Believe it or not – wow is too hard for newcomers

For years in World of Warcraft there are always the accusation that the game has become too simple. Everything has been "casualized", all areas of the game are too simple and nothing is really complex anymore for a long time. But is that really so? I, Cortyn from MeinMMO, don’t believe it. This can best be seen when watching brand new players. But let me explain ..

Thanks to the current Corona situation, many of my friends have been driven to World of Warcraft. Most of them are returnees, but there are a few newcomers as well. It took just such a newbie to show me how confusing and complicated the game world has actually become over the years. It is an almost impenetrable jungle of quests, mechanics and systems that present complete chaos to newcomers.

WoW no Corona Elysium title

Corona has driven a lot of people to WoW – even some very fresh newbies.

A lot to do to be up to date

One of those friends started his career as a demon hunter on a recommendation. Then he doesn’t have to level so much and has a class that is quite simple in its basics, but at the same time is a lot of fun and has a great feel to it.

After reaching level 120, he asked the actually quite simple questions about what he had to do to be able to go and fly with us in these "hard" dungeons. That’s when I started my monologue:

Okay, so the important thing is to quickly do the Black Empire campaign to get your legendary cloak, which you can keep upgrading every week. Then you have to complete the war campaign to learn to fly. In all three areas of Kul Tiras you also have to complete the main story and best do all world quests as well. Right now there’s a big reputation bonus.

Oh yeah, don’t forget Nazjatar and Mechagon, there are world quests too. But the one in Nazjatar you have to unlock separately first. And then there’s a second world quest type, which you can unlock later, a bit hidden.

Oh, by the way, as soon as you can, you should also go to that dwarf Magni in the Heart Vault so you can unlock Essences for the Heart of Azeroth. You have to do that before, otherwise the campaign of the Black Empire won’t start at all.

After that, it’s best to do the Daily Quests in Uldum and the Valley of Eternal Blossoms once a week to collect Manifested Visions. You need them as currency to make Disturbing Visions. They in turn improve your cloak, which gives you Corruption Resistance.

Of course, if I had written down all these things first, it would have been a bit more structured. But even that would not have really hidden the problem.

Believe it or not - wow is too hard for newcomers

Confusion everywhere – what needs to be done?

I’ll put it this way: If I wasn’t familiar with all this stuff, because I had experienced it live in the implementation, I wouldn’t have understood it either. How overwhelming it must be for someone who is new to WoW and now wants to play with friends?

The end of the story is that I have to give the demon hunter friend again and again small refreshers, what should be his current goal and why. Because even this "why" is not really obvious.

Confusion about the game world

Another example: Almost a bit proudly, the demon hunter told me that he had been doing world quests all morning, but unfortunately hadn’t gotten any better gear. But at least a lot of reputation to be able to fly soon. When I saw him logging into Azsuna a few hours later, I had to take a deep breath. He probably followed the instruction "Complete 100 different world quests" and overlooked the small addition that these have to be completed in Kul Tiras and Zandalar.

WoW Demon Hunter Eyebeam title 1140x445

The perfect class for beginners – the Glevenkevin.

That then explained why he didn’t get better items or artifact power or the enemies were somehow "really easy". This was not due to his increased damage, but simply because he was traveling in an area of the last expansion.

But if you put yourself in his position, it’s not so easy to see that. At least the Devastated Isles are full of world quests with epic rewards, and at least the gold value from the quests is little different from those available in Kul Tiras and Zandalar.

Too many effects that completely overwhelm

I will be honest. In some situations it’s really hard to watch the player running away 20 meters from a small column effect of the enemy or unconsciously pulling an additional group. But I’m probably only annoyed by these rookie mistakes because I simply have 15 years of experience in World of Warcraft. Sometimes the fuse is a bit short.

At the same time I have to admit that with all the effects, area spells, azerite abilities and corrupting powers it’s not so easy to recognize what is a danger at the moment. Sure, most of my fellow players and I can tell at first glance. But imagine you are new.

  • Is the great shadow laser that comes out of the sky dangerous?
  • Is this green area on the ground healing or damage?
  • I have an arrow over my head – do I run or stand still?

There are so many effects and abilities overlapping that I can see why the demon hunter would rather distance himself once more and wait, even if it means he doesn’t do any more damage.

Believe it or not - wow is too hard for newcomers

Learning "from scratch" with friends in Shadowlands – I’m looking forward to it.

Explaining the World of Warcraft to newcomers isn’t easy at all – especially at the end of an expansion. That’s why I’m looking forward to the new expansion Shadowlands, when most players are "on the same level" again. Learning something new alongside friends is clearly better than having to teach someone everything after the fact – it feels rather humbling for both parties to this extent.

Or how do you see the whole?

