glitter stones that can be glued on. Another builds a three-headed robot, while his neighbor conjures up a highly elegant feather decoration for his brush robot.

With hot glue gun everything that is needed, but also everything that is just wanted, is attached to the motor brush. Two hours later, the air in the technology studio at Universum® Bremen is shimmering. 16 brush robots, which couldn’t be more different, are whizzing around. 16 children are beaming and giggling, proudly examining their creations. And they can also be proud! After all, they have just built their first own robot! And who knows – maybe we’ll hear from one or the other child again in 20 years’ time. As robot inventors of the future.

Club gang #6

Club gang #6

We can now tick off the program item "Building robots". Now we get into the finer points of programming. We learn how to make Ozo-Bots – small robots no bigger than half an egg – whiz across a sheet of paper with different color codes. Blue-yellow-blue-red: It runs in zigzags! Green-black-red-blue: It’s turning! With around 20 different codes, the children let the little robots race around a race track the size of a sheet of A4 paper, depending on their taste and choice of color.

And finally – after a lot of thinking, researching and developing – there is now something to experience. We explore the second floor of Universum® Bremen and take a look at the technology exhibition: We touch things, try them out and learn all kinds of things about technology.

Now, after an exciting afternoon, we draw a small conclusion: to get a robot moving, you need technical finesse. But you also need imagination and courage, because sometimes you just have to try it out to find out if it works out.

The KLUB GaNG has mastered this challenge with bravura! 16 brush robots, 16 programmed Ozo-Bots and countless impressions later the KLUB GaNG #6 ends ‘how does it actually work… with building robots?’. What the KLUB GaNG will probably experience next time? It remains exciting.

Club gang #6

The KLUB GaNG shouts out loud THANK YOU, to Julia and Melanie from Universum ® Bremen for your great pleasure in the GaNG, your support and your ideas!

The photos

The theme

The KLUB GaNG continues to move through the streets of Bremen. But these GaNG taggt no names illegally on house walls, no. This GaNG puts everything and everyone to the test. "How does it actually work??" is the question. The answers are then close enough to touch – frontal teaching was yesterday, "in the thick of things instead of just being there" is today’s approach.

At 30.3.2019 dips the CLUB GaNG into the depths of technology. We want to know how to build robots, what these little personalities can do and what they are actually useful for.

Technology means logic. The one wire has to go over it, the connection has to go exactly that way and no other way. Today’s technology is making greater strides than Gozilla every day, so what was discovered yesterday may already be dusty by tomorrow. But if you take the topic AI etc. But if you put all that aside, you’re left with good handiwork again. Screw, solder, connect. And since small researchers can become big researchers at some point, the CLUB GaNG enter exactly at this point. We want to understand what happens when you cross the green wire after all, and why the highest technology can sometimes be replaced with the simplest logic and mundanities. We want to tackle and cross our fingers at the end that it runs, the self-built robot. Artificial intelligence can certainly be retrofitted, next year&

The KLUB GaNG #6 is already booked up.

The event is free of charge. Parents, unfortunately, will have to stay out..

The KLUB GaNG is an event format of the KLUB DIALOG e.V. in cooperation with Universum® Bremen.

We thank Universum® Bremen for once again opening the doors to new worlds for us!

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