Can you freeze smoked salmon? | shelf life& tips

You can find frozen salmon in every supermarket. But is smoked salmon also suitable for freezing? We enlighten you.

Freeze smoked salmon

To the point:

  • no loss of taste at temperatures of -18°C
  • only freeze unopened packages
  • do not freeze again
  • can be kept in the freezer for up to 3 months

Shelf life of smoked salmon

Just like natural salmon fillets, smoked salmon can be stored in the freezer without any problems. While the food is keep the temperature between 4°C and 6°C in the refrigerator throughout the day at most can be kept for 2 weeks is, the duration is prolonged by the Freezing to round 3 months. Fish is a very sensitive food that requires constant refrigeration. Among other things, this property is due to the strong germ exposure (salmon is an unprocessed food) as well as the natural water content. During the smoking process, the heat removes a significant amount of liquid from the fish. For this reason it will keep in the refrigerator slightly longer than normal fish.

NoteIf you prepare smoked salmon on the buffet, you should store it on ice.

Freeze smoked salmon

Stiftung Warentest exclusively recommends unopened packages freeze. If you have already opened your smoked salmon and interrupted the cold chain, it is no longer possible to freeze the leftovers. Especially the contact with knives or the hands increases the risk of salmonella. Put the salmon in the freezer right after you buy it. It is best to put the package in a freezer bag again. How to prevent freezer burn.

Freeze smoked salmon

NoteThe expiration date is coming soon and you want to keep your smoked salmon a little longer? In this case it is not a good idea to freeze it. According to Stiftung Warentest, you should always freeze fish immediately. Instead, you should consume it quickly, for example in our delicious pancake rolls with salmon or a creamy fennel soup with smoked salmon.

Freezing unpacked smoked salmon

If you have smoked salmon yourself, or if you have smoked salmon unpackaged from the counter or the market, you should pack it in this way as airtight as possible pack. Use freezer bags with zip closure or use a vacuum sealer.

Defrost smoked salmon

You can freeze smoked salmon without fear of depriving it of flavor. However, it tastes best when fresh, which is why you should already have several portions Defrost hours before consumption should. The best way to do this is slowly in the refrigerator without heating in the microwave oven.

Very important: Once you have defrosted the salmon, you must eat the whole portion. Unfortunately, it is not possible to cut off a part and freeze the rest again. If you want to portion your fish in advance, you should buy it fresh and have it cut into pieces directly by the dealer. Then you can store it in the freezer without any problems.

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