Cat is in heat: what can i do?

Cats are incredibly lovable animals. However, even with them there is a phase that is exhausting. Cats come to an age when they are sexually mature and want to mate. Between four and twelve months of age, females that have not been spayed are affected. So this is also the beginning of the time when your cat is in heat.

What is heat at all, how it affects your cat, how it is noticeable and how you can help your cat during this time, is answered here for you. So you get clarity and do not have to worry about it.

The most important things in a nutshell

  • Heat means that your cat is ready for mating. The term "in heat" comes from the fact that cats roll around on the floor during this time.
  • Loud meowing, rolling around on the floor, loss of appetite or stretching the body and lifting the pelvis can be signs that your cat is in heat.
  • If your cat is in heat, you should think about spaying your cat for a short term solution or neutering your cat for a long term solution.

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Cat in heat: What you should know

So that you know what to look out for when your cat is in heat and what heat means in the first place, we answer the most important questions about it below.

What does it mean to be in heat?

How can I tell that my cat is in heat??

Other cats show their signs of being in heat only in the presence of a male cat. This can make it harder for you to tell when and if your cat is in heat. If you have more than one cat and one is more dominant than the other, the more timid of the two may be hiding her signs of being in heat, or the more timid of the two may be hiding her signs of being in heat. does not show obviously.

If your cat is in heat, there are usually a few signs, but you can recognize that. A sign can be the loud and long-lasting meowing, that your cat gives from itself. Likewise, your cat in heat may spread urine outside her litter box to mark her territory and attract males. ( 4 )

Another symptom is the posture of your cat. When she does this, she stretches her upper body forward and her pelvis upward.

This is what they do in order to appear as attractive as possible to the male cat.

Don’t be surprised if your cat tries to rub against you or any other things. ( 5 ) Your cat is probably very affectionate during her heat and wants to cuddle. The reason for rubbing against things is to spray her scent mark. However, if your cat is quite extroverted, it may become rather aggressive during its sexual maturity. Another sign can be that your cat forgets to eat, because she is busy elsewhere.

When can my cat go into heat?

What are the dangers of being in heat for my cat??

Another point to keep in mind is that your cat’s uterus can become inflamed, which can be fatal in cats. Furthermore we mentioned that it is possible that your cat forgets to eat. In the long run, this can cause weight loss and harm your cat.

Cat is in heat: what can i do?

How can I help my cat when she is in heat??

This would only agitate them more in their heat – understandably so.

So keep doors, low windows, flaps and balcony doors closed. To calm your cat, you can give her z. B. Also warm a heat pad for her to sit on and relax.

Cat is in heat: what can i do?

Another way to calm your cat can be a series of distractions. Catnip is popular and whether your cat wants to eat it, smell it or just roll in it. Cats are attracted to catnip, which can distract them from their heat. Further, you can buy her a new cat bed, cat toys or cat tree, which may take her mind off things.

Should I have my cat neutered?

Option Description
Castration Neutering involves the complete removal of your cat’s ovaries. Not only can your cat no longer reproduce, but it also no longer comes into heat.
Sterilization This will remove the seed or. Fallopian tubes of your cat are cut and a piece of it is removed. Cats can no longer reproduce, but their sexual behavior remains the same. Your cat will continue to go into heat.

If you have a cat or would like to get a cat, you should consider the option of neutering for a long-term solution. This way you save yourself and your cat from stressful times.

If you decide to have your cat neutered, you should do it shortly before your cat’s first heat. ( 6 ) In addition, cats that are neutered at a young age need little time to recover from surgery and, in the best case scenario, could be playing after only a few hours. ( 7 )


Everybody who has a cat will not avoid to deal with the issue of estrus. Every cat goes into heat at an early age. This is when your cat rubs against you or other things and makes sounds, among other things. To calm your cat, you have some possibilities, but they are only short term. Neutering is the only method you can choose that will stop your cat from going into heat for good.

To distract your cat from her heat in the short term, you can give her catnip, a new cat tree o. a. Offer. However, if spaying or neutering isn’t done, your cat may become permanently horny. This can lead to unsightly incidents that could harm your cat and, in the worst case scenario, could even be fatal.

Image source: tejas prajapati / pexels

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