Biography of my life

Having my biography written? Yes. It is your book for the people in your life



Your life as a book – professional author makes you immortal

Your life is a great adventure that should be written down. Professional authors/ghostwriters do this for you, literary and visually in top quality. After six to eight months, you will have your biography or autobiography in front of you, covering either a particularly exciting period in your life or many years of your life, as you wish. Give yourself, your family and friends the book of your life or have the life of your parents, grandparents or good friends written down.

Our offer includes:

– All detailed interviews and conversations

– Writing, proofreading, layout, printing

– After six to eight months you will receive twelve bound copies of your book (additional copies for an additional charge).

– Travel expenses for Germany – the author comes to you.

– The book contains 132 pages (sample pages), 3/4 text, 1/4 illustrations. If a larger volume is desired, this is possible at any time for an upgrade of the offer.

– The rights to the book pass to the client, except for professional resale (percentage agreement with the author).

– if you wish, the book will be published under your name, the author will remain unnamed.

The cooperation, collaboration and timely availability of the customer are required.

Fixed price: 5.900, – Euro (gross)

Request a personal quote:

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Our common way to your "book of life

During about one year we can follow a common path to your book. We – that is a grown team of authors, illustrators, graphic designers, editors, printers, but in special cases also lawyers and historians. Time for conversations& Sensitivity to your life story – both are very important to us. Professionalism in the implementation but no less important to finally hold a wonderful and successful work in your hands.

Detecting the voice of your personality: This is how our cooperation begins

The story of your life must have a gripping voice: The voice of your personality. Nobody else will read the book with interest and pleasure. During initial conversations, we will track down this voice and review together your life journey so far. Finally, the first lines or even illustrations from your life will be created.

Because every life story, once it is written down, will be told and remembered in just this form. You should not leave this task to amateurs or even "cheap bidders. Your life story is too precious for that.

The ceremonial handover or professional reading in an invited circle

After this year together and many conversations you will hold the "book of your life" in your hands. We are happy to organize a ceremonial handover on a birthday or during a family celebration.

A professional reading from your biography in an invited circle will certainly be particularly memorable. Let’s talk about all this, the possibilities are manifold and extremely charming.


Small lexicon of terms:

A biography, also biography (Greek βιογραφία , from βίος , bIos "life" and -graphie from γράφω , graphō "to carve, paint, write") is the description of a person’s life. The biography is the oral or written presentation of the life of another person; a special case of the biography is the autobiography: it is written by the person himself (today, however, often with the assistance of a ghostwriter) about his own life experiences. In the family circle autobiographies are sometimes attached to the will. There should remain a trace of life – the descendants should know what was.

What does it mean to have an autobiography (autobiography) written??

An autobiography (altgr. αὐτός autos ‘self’, βίος bIos ‘life’ and -graphy) is the description of one’s life story or sections of it from a retrospective perspective (as opposed to, say, a diary). What makes this literary form special is the identity between author and narrator and protagonist. Despite its explicitly subjective perspective, autobiography has a greater claim to objectivity than does the autobiographical novel. Memoirs, which are related to autobiography, place a special emphasis on the depiction of events in contemporary history. Its borderline nature between history and literature puts autobiography in a marginal literary position. However, it is also used to fundamentally redefine core areas of literary studies (for example, by Paul de Man).

What does it mean to have your memoirs written??

The expression memoirs (plural noun; v. franz. memoire "written statement, memorandum" from lat. memoria "memory") refers to memorabilia or records of self-experienced events.

In distinction to autobiography, the memoirist places his social role at the center of the account (z. B. politicians and other officials). If the autobiography describes the career of the not yet socialized person, memoirs assume the consolidated identity of an individual who is aware of his social role. In doing so, the memoirist places the story of his coming into being behind that of the representation of his time and his work in it.

Due to their subjective nature, memoirs should only be used with caution as a source. Since they are usually written down a long time after the events depicted, errors or at least unconscious deviations from reality are easily possible. Also conscious misrepresentations of the author to justify one’s own actions or to exonerate oneself in case of misconduct occur, a well-known example from recent times are the memoirs of Albert Speer in which he claimed not to have known anything about the Holocaust and forced labor, although other sources show that he was very well informed at least about essential aspects. In German, memoirs are usually referred to as Erinnerungen (memories).

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