Changing windshield wipers – a guide for the right perspective

Windshield wipers provide a clear view in the car

With insight to clear vision: remember to change your windshield wipers in time

With insight to clarity: remember to change your windshield wipers in time

The front and rear windows on the vehicle are the most important viewing windows for every motorist. Only when he can see clearly through them is a safe guiding of the car Guaranteed. But moisture, bird droppings, insects, ice, dust and many other things dirty the windows while driving and limit visibility. Then only the wipers will help.

These must be ready for use in any weather – summer or winter – and function reliably. Otherwise, the driver endangers not only himself and his passengers, but also all other road users. To ensure the full functionality of the windshield wiper system, it is necessary to, change the wipers in time and take proper care of them.

What to consider if you want to change your wipers yourself, what costs you can expect, how often you should change the wipers and other useful tips can be found in this guide and in our checklist.

FAQ: Changing windshield wipers

Of course, this depends on the wear and tear and how often you use your wipers. If the rubber is porous or cracked and wiper performance is affected, it’s time for a change.

Only if they are damaged in any way or are heavily worn out. Replacement is more complicated than changing the wiper blades and is therefore better done by a garage.

As with any vehicle accessory, you must make sure that the wipers fit your vehicle. On the packaging it is indicated for which type of vehicle and year of manufacture the wiper is suitable for.

How to change the wipers?

A windshield wiper consists of the wiper arm and the wiper blade. (And of course the drive, but this is not important when changing the wipers.) To the question: "How do I change my wipers??" therefore, the counter question must be asked: "Which part of the windshield wiper do you want to replace??"

In most cases, it is a question of, on your own car to change the wiper blades, as they have a much shorter life than the wiper arms. That’s why this guide deals with this case first.

Change windshield wiper blades: Instructions

To change the windshield wiper blades, place the wiper arms vertically

To change the wiper blades, place the wiper arms in a vertical position.

To change the wiper blades on the windshield wiper is done quickly and usually does not require great craftsmanship or the use of tools. However, there are also vehicle types where the process is more complicated. Therefore, only carry out the change yourself if you are familiar with your car’s windshield wiper design.

  1. First of all, check the manual of your vehicle to see if you can simply fold up the wiper arms or if they have to be folded up beforehand a maintenance position resp. service position must be brought. If so, adjust them.
  2. Carefully fold the wiper arm upwards and leave it in place perpendicular to the windshield set up.
  3. Carefully detach the old wiper blade from the arm. You may need to move it back and forth a bit before it can be released. You can also special pullers buy, which should facilitate the loosening of the wiper blades. Do not use force!
  4. The wiper blades are fitted with a simple plug-in or clamping mechanism Fastened. How this works exactly, you can read on the packaging of the wipers. There the mechanism is mostly explained. The wiper blade must engage audibly, so that it does not fly away later in the driving wind.
  5. Bend the wiper arm carefully back and devote yourself to the second wiper.

Do not forget to also the rear wipers To change.

In the following video, the procedure is explained again:

Instructions for changing windshield wiper blades

windshield wiper replacement checklist

Below you will find the instructions as a checklist in PDF format for free download:

  • Free download
  • pattern as Word document and PDF

Change windshield wipers: How often should they be replaced?

Replacing windshield wipers: How often should they be replaced?

When to change the wiper blades?

Many drivers wonder when or. how often you should change the wiper blades. It is difficult to give a specific time here, as wear and tear depends on how often a vehicle is moved and in what kind of weather. If you want to be on the safe side, the wiper blades should be in the yearly rhythm replace.

If you’re wondering whether to change your wiper blades, it’s best to take a look at them right away. Is the rubber is porous, frayed or cracked, it is time to change the windshield wipers. Also a squeaking of the rubbers on the windshield and An impairment of the wiper performance indicate on the windshield wiper when it needs to be changed.

Meanwhile also say special markings on the wiper, when you should change your windshield wipers. These markings change color with heavy wear.

is it also possible to change only the wiper rubber?

