Children’s birthday party ideas – how to plan a children’s birthday party?

In the following you can expect detailed guide with the best Child birthday ideas. Let yourself be inspired – and if not all points should be relevant for your planning, you can easily jump to the points that are interesting for you in our overview:

Where and when the child’s birthday will be celebrated?

These are the most important questions you should ask yourself first. And they depend on each other immensely! If it is the child’s birthday of a Summer child, the party can be celebrated in the garden, in the open-air swimming pool or on the playground. At Winter On the other hand, it is more suitable to celebrate the child’s birthday away from home, for example at Kindertobeland. Also the home living room is a great option, however, and with the right ideas it doesn’t have to be less exciting. Here it depends above all on the right children’s birthday decoration (but more on that later& )

You should pay attention to this:

Even in the summer, of course, it can be rain, a Plan B should therefore also be paid by the Location her be taken into account. If your child’s birthday falls within the Summer vacation, The child is lucky and unlucky at the same time: it doesn’t have to go to school, but many of its friends are probably also on vacation. Here it is advisable to coordinate the dates with the other parents early on and to arrange the children’s birthday party if necessary. after-celebration.

Our tip: Involve your child in the planning process!

Who is invited?

Here, of course, the Birthday boy the has the highest right to decide. After all, it’s his birthday and he wants to celebrate it with the people who are close to his heart. Care should be taken that it is Not too many children are. Because both the children and the parents who oversee the spectacle can quickly overwhelmed become.

The fewer guests, the fewer stressful situations. As Rule of thumb is recommended, not more friends invite as the child grows old. Also, it is advisable to separate the associated celebration with the family from that of friends. The hosts are Rarely multitask and should concentrate on one group of people.

The perfect invitation for a child’s birthday

To ensure that all invited guests arrive at the appropriate time and do not miss the birthday of your favorite, we recommend that you send in time the invitation cards. When designing the invitation cards, make sure that they please your child and refer to the possible Motto of the child birthday are cut. Children’s birthday invitation cards are available in all variations, colors and motifs – you’re sure to find one or the other card that you and your child will like here!

The children’s birthday invitation cards should be Place and Date and of course the Names of the birthday child include. The Time span, in which the birthday takes place is also important, as well as whether the desired guest has certain allergies or diets.

In the same way, you should point out when the guest is doing something specific bring should be: swimming costumes, a costume, rubber boots… What activities and activities do you have planned and what is needed for them??

What can you do at the children’s birthday party?

It’s no secret that it’s not easy to support children in Germany. Every child is different, likes different things and has its own personality. Besides a funny Get to know each other game To get you started, we present some cool craft ideas in front of. In addition, we go into the absolute classics of games and then extraordinary Children’s birthday games, which you may not have heard of before, but which will go down incredibly well at the party.

children sit in front of cake on birthday

Get to know each other

Some children have the same several circles of friendsClassmates, the boys from the soccer team, the girls from the children’s choir… It can happen that the children don’t know each other and have to get to know each other first warm up to each other have to. One Get to know each other round is a nice option for this, and it also strengthens the Community. On the Internet you can find countless games for getting to know each other, which of course should be adapted to the age of the children.

Our favorite getting to know each other for the child birthday is called "Paula likes pizza". The beauty of it is that anyone can join in and it helps to remember the names. Especially practical: no preparation or long explanations needed.

This is how it works: The children sit in a circle and each thinks of an animal or thing that he or she likes. Condition: It should be with the same letters begin like your own first name. Now it goes in turn, and everyone tells about themselves, z. B.: "My name is Paula and I like pizza." To make it a little more difficult, the next child can first repeat, what was said before, z. B.This is Paula, she likes pizza". My name is Hannah and I like dogs."

Creative handicrafts for the birthday

Again, you should look for the Preferences and the Age of the children. It is nice, if the self-made for example decorative and the children can take it home and dress it up as a Reminder in their children’s room. These include for example

  • Snow globes
  • Window pictures
  • Dream catcher

Also DIY batik shirts never go out of fashion and are a lot of fun. And while we are on the subject of textiles: Here we have a simple tutorial for making potato stamps yourself for you!

