Birds in the vegetable garden

Birds in the vegetable garden

Often underestimated, birds can also cause great damage in the vegetable garden. So are interested z.B. Crows or pigeons very for young plants. Accordingly, birds are a problem especially at the beginning of the season, when they find many fresh plantings of just cabbage or lettuce in the garden.

How much damage is caused by birds in the garden?

feeding damage and dried up plants

Besides obvious damage such as pecked plants, crows or pigeons are often responsible for nuisances where you do not suspect them at first: If you find dried up young plants in your garden, where the root ball is lying on the ground and which therefore look carelessly planted, birds picking out the little plants are often the real cause.

This helps against birds in the garden

Cultivation protection net excludes damage

The best way to help against birds is a close-meshed crop protection net. The animals have no chance to get through. We do not recommend the use of special bird protection nets, which can be bought in DIY stores, for example, and which have a large mesh size. It happens again and again that smaller songbirds get caught here and, if they are not found quickly enough, can die.

By the way, it is also possible that seedlings will be picked out. Here, peas are especially endangered, whose seeds are also discovered by the birds under the ground. So cover them too.

But once your seedlings have grown and the peas have sprouted, crows and pigeons will no longer be able to do anything worth mentioning to your vegetables.

Flutter bands, scarecrows or CDs

Some hobby gardeners swear by scarecrows and put a lot of love into this garden decoration. Birds get used to their existence, however, and are rather rarely deterred. More effective can be flutter tapes or other constructions moved by the wind.
Mobiles made of blank CDs are also said to keep pigeons and other birds away due to their reflective surface, which is always in motion due to wind.

Birds in the vegetable garden

Natalie’s tip: Enjoy the birdsong

Smaller songbirds are welcome guests in my garden. Not only that their chirping always delights me, but they also take care of some pests.
Natalie, my harvest founder, who likes to decorate her garden with insects and Co. divides

DIY-Tip: Make bird scarecrows

Even if scarecrows keep birds away only conditionally or not at all, they are nevertheless, sometimes an ornament in the garden. Making a bird scarecrow is relatively easy and worth a try:

  • connect two larger boards to form a cross
  • Form two bundles from grasses or straw, which you attach as hands to the ends of the crosswise lying board
  • As a head is suitable z. B. an old soccer
  • Add additional boards or branches at the lower end as legs
  • Ram the scaffold into the ground or use a sunshade stand
  • After dressing according to your fashionable ideas, the scarecrow is already ready

Scarecrow in the vegetable garden

Scarecrows in the meine ernte vegetable gardens

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