Calculate cost of living – that’s what you have to spend money on

Calculate cost of living - that's what you have to spend money on

Cost of living plays a big role when you rent your first apartment of your own. Getting out of the water is a big step for everyone towards independent and self-reliant living. In order to live well, you should keep track of the cost of living and come up with a household budget. What are these costs and how much do you have to pay for them??

What counts as a typical cost of living?

Living expenses for your own apartment are all variable costs that you have to cover and finance your own life. They occur in addition to the fixed costs, which are already explained in more detail in the article "Cost Overview. In addition to rent and ancillary rental costs, expenses for relocation, the purchase of furniture or technical equipment, and the cost of electricity and water, non-fixed costs of living in particular include. On average, the monthly cost of living for a single household is between 600 and 800 euros.


The regular purchase of food is the largest monthly living factor. It has been proven that fresh food for cooking is usually cheaper than fast food, which is quicker to prepare but more unhealthy. If you prepare your food fresh instead of heating it up in the oven or microwave, you save a lot of money. If you buy fresh bread every week, for example, and don’t always eat in the canteen, you will quickly notice that you are spending considerably less.

Normally, as a single person, you have to pay, about 40 to 50 Euro/week respectively. 160 to 200 Euro per month Plan for food and drink. This does not include alcoholic beverages, sweets or snacks.

Hygiene and cosmetics

Hygiene and cosmetic articles as well as corresponding services, i.e. everything you need to care for your body or clean your home, also belong to the area of living expenses. This includes for example:

  • $ detergent (for the washing machine)
  • $ Items for personal hygiene (soap, shower gel, hairdresser’s visit or toothpaste)
  • $ applications of therapeutic nature (which are not paid by the health insurance)
  • &#Products for skin care (make-up, body lotion)
  • $ Toilet paper, tissues

According to statistics, as a single person you spend every month average between 45 and 65 Euro for hygiene.

Costs for clothing

Of course, even if you are living in your own apartment for the first time, you will still want to buy new clothes from time to time. The exact amount of the costs for clothing depends, of course, largely on your spending habits. If you do without brand-name clothing, you can significantly reduce your living expenses. According to research, a single person spends about 54 Euro per month on shoes, outerwear, underwear or accessories.

Cell phone contracts, Internet connection and GEZ

Your own cell phone is as much a part of your life today as an Internet connection. The cost of a cell phone contract is included in the cost of living. In order not to have too high expenses here, you should look for a contract that is tailored to your needs. It doesn’t have to be a flat rate for 50 euros a month if you use mobile Internet almost exclusively.

When choosing an internet connection, it is also wise to choose one that is sufficient for your individual needs. You can make a comparison beforehand for both the cell phone contract and the Internet provider.

Costs, which you unfortunately cannot influence, arise from the GEZ, because as soon as you register in your new apartment, you receive a bill in the amount of 17.50 per month or. 52,50 per quarter. This fee is only waived if you can prove that you do not own any reception equipment in the form of TV sets or radios for the public sector.

With a good cell phone contract you can reduce the cost of living. On average a user pays between 20.15 euros (in Saxony) and 26.20 euros (in North Rhine-Westphalia). Of course it can be done much cheaper. For 10 to 15 euros per month you get already favorable tariffs, which are completely sufficient.

An Internet connection including telephone you need for your first own apartment of course also. Comparisons show that Internet contracts are already available for just over 18 euros per month. Depending on the speed and other services, the first 50 offers you their contracts to costs between 18,28 Euro and 51,67 Euro per month to.

Costs for entertainment, leisure activities, hobbies, subscriptions, etc.

Even before you moved into your own apartment, you already arranged your free time according to your own ideas. So you know exactly what you’re paying for when you go to a concert, out to dinner with friends or to a club. The costs involved can’t really be quantified. In order not to strain your living expenses too much, which include such expenses, it can be useful to plan your activities well. The best thing to do is to set a monthly limit and plan your free time around it.

Other living expenses

The above costs are the largest of all ongoing costs. But there are other living expenses you need to consider, such as:

  • $ costs for professional training (z. B. for further education and training)
  • $ animal care (dog, cat or rabbit need food or even medical care)
  • $ Insurances (z. B. Pet insurance, homeowner’s insurance or liability insurance)
  • $ Holiday costs (z. B. flight and accommodation costs)

Conscious saving is the be-all and end-all

You can consciously save the most on living expenses. Because you yourself influence what you spend monthly on new clothes. Also, when asked if you’re going to another concert next weekend, you alone give the answer. Therefore, it’s up to you to reduce monthly expenses to pay fixed costs like rent or electricity on time and still live well.

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