Another idea is to make something that will still be used at a child’s birthday party. These include, for example, funny animal masks, which can then be perfectly integrated into the following games.

The masks are made very quickly from paper plates. With clay paper in different colors, pens, glue and straws, the kids can easily conjure up their Favorite animal!

Classic children’s birthday games

Even if each child individual are Group activities a good way to include every child. Games at the children’s birthday party increase the Community spirit and everyone is engaged in some way with each. No one is left out and bored.

Two girls playing with balloon

To the absolute Kids Birthday Classics, You may also know from your own childhood, games like:

  • Sack race
  • Egg run
  • Pot banging
  • chocobo eating contest

Not without reason are these birthday games considered absolute evergreens. In between we recommend Rest periods, where the kids can take a breath, relax and eat something. For such rest phases offer themselves for example Painting sets or smaller indoor group games.

Unusual games

Nowadays there are besides the classics but countless other, unusual game ideas for the children’s birthday party. New things always go down well with the little ones.

Children’s birthday games from abroad


Have you ever heard of Koekhappen heard? Anyone who is into Holland has grown up, knows it! This children’s birthday games classic is a kind of Competitive dinner blindfolded – and without using your hands!

All you need:

  • small slices of gingerbread (in Holland "Ontbijtkoek" is used for this – you can find a recipe here)
  • String

Fasten the cake slices to the String and hang them in the right Height for the children, so that they can reach them blindfolded. Whoever finishes the cake first – with hands behind their back, of course – is the winner!

Our tipIn our Pinata accessories you will find cool eye masks, so that no one cheats!


Pinatas are known to almost everyone these days. The fun figures come from Mexico, but also on German children’s birthdays they enjoy ever greater Popularity.

This is sometimes also due to the fact that there are now in countless Variations there, for example as

  • Unicorns
  • Llamas
  • Rockets
  • Rainbows
  • uvm.!

Girl with donkey pinata

Particularly cool: in this game, the kids will make a lot of Energy and at the end of the day they are treated to some tasty treats Sweets or small Toys Rewards.

Our tip: Every Land has its very own Children’s birthday traditions. Ask around your circle of friends and acquaintances and get inspired!

Adventure experience: Escape Games, Treasure Hunt, Scavenger Hunt or Scavenger Hunt?

Who Excitement and Action would like to integrate into the children’s birthday party, has many possibilities. Here are our favorites:

  1. Escape Games: Solving puzzles, uncovering secrets and cracking codes – the mega trend Escape Games is also available for kids! Either you build your own "Escape Room", or you order a set with prepared concept.
  2. Treasure HuntThe little buccaneers and pirates have only one goal: to find treasure! The most fun is with a real treasure map, which is randomly discovered by message in a bottle. Our tip: Geocaching is the treasure hunt of the 20. century! There is certainly also in your area.
  3. Scavenger hunt: The idea here is to find and work through one clue after another. This is most fun in a larger and cluttered area, such as a forest.
  4. Scavenger Hunt: In the American scavenger hunt variant, it is a matter of mastering tasks or simply discovering certain things (z.B. a red flower, a blue bicycle). Advantage of this variant is that it is also suitable for younger children (you can also work with pictures).

Kids in pirate costumes with treasure map

Shoot a movie or record songs (with costumes!)

One Film to shoot or a record your own CD is easily possible with today’s technology. These ideas are especially great for slightly older kids – and a wonderful Memory for the future!

Of course, if you don’t want to go quite that far, you can have a Karaoke session organize.

Dancing children with confetti

Our tip: With a previously compiled Dress up box makes the whole thing even more fun. For this, it is best to look for very different children’s costumes, so that there is something for everyone.

Of course, it doesn’t always have to be a complete costume. With accessories and accessories arise mostly also completely individual and crazy creations. We find that especially hats, caps& Headdresses in no costume box to the child birthday may be missing!

Cakes, snacks and co – good catering is what counts

It’s best to prepare the food as well as possible before the birthday, so that you don’t have to worry about anything during the party warm up) must.

ImportantAsk the parents of the invited children in advance if their child does not tolerate certain foods. Nowadays, there are many who, because of their Allergies have to do without certain foods!

