Black hole

As Black hole is an object of critically high mass and density that infinitely bends the surrounding space-time. Black holes are essentially formed during the collapse of heavy stars.

A black hole produces strong gravitational forces, which can tear apart a spaceship in its immediate vicinity. (VOY : Voyager)

Quantum filaments have a certain resemblance to a black hole. (TNG : The cosmic band)

The Vulcans are in the 22. In the 20th century about 2000 black holes are known, but only one known black hole, one of type 4, is located in a trinary system. (ENT : Peculiarities)

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Structure [ ]

At a certain distance from the center of a black hole lies the so-called event horizon, which is the limit beyond which no natural signals can leave the black hole. In the center of a black hole lies a quantum singularity respectively singularity. (VOY : The parallax)

Effects of black holes [ ]

Under certain circumstances, black holes create space-time tunnels similar to wormholes:

  • The space probe Voyager VI, launched in the 1990s, is sucked in by a black hole and passes through it. (Star Trek: The Movie)

Today one would probably exchange the black hole for a wormhole. At the time of filming, however, black holes were purely hypothetical and hotly disputed. The theory that they might actually be the ends of wormholes persists among some researchers to this day. The black hole itself was in Star Trek: The Movie never to be seen.

  • You can use quantum singularities to get into other dimensions. With them, travel to fluid space, the home of Species 8472, is possible. (VOY :Scorpio, Part I, Scorpio, Part II)
  • It is possible to manipulate an artificial black hole in such a way that one can get through a space-time tunnel into another time or other alternative timeline. 2387 Spock tries to stop a shock wave of a supernova with an artificially created black hole, which was created with red matter. Inadvertent manipulation of the generating technology creates a kind of temporal passage through which the Narada and Spock’s spaceship into the 23rd hole. The idea is that they could be displaced in the twenty-first century of the New Timeline. (Star Trek)

Contact with black holes [ ]

In 2371, the USS Voyager the event horizon of a black hole and is caught in the occurring space distortions. Thereby it comes also to temporal distortions. Using a dekyon beam, the crew frees itself again from the black hole, which is called a type 4 quantum singularity. (VOY : The Parallax)

See also [ ]

According to the book "The Physics of Star Trek" by Lawrence M. Krauss, is in contact with the black star in Starship Enterprise a black hole is meant. However, since this notion was not introduced until 1967, after the broadcast of the episode Tomorrow is Yesterday, was coined by physicist John Archibald Wheeler, the authors were forced to invent a corresponding term.

    names one of its drinks after a black hole, Black Hole. (DS9 :The Homecoming, The Trill Candidate, Penal Cycles)

The pun only comes across in the original sound, as black hole is the English term for a black hole.

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