Child benefit: everything about the amount of the tax benefit

Child benefit: How much are you entitled to?

Child benefit: How much are you entitled to?

The Child benefit, also child allowance is mentioned, as part of the Family allowance To be seen, because families with children are to be relieved from taxes. It is therefore not To get a Social benefit and is thus open to all families for the time being.

The aim of the child benefit is to basic support for the children secure and exempt their subsistence level on a monthly basis. Child benefit is therefore not counted towards the subsistence minimum. In order to receive the child benefit, an application where Family office be submitted.

In this guide, we go into detail about the amount of child benefit and explain the Calculation of the child allowance for several children. In addition, we also explain the Difference between the Child benefit and the Child allowance.

How much is the child allowance? Calculate now!

Who receives child benefit in Germany?

Entitlement have a right to the child supplement Parents respectively. legal guardian, which a child in the household included have. In addition, the parents or. the legal guardians have a Residence or the habitual residence in Germany prove.

According to the Federal Child Benefit Act (BKGG) also receive parents living abroad the child allowance, as long as they live in Germany without restrictions taxable are. The corresponding application must be submitted to the Family Welfare Office to be submitted.

If a child is born, the mother and father have from the month of birth Entitlement to child benefit. This applies for the time being until the age of 18. year of life without restriction. If the child reaches the Age of majority, the parents continue to receive child allowance, provided that this School or vocational training located. Even if the child is looking for work is registered, the parents receive the child allowance. The payment is then made until the child reaches the age of 25. age.

How much is the child benefit?

The amount of the child allowance results in total from the number of children

The amount of the child benefit is calculated as the sum of the number of children.

How much child benefit do you get? The amount of the child benefit is year 2021 to at least 219 Euro (1. child).

Also for the second child the parents receive child benefit in the amount of 219 euros.

For the third child payment of 225 euros one and from the fourth child parents receive child benefit in the amount of 250 Euro.

The child benefit or. the amount is calculated per child:

Child benefit per month in Euro (2020)Child benefit per month in Euro (2021)
respectively for the 1. and 2. child 204 219
for the 3. child 210 225
from the age of 4. child 235 250

Example calculation with several children

Do parents four children, they will receive a total monthly payment of 913 Euro child benefit. Now reaches the eldest the 25. year of life, the child allowance is reduced by 250 euros accordingly. Now the child benefit for three children calculates. The 250 euros for the fourth child no longer apply, resulting in the following Bill:

219 + 219 + 225 = 653 euros

The 219 euros for the first descendant will continue to be taken into account, since each child moves up one rank, so that the 250 euros are no longer taken into account.

Calculate child benefit and compare it to the child allowance

According to the Income Tax Act the state grants tax paying parents in most tax brackets a child allowance a. However, this only applies if the Child benefit not a higher tax relief leads.

The amount of the child benefit does not have to be calculated laboriously. Use our table

The amount of the child benefit does not have to be calculated elaborately. Use our table.

This calculation takes at the end of the year the Tax office before. We want the Invoice briefly, because so you can calculate yourself which variant is more favorable for you.

The allowance amounts in 2020 for both parents together to 7.812 Euro. It should be noted that the child allowance is not paid by the family benefits office, like the child allowance, but is paid by the to taxable income is to be deducted.

The Favorable test Now looks like this: The Tax office makes two calculations, one with consideration of the child allowance and one without this. For the former, the taxable income of the Tax-free allowance deducted.

These two amounts are compared and only if a Difference results, the child allowance really comes into play. The already paid child benefit will then be Advance payment considered and deducted accordingly.

The child allowance only becomes interesting in the case of a joint income of the parents from a level of 63.000 Euro per year. Child benefit is more worthwhile for those with lower incomes.

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