Child benefit during training? You must take into account

What is child benefit and who is entitled to it??

The child benefit is a monthly payment, which the state transfers to families for their children. It is a common misconception among young people that child benefit is due to them. Your parents get money for providing for your maintenance. This means that the state relieves them with this payment. Parents or legal guardians are entitled to child benefit for children in their households. The child benefit law regulates the entitlement as follows:

  • Natural children and children related to them within the first degree (which includes adopted children)
  • Stepchildren and grandchildren taken into the household by the claimant
  • Foster children who have been taken into the household, provided that the relevant legal requirements are met. This means that the foster child has not been taken into the household for gainful purposes, but that there is a family-like relationship for a long period of time. Important in this context: a care relationship with the biological parents must not exist.

How much child benefit do you get?

  • In Germany, parents receive 190 euros per month for each of their first and second children
  • For the third child, parents receive 196 euros
  • Each additional child is subsidized with 221 euros per month

By the way, this applies regardless of income. The level of child benefit in Germany compares favorably with other countries – in France, parents only receive money from the second child onwards. In addition to child benefit, there is a child supplement for lower-earning parents, which amounts to up to 160 euros per month.

Apply for child benefit: What you have to pay attention to?

Parents can apply for the child benefit to which they are entitled at the Family Fund of the Federal Employment Agency. The application should be implemented as soon as possible after the birth of the child. For this, parents must first fill out an application online, the forms can be found on the homepage of the Federal Employment Agency. In this case, the completed application must be sent to the family fund in advance in encrypted form and then printed out. As soon as the parents have signed it, the application is sent again by mail to the cash office.

From this point on, the family fund continues to pay until there are changes in the family situation. If the family moves, for example, the new address must be communicated immediately. Up to the age of 18. The fund will pay at least the following amounts before the child’s 60th birthday. Since 2016, the tax identification number of the parents and the children must be transmitted to the Federal Employment Agency.

If you are over 18, you are entitled to child benefit?

Until 18. After the child’s 60th birthday, all families receive child benefit, after which parents must submit a new application and may be entitled to the payment for longer. Children who have completed their vocational training and do not get a job receive child benefit up to the age of 21. For the third child, parents receive the full child benefit. If the children are 18 and still in training or studying, they receive the money until they are 25 years old. Age. However, proof of academic success must be provided every year. If you are still without an apprenticeship, your parents will receive the full amount until your 25th birthday. The child must be at least one year old. It is important that you do not work more than 20 hours per week. You are still allowed to work part-time, and the rule does not apply if the longer working hours are important for your education (e.g., if you have a job in a company).B. internship).

Children with disabilities who cannot support themselves get the money even after their 25. Year of life.

Child benefit during the second or further education

As a general rule, child benefit is no longer paid after completion of the apprenticeship or study program. A further payment is possible if you do a second education and during this time you do not work more than 20 hours per week. For example, in 2013 a court ruled that child benefit continues to be paid during dual studies. A master’s degree can also be counted as a uniform education if it matches the content of the bachelor’s degree program. In this context, it is worthwhile to obtain additional information about the payment of Bafog. You want to know even more about your financial possibilities during your education? Then take a look at our education guide!

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