With conventional bow-type wipers, it is often sufficient to pull on the wiper only the rubber to change. The rubbers are cheaper than whole wiper blades and cost about 7 euros for two wipers.

Change windshield wiper rubber: Instructions

If you want to replace the wiper rubber, make sure you buy rubber with UV protection and a hard wiper lip. This improves wiper quality and promotes durability.

  1. Pull off the cap. These caps are on both ends of the wiper blade. They hold the metal blades together, which in turn hold the rubber together. Pull off the cap on the end, where the rubber is stuck. the other stays on.
  2. Bend the locking tab up and pull the old rubber out lengthwise. You don’t have to be too gentle to avoid damage, as the wiper rubber will be thrown away anyway.
  3. Cut the new wiper rubbers with a sharp knife the right length to.
  4. Push the new wiper rubber between the metal plates of the wiper blade to the end.
  5. Put the cover cap again on the end of the wiper blade.

change the wiper arm

Tools are needed to change the arms on the windshield wiper

To change the arms on the windshield wiper, tools are needed.

Even though they are not subject to as much wear as the wiper blades, it may also be necessary to, to change the arms on the windshield wiper. This is z. B. the case if the spring mechanism no longer works properly or the wiper arms have been damaged.

In contrast to the replacement of the windshield wiper blades or rubbers, the replacement here is but more complicated and requires the use of tools. If you have little experience with mechanical work, it is better to take your car to a garage.

If you want to change the arms on the windshield wiper yourself, open the engine hood and pull off the nut, with which the windshield wiper arm is mounted. Now it is called shaking, because usually the wiper arm sits very firmly and can not be pulled off easily. This can be very annoying and requires some patience – and evtl. the use of rust remover or spray oil.

Never use force on the windshield wiper when changing the arms, for example, by trying to loosen the wiper arm with a hammer or prying it open. There is a good chance that this will be damage the dashboards or the windscreen. The repairs for this will cost you much more than having the wiper arms replaced right away at the garage.

Renew windshield wiper – How to buy the right wiper for your windshield

If you want to change the wipers on your car, you should make sure to buy the right ones. You can read on the packaging whether the windshield wiper Suitable for your vehicle type and its year of manufacture is. According to the car model you own, the length of the wiper that you need. If in doubt, you can also ask the dealer directly whether the wiper fits your car.

Also, keep in mind that windshield wipers age not only when they’re in use, but even when they’re just sitting in the store. You should therefore, if possible, buy from a dealer where the product does not remain in storage for a long time. Otherwise you will soon have to replace your wipers again. You can recognize such a dealer by the fact that he sells a lot of wipers.

You can find windshield wipers wherever vehicle accessories are sold: z. B. at the gas station, in the garage or even in the hardware store.

If you want to change your windshield wipers with costs of about 10 to 50 euros for new wipers reckon. When changing wipers, it is recommended that you use inexpensive brand-name wipers rather than buying overly cheap models.

The different types of wipers

Changing your windshield wipers regularly ensures a clear view

Regular replacement of the windshield wipers ensures a clear view.

If you would like to replace your windshield wipers, you should look at The choice of the right type of wiper pay attention. A distinction is made between bow and flat bar windshield wipers (also known as aero wipers). The latter often achieved the better ratings in tests.

U-beam windshield wiper: The bow wiper is the conventional windshield wiper and has been in use for more than 50 years. Its wiper arm is made of metal and can be folded up at a joint. It provides a higher attack surface for air currents, which is why Wiping performance decreases at high speeds and loud wind noises occur.

The bow wiper can only be fitted to vehicles that are equipped for it as standard. With most models it is possible that the system to convert to the flat bar system with an adapter. The bow wiper is especially suitable for lovers of the retro look.

Flat bar windshield wipers: The flat bar wiper has no joints. Due to its flat shape, it is pressed against the windshield when the wind blows and offers much less surface area to attack than the bow wiper. This protects the windshield wiper blades and extends their service life. Car drivers must change such wipers therefore less often. In addition, the flat bar wiper achieves a better wiping result at high speeds.

