Child benefit graduation 2022 – how much child benefit per child?

Child allowance Graduation according to the number of child allowances

In Germany there is not the same amount of child benefit for all children, but the child benefit is graded according to the number of children. Strictly speaking, however, the graduation of the child benefit only starts with the third child. This means that parents receive the same amount of child benefit per month for the first and second child. For the third child, however, there is already a somewhat higher child benefit per month. The child benefit for the fourth child is even higher. After that, however, the child benefit remains the same for all further children. The following table showed the current Child benefit graduation for the year 2022. From the table you can see how much child benefit you are entitled to per month.

Number of children Child benefit amount 2022
1. Child 219 Euro
2. Child 219 Euro
3. KInd 225 Euro
4. Child 250 Euro
Each additional child 250 Euro

Counting children are taken into account in the child benefit scale

How much child benefit parents receive per month also depends on the number of counting children. This is because the child benefit scale 2022 also takes into account so-called counted children. Counting children are children for whom no child benefit is paid, but who are taken into account when calculating the child benefit for other children. This would be the case if siblings from the first marriage live in the household of the parent living separately. The siblings from the first marriage are then considered to be Counting children taken into account when determining the child allowance. This means that the children from the second marriage, for whom child benefit is paid, move up the corresponding places in the child benefit scale.

Example: A father has a daughter from his first marriage who lives with his ex-wife. Therefore, the ex-wife also receives the child benefit for the daughter. With his new wife, the father still has two sons who live in his household and for whom he therefore also receives child benefit. The daughter from the first marriage is taken into account as a counting child when calculating the child benefit. Therefore, the two sons move up one place in the child benefit scale. As a result, the father will receive 444 euros in child benefit each month for his two sons instead of 438 euros. With two counted children from the first marriage, this would be as much as 475 euros per month.

When do parents get child benefit?

As long as the children are not yet of age, parents have a general right to child benefit. In the case of children who have reached the age of majority, however, further conditions must be fulfilled for the parents to continue to receive child benefits. Parents have the possibility to receive child benefit for adult child, if their adult child is unemployed and at the same time registered with the Federal Employment Agency as a job seeker. In this case, the child benefit is paid up to a maximum of 21 years of age. Birthday of the child continued to be paid. For a longer period of time there is the possibility to get child benefit if the offspring does an apprenticeship or goes to university. Then the parents can receive child benefit up to the age of 25. child’s 21st birthday child benefit will be paid.

Child benefit for adult children is also available if they are doing voluntary service or a voluntary social year. For voluntary services, the same age limit for receiving child benefit applies as for training and studies. Children with disabilities can receive child benefits for an indefinite period if they are unable to support themselves due to their disability. A prerequisite for permanent payment of child benefit for children with disabilities is, however, that the disability already existed before the child reached the age of 25. Child has not yet reached the age of 18.
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Child benefit or child allowance

In Germany there is besides the child benefit also the child tax allowance. The child allowance is a tax allowance that reduces the parents’ taxable income and ensures that they pay less tax. Unlike child benefit, there is no child allowance Staggering according to the number of children. In 2022, the child allowance will amount to 8 percent.388 Euro per child for both parents. In the case of separated parents, half of the child allowance is allocated to each parent.

Those who use the child tax allowance to reduce their taxes cannot, however, also draw child benefit at the same time. One basically excludes the other. In the context of a favorable review, the tax office determines which alternative is economically more sensible for the individual. The child allowance tends to be more worthwhile for parents with a high annual income. In contrast, child benefit is usually the better alternative for parents with low incomes.

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