Boy with cake and balloons

Sweets for the sweet

That at a children’s birthday party cake, Cake or Cupcakes exists, is generally known. Cupcakes, cake pops, ice cream and other sweets are also great treats that children will enjoy. You want to present your homemade creations accordingly? Then let yourself be guided by Decorations inspire:

Our tip: Also at the Bake you can involve your child. Certainly it is whole proud, Announcing to everyone that it made itself these delicious treats. Especially with the Decorate small children can also help well, because there are no limits to the imagination.

Buffet with cake decoration in space theme

But you can also savory treats offer! Generally is particularly suitable any kind of Finger food. Whether it’s pizza rolls or simple vegetable sticks, anything that can be easily eaten by hand is recommended. We’ve compiled our favorite quick party snacks with recipes for in a separate post.

Dinner ideas for the children’s birthday party

You might also want to make an lunch or dinner offer? Here it is recommended to keep it simple, and to fall back on things that (almost) every child likes. For example:

  • French fries with chicken or vegetable nuggets
  • Pizza (best to make your own)
  • Pasta

What drinks are popular at birthdays?

Here it may calmly also times Sugar water be something that might not otherwise be available at home: It’s best to have every Lemonade something there. The somewhat healthier option are Juice spritzers or Smoothies.

Our tipsDrinking in cool party cups is twice as much fun. You can also creatively rename the drinks and thus arouse the interest of the children. Who would not grab at this offer?

  • Mud broth (cola)
  • Ice Queen cocktail (smoothie with blueberries or Sprite with blue food coloring)
  • Exotic jungle drink (orange juice)
  • Monster slime (iced tea)

Children's birthday party ideas - how to plan a children's birthday party?

How to decorate for a child’s birthday?

In order to be able to show the children that it is a special day, the appropriate children’s birthday decoration must be provided.

For example, you can decide on a suitable party theme or. give the birthday child a choice. The choices of children’s themes are huge. Particularly popular at present are

  • Superheroes
  • Dinosaur
  • Mermaids
  • PAW Patrol
  • Unicorns

Girls with mermaids children's birthday decoration

Once the theme has been chosen, it’s time to start the Deco go. You can find countless products to match the theme you have chosen, from table decorations to room and wall decorations, and even balloons with your child’s heroes printed on them.

In our party magazine, we’ve given you specific ideas for theme parties& Co. compiled.

Our tipCombine the nicely printed decorative elements that are tailored to the theme of the children’s birthday party with matching costumes, monochrome party decorations. How to make sure that visually a little more Silence reigns, everything fits together coherently and in the best case you can this decoration also reuse, even if Peppa Wutz, PAW Patrol and Co. are no longer in fashion with your children&

If you and your child are planning the birthday party in the form of a theme party If you want to celebrate the birthday of your child in the form of a birthday party, you can of course also combine the matching costumes with the decorations! This will make the day a little more extraordinary for everyone.

Although theme parties are very popular, they are far from being a must have. It’s also nice to put the decorations in the Favorite color of your child. A Dream in pink? A green jungle paradise? Browse our party decorations by color, and choose napkins, garlands and co. – everything exactly in the favorite color of your favorite!

Girls with princesses decoration

You still have one option, and that is everything completely colorful to hold! Children are often very bright, have much Fantasy and are also a little crazy. This could also be reflected in the decoration for the children’s birthday party, for example, by using bright neon party decorations and complementing them with fun and colorful Patterns.

Mitgebsel for the children’s birthday – The crowning conclusion

The day is coming to an end, especially the little ones are getting tired, all the snacks are eaten up. But before you send all the kids home and devote yourself to cleaning up, you can give the little guests a small attention along the way! Gift or snack bags are a good way to keep the kids happy even after the party is over.

Just what goes in there? Some sweet stuff, practical utensils for school and a small interesting toy are standard for such bags. Only you should not overdo it, because remember – it should only be a small attention be and not a huge gift! You can fill the small bag with the following little things:

  • Candy like candy, small chocolate bars or gummy bears
  • Pens and Eraser
  • Small Toys like colorful dinos or soap bubbles
  • Souvenir photo

More, creative hostess gifts, and our top 10 children’s birthday gifts for girls, we have compiled in an extra post for you.

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