Child benefit during studies – the most important regulations at a glance

The regulations for the child benefit during your studies are manifold and difficult to understand.
Therefore we have listed here all important and up-to-date information We have compiled a list of possible constellations and answered the most important questions.

You will learn in this instructive article…

…what one under First and second degree understand
…which requirements apply in each case
…what to do with a Study abroad to be taken into account
…when your entitlement to child benefits ends

Let’s jump right into the issue!

general information about child benefit for students

For many students, child benefit represents a important financial support during studies at. Under certain conditions you can between 18 and 25 years receive child benefit.

Since January 2021, you can use this amounts calculate:

Child benefit from 18 – application and proof

In order to receive the amounts, the child allowance must be newly applied for when you reach the age of majority become. For this, your parents must submit the application to the responsible family office put. The fastest way to do this is with the Online form.

In the course of your studies you must meet the Enrollment certificate prove that you continue to meet the requirements of child support. In addition, the Familienkasse may issue a proof of achievement to Assessment of the seriousness of the studies claim.

Note that to inform the Familienkasse about every change is. If this obligation is not fulfilled, the child benefit for the corresponding period must be paid back!

The family benefits office will now check all requirements. In the following, we will explain to you how to avoid possible pitfalls can.

Basically we distinguish between First and second degree.

First degree definition

As a first study the first study is designated, which professional degree ends. This is usually the Bachelor or the State examination.

A Master usually counts as a first degree if it is related to the bachelor’s degree in terms of subject matter and content. It is then possible to receive multi-level initial training spoken.

If you have a discontinued studies, therefore not completed, counts the new course of study continues to be a first degree.

second degree definition

In the case of a second course of study second undergraduate study. This is usually the case if you have an study after your first professionally qualifying degree start.

One exact classification in first and second studies is unfortunately not always possible. Often it depends on details and courts have to decide on the classification in individual cases.

In general, when making an assessment, consider whether the degree will qualified for a professional activity or. whether you have your educational goal achieved have.

Child benefit for students in their second course of study

child benefit in the second study

While the child benefit payment in the first study is usually no problem, you must during the second study certain requirements fulfill:

  1. You may work a maximum of 20 hours per week. The limit may be max. 2 months are exceeded and overall the annual average applies. It is not important how much you earn for your.
  2. If you regularly work more than 20 hours a week, it must be a vocational training or a marginal employment (mini-job, 450-euro job) act.

If the Limits exceeded or the requirements are not fulfilled in a certain period, only the qualifying period will be taken into account. The entitlement to child benefit does not cease completely.

Child benefit in case of study after training

This is a Second degree, for which the above conditions apply. Only in individual cases a study after the apprenticeship can still be considered as uniform initial education be considered.

For this the professional goal has not yet been reached and be entitled to a close connection in terms of content and time must stand.

Exampleif you are working in your profession with your first professional degree and you are studying at the same time, it depends on the number of hours per week and other harmful earnings.

child benefit dual study

The dual study Counts as a traditional vocational training or full-time study program, despite your own salary, as Initial education. Accordingly, you have until the 25. year of age or completed your studies Entitlement to child benefit.

Dual studies after apprenticeship

The dual study program after an apprenticeship must be considered in a differentiated manner:

→ In the case of a dual studies integrated into vocational training you complete vocational training before the bachelor. In principle, the entitlement thus ends only after graduation from university.

→ If it is a matter of part-time dual study program, you have already completed your first training. Only in individual cases is there a first degree program.

It is not possible to consider all possible constellations here. Therefore you should enquire at your responsible family benefits office.

If you are Appeal against a denial of child benefit If you want to continue your studies, it is advisable to take advantage of the offers of the free legal advice be claimed for students. Information on this can be found at your responsible student union.

Child benefit study abroad London

Regulations on child benefit for studies abroad

The Entitlement to child benefit studying abroad remains, provided that the stay abroad no longer than 12 months and the permanent residence in Germany remains.

If the studies abroad last longer, further proof must be provided and a decision will be made on a case-by-case basis.

Student at graduation

The child benefit entitlement after the end of your studies

The period of receipt of child benefit normally ends either with the successful completion of the first vocational training or with Reaching the age limit of 25 years.

The decisive factor for the end of studies is the Granting of the final grade. This also applies if you are still enrolled at university. Upon completion of your studies, a copy of your examination certificate submit.

Have you reached your Study discontinued, you have to inform your responsible family insurance fund and the de-registration certificate submit.

Continued payment of child benefit after studying or dropping out of studies

You Possibilities, if you have successfully completed or abandoned your studies.

  1. You take up a job and earn your own money. This means that you are no longer entitled to child benefit.
  2. You are on Search for education and you will continue to receive child benefit (up to max. 25. Year of life ).
  3. You are job-seeking and you will continue to receive child benefit (up to max. 21. year of life ).

You will receive child benefit during a transitional period of maximum 4 months Between the education periods continue to receive child benefit.

Possibilities for child benefit from 25

Young adults with Disabilities can study under certain conditions child benefit also beyond the age of 25. receive child benefit beyond the age of 18.

No sufficient reason is a longer lasting apprenticeship or study. Even federal voluntary service does not increase the period of entitlement to child benefits.

Child benefit during studies – summary

Diagram of child benefit during studies

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