The flat bar wiper is clearly superior to the bow wiper. It can be fit to most vehicles, even on those that use the bow wiper system as standard. An adapter is used for this purpose. Many new vehicles already use the flat bar wiper as standard.

What is the advantage of a spoiler on the bow wiper??

The spoiler is attached to the center bar of the windshield wiper and improves its aerodynamics. It works similar to the inverted wing of an airplane and causes the bow windshield wipers not to lift off the windshield at high speeds. This presses the bow-type wiper better against the glass, which increases wiping performance. Also reduces wind noise.

In the flat bar wiper is the spoiler already integrated.

How to take care of your windshield wipers so that they last longer

Every windshield wiper wears out over time. Changing the wipers regularly is therefore important and necessary. Through proper care can their useful life but can be significantly extended. This is an important part of car care.

  • In winter, windshield wipers can freeze to the windshield and damage the wiper blades. So if you park your car in cold temperatures, you should put the wiper arms upwards. Alternatively, you can also pull a film over the wipers.
  • To prevent your windshield wipers from being torn off as you drive through the car wash, make sure the wipers are turned off and in the initial position stand. You can additionally protect the rear wiper with a plastic cover.
  • Coarse dirt such as bird droppings, insect remains or similar accelerate the abrasion of the wiper blades and should therefore be regularly removed become. The same applies to ice residue in winter.

Changing the wipers in time is an important part of car care

Changing the wipers in time is an important part of car care.

  • Wipe when cleaning the windshield not over the dry glass, but use glass or windshield cleaner. However, these must not be used for the windshield wipers, as they can attack their graphite layer.
  • You can change the wiper blades if they are very dirty with a damp cotton cloth wipe. To do this, it is advisable to use a little washing-up liquid or car shampoo.
  • Otherwise, you should touch the wiper blades as little as possible in order to not to rub off the graphite layer. The graphite layer is responsible for the clean, smooth and quiet sliding of the wipers over the windshield and prevents the wiper blades from rubbing and causing streaks.
  • To keep the rubber on the windshield wiper supple, the wiper lips can be spray them with a special silicone spray. This prevents the rubber from becoming porous too quickly.

So that the windshield wipers can work properly: the windshield wiper water

Changing worn windshield wipers greatly improves the wiping performance of the windshield wiper system. It is equally important to, The windshield wiper fluid refill regularly. This is a very simple operation that you can do yourself in a few minutes.

  1. Purchase a canister of windshield wiper fluid at a gas station or repair shop. You can choose between Windshield wiper water for the summer and windshield wiper water with antifreeze for winter select.
  2. Open the hood of your car. The canister for the windshield wiper fluid often consists of made of clear plastic and is so well to recognize.
  3. Unscrew the cap of the water container. As a rule, this is gray or blue and with a symbol in the form of a windshield wiper or water fountain provide.
  4. Carefully fill the windshield wiper water into the container with a clean funnel. A mark at the opening Indicates when the fluid is topped up.
  5. Close the container again and close the hood.

In addition to ready windshield wiper fluid you can also Windscreen wiper water concentrate buy, which you mix according to the instructions on the package with distilled water. The ratio of concentrate to distilled water is usually 1:4.

How long does the wiper motor?

To have your windshield wiper motor changed, you should take your car to the shop

To have the motor of your windshield wipers changed, you should take your car to the garage.

The wiper motor drives the windshield wiper by means of a gearbox and can be with a switch in the interior of the car be operated electrically.

In principle, its service life is designed so long how the life of the vehicle. But even before that, high loads can cause wear and tear and the windshield wiper system can "give up the ghost". This is very easy to see if the wipers do not move or move only to a limited extent after flipping the switch.

A garage can then check if the motor for the wipers needs to be changed. Even a defect in the electrical system can cause the windshield wipers to fail. The repair should as quickly as possible to ensure a clear view for the driver during the next trip.

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