Building a house – questions and their answers for a good start

House building

Building a house – first steps

The decision to build a house is far-reaching! Building a house for yourself and your family is a decision that involves many questions and many choices. After all, most people only build one house and living in your own house should suit you as perfectly as possible.

You can get a first overview for the first steps to build a house here.

First important questions before building a house

  • Which building method fits to me and my conceptions?
  • Which building style should it be – bungalow, city villa, classic gable roof house or modern in Bauhaus style?
  • What is the right floor plan for us?
  • Which building materials do I want to use and should it be a prefabricated house, a solid house or possibly a half-timbered house??
  • Which costs come on me? What does the house cost (house construction costs) and how high are the ancillary construction costs (incidental costs)?
  • How much house can I afford?
  • Where do I want my new home to be? How should the future property look like?
  • Which construction company should build your own house??
  • Which energetic concept and which heating system do I use??
  • Building a house or buying an existing property?

Step by step to your own house

The first steps after considering whether to build your own house and the associated construction tasks, we have summarized for you in the appropriate order for building a house.

The financial framework

The budget for your house construction

The budget for your house construction

First of all, you should determine a financial framework for your building project. Use for example our calculator "Budget for your construction financing", to get a first impression of how much money you have available for building. Subsequently, it is essential to go to an independent financial advisor or your house bank. Set with your adviser a clear framework within which you can move. Through this alone, many questions are often decided in advance and the first step for your house building project has been taken.

The property search

Before you possibly decide for a concrete house, you should advance the property search. Since in most cases the building regulations, development plans and the plot size/dimensions already determine the building form to a certain extent, a too early decision for a concrete house can become a disappointment if it cannot be built on the desired plot at all. For example, a bungalow usually needs more space. A city villa with two full floors may not be built everywhere and a modern house with a flat roof is also not welcome everywhere. So your choice of houses should still be a little flexible.

While this doesn’t mean you should start looking at houses and construction companies just yet, you shouldn’t commit too strongly just yet.

As another factor for an early property search can be the land prices in your desired region. Many locations can significantly limit the budget for the house, if the prices are set high. It is also possible that there are no plots available in your region.

However, if you have a concrete dream house and the land offer is good, you can also start looking for the right land, suitable for the house.

We recommend you a suitable search order at the relevant real estate portals (for example to give up. Hereby you get comfortably all property offers by E-Mail sent.

The type of house

As described in the section property search, you should – in order to get a first impression of the market of house suppliers and for the different houses – get catalogs of house building companies early and inform yourself in our floor plan overview. Hereby you get fast a first impression which building method and which house type comes into question and many catalogs contain also already some Tipps. Especially if the land supply in your region is sufficient, you can also adjust the search for a suitable plot to a house. However, it is a prerequisite that you have an idea of your dream house and the property offer is large. For the selection of the house said house building catalogs are a real help. Which type of house is the right one for you cannot be answered in a general way. Here many personal requirements and living conditions play a role. To give just two simple examples:

  • A young family with two children and a limited budget will tend to choose a simple design with a gable roof (children and sleeping on the upper floor and living on the ground floor) and an older couple without children will tend to choose a bungalow with few restrictions on movement (keyword accessibility).

Here helps only inform, visit model houses and be advised in detail.

Floor plan

The right floor plan

All house building companies have a large portfolio of floor plans and various houses in your offer. Most of the time, one or the other floor plan already fits quite well and the consultants of the construction companies will help you with the selection and possible adjustments. Smaller changes offer most house offerers free of charge.

If you have very individual ideas and do not find anything suitable in the offered floor plans, it is advisable to consult an architect. In a direct price comparison with a full-service provider, this does not have to be a disadvantage. An architect expects however usually an existing property, in order to be able to begin its work and you as Buaherren optimally to advise and appropriate Tipps for the suitable house on your property to give.

The house construction costs

House building costs

The question of how much a house costs can only be answered by the house provider. This calculates on the basis of your defaults and the information which you give him a price for your house building and takes individual desires into the offer with up.

Our tip: Compare the equipment and prices of the providers. Here arise partly clear differences and it let well and gladly 30% save, if you do not sign with the first-best one.

For a first impression we have made a list for you, what a house can cost. For a first – very rough calculation – you can use 1.500, – Euro per square meter of living space assume. Certainly also less goes with a simple equipment. With an upscale equipment also more. But to get a first impression of what is possible, you can use this value for the house construction. For a house with 130 sqm of living space, you can therefore calculate 195.000-, Euro according to the current price range (as of 10/2016). In addition, there are ancillary construction costs, land costs and ancillary acquisition costs (real estate agent, notary, etc.).).

Ancillary construction costs

Construction costs

With the house price and the property price it is not done. There are some additional costs that you have to include in your financial plan. A corresponding list of ancillary construction costs and ancillary acquisition costs can be found in our article "Ancillary construction costs – an often underestimated cost item". If you need it for a first listing a rough value, take in any case 35.000,- Euro – respectively 15% of the house construction and property costs – to. In addition, there are additional purchase costs of about 16% on the property price. However, this value should be calculated concretely in the course of planning, so as not to experience any nasty surprises.

Energetic concept house

The energetic concept

A question that has become important in recent years is the energy concept (how much energy does my house consume) of a house. Which heating system do I want to use? How much insulation does my house need? Ventilation system yes or no? These questions are accompanied by possible subsidies from the Bafa or the K Bank to receive.

Home construction companies answer these questions with varying degrees of quality. Therefore, you should be prepared for these discussions and already have some basic knowledge. For this purpose we have prepared some articles, which basically deal with these questions and give you the basics on the topic. Basically, however, the following can be said: the better the insulation and heating of a house, the more expensive the purchase costs will be. Logical! However, the operating costs also decrease accordingly. Whether the additional expenditure is worthwhile, requires a concrete calculation. With the appropriate subsidies, however, it can be a worthwhile investment.

Find the right construction company

Find construction companies

There are countless construction companies in Germany vying for your favor. Which of these is the right company for your house construction should depend on the following basic factors:

  • Know people who have already had good personal experience with the company?
  • What does the Internet say about the company. If you find a lot of negative information, you should be careful. If no information is found – although the company has been active for several years – it is usually a rather good sign.
  • How long has the company existed? HIer is caution before mayflies announced.
  • What is the financial situation of the company? Here organizations like the Creditreform help further.
  • How transparent is the company with information? Do you receive comprehensive information on all questions (also in writing)??)?
  • How transparent and comprehensive are the construction specifications and contracts? The more firmly held here, the better.
  • Can the construction company give you enough references and can you contact previous builders? Talk to these former builders and also try to take the one or the other inspection.
  • Can you get along well with your contacts? This very subjective point is nevertheless important, because you will have to work with these people for a not inconsiderable amount of time.
  • Is the offer clear and complete? Are all costs included and listed?
  • Have the contracts checked by professionals (lawyers, consumer protection agencies)!

At this point we can again only recommend to look at as many construction companies as possible and then make a decision. A start for this could be the free catalog service to get first contact and a first impression.

Building company, ground plan and property found? Then off to the bank!

When you have found the right house with construction company and the plot for you, go to the bank or to your financing consultant and make the financing firm. However, you should not rely on an offer here either. Here, as in the choice of the construction company, you should ask for various comparative offers. As you can see in our overview of conditions, there can be a difference of several percentage points. And also only small changes of 0.2% make with a construction financing of 300.000, – Euro after all 50, – Euro per month from. The easiest way to get a market overview is through an independent mortgage broker such as Interhyp. An inquiry costs you nothing at first, but it can save you a lot.

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