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If you ever loved World of Warcraft, Patch 10.Give 0 a chance

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WoW on Xbox Game Pass – I don’t think it’s going to happen

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WoW: "The Dragon Isles" could fulfill all our wishes

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World of Warcraft: Shadowlands

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WOW is not too hard, but the generations are getting more and more effeminate. In Call of Duty they can all just press the buttons and are the pro-gamers, but anything that requires a little more brainpower is already "too hard". This is not only shown by articles like this, but also in the working world where conflict shy individuals refuse tasks or do them inadequately if no one chews them out for them. If you find WOW too hard, you should try EVE: Online – after that it will be a relief to get into WOW. And apart from that, WOW is like some other MMORPGs a roleplaying game. The point is not to "boost" to maximum level right away, but to get into a fantasy world with a story – similar to a book (if the article is unknown, look it up in Wikipedia). And as someone else wrote in the comments, if you want to play together, you can just create a new character and watch out: Play together! Instead, however, you write an essay on how hard WOW is not…

Too hard I think rather not.
Too complex but even more.
I play with some friends who just recently started playing wow. The handling of the classes is pretty easy for them but again and again comes this stumbling block "how can I do more damage??"
In the whole confusion of essences, azerit-traits, corruption, legendary cloak, trinkets, but it’s easy to lose the overview if you have not played it live but now have to catch up everything.
Here I find, it is even for someone like me who has played every addon since BC also increasingly confusing.
The custom buff bar looks more like a billboard that displays a different ad every second.
M+ feels pretty good, but even here everything is kind of cluttered.
Yet they say less is more.
I would like it if Blizzard would go back to shadowlands again.
Less procc effects, no corruption or similar (loot should be loot and not roulette), more skill based again (alone the sadness that a corruption effect is enough to do more damage than other players without corruption but with better classhandling leads the whole thing to absurdistan…).

Why you suggest the DH or even a boost to a newbie I don’t understand.
Most of the WoW mechanics and especially his class you learn by leveling.

Oh, he wants to play with you quickly?
But why don’t you level up a char together with him?? You can delete it afterwards or use a race you don’t have yet.

With the buff that should go pretty fast even without heirlooms.

You can’t believe how you discover or rediscover new things even as an "old hand" when you level with completely new players.

That describes pretty much exactly why I left WoW retail again, all the new and meanwhile partly unnecessary stuff completely overwhelmed me, in Classic on the other hand I feel like home again. But I will look with the next addon wiedrr purely because it will be more structured, that will do the game good, especially the omission of pointless quests for flying.

Too hard? I think less. Complex? Probably. Endgame mechanics and connections in the game not explained well enough? Highly likely.
But the following statement stood out to me: "After he reached level 120, he asked the actually quite simple questions, what he had to do to be able to go into these "difficult" dungeons and fly with us. Then I started my monologue."
Why not just accept that WoW is very extensive and realize that many who were there from the beginning had to spend hundreds of hours acquiring their knowledge of the world? Why not take your time? Why not play something "pointless" together with him? As an experienced player you have a different mindset. One thinks optimizing. You know what makes sense and what doesn’t. And yes, maybe a new player doesn’t have the patience to deal with the interrelationships of the game systems. Trying things out, learning that there are faster and more fun ways, that what you just did may not lead to the goal, isn’t that also part of a game? But maybe a MMO like WoW is the wrong game, who knows?.
I think the real "mistake" is to try to explain the game to them. It would make more sense to let them discover the world, to let them experience mistakes and successes and if they have questions to explicitly give a meaningful explanation. Of course, a tip in between can also be useful. But then in relation to their questions, not in the form of a guide.

This "letting them discover" also sounds good only on paper. This may be true for a player who wants to discover the game world. But if that is someone who says "Hey, you all play WoW. I would like to play with you. What do I have to do?" – There the correct answer is not "I won’t tell you, look around and find out for yourself". At least this is not how I deal with friends who want to do something with me.

And of course I help him too. I carry him a little bit back and forth with the flightmount, help him to unlock the flightpoints and with quests that are too hard alone. But that’s not the topic&

nja "Find out yourself" is exactly the statement that I honestly use..
I also tell everyone to read a guide only when he thinks his own build/routa are too weak and he has already asked other players in vain.
Because reading a guide and tracing is not "understanding his class" and these people are then overwhelmed when something changes.

I don’t even see the problem in helping them out. I see the problem more in the "helper" who tries to show the player the fastest way and skips many important aspects of the game. I started a death knight in WotLK the other day. Although the area is meant to be a learning process, you are littered with many skills and have, for my taste, a bad learning flow. And that’s what makes the game experience bad for the newbie. Some things are taught to him, only so that he notices that he is still missing a lot of things. Honestly, I think the leveling process in WoW is very good. If they would add some help for the endgame, quasi a kind of 2nd level. Tutorial, then all this would not be a thing even for a newbie. And so long you have to take your time as a player and tackle one thing after the other. Holding a guide monologue is the worst thing you can do in my opinion.

"Explaining the World of Warcraft to newcomers isn’t that easy – especially at the end of an expansion. That’s why I’m even more looking forward to the new expansion Shadowlands, when most players will be "on the same level" again. To learn something new at the side of friends is much better than having to teach someone everything afterwards – that feels rather modest for both sides to this extent."

Here you have my 100% to say. I had the problem with my wife too. This one I wanted to get to WoW but that just didn’t work out anymore and it all got to be too much for her and she threw in the towel pretty quickly. What is self-evident for one, is completely incomprehensible for a newcomer.

"I’ll put it this way, if I wasn’t familiar with all this stuff because I saw it live in implementation, I wouldn’t have understood it either. How overwhelming it must be for someone who is new to WoW and now wants to play with friends?"

Here you mention exactly the reason why WoW is so complex for newcomers. It’s not because WoW is hard and complex. It’s because things that are routine are new to newcomers. If you play WoW for a longer time you will internalize these things and you will say "WoW is too easy". That’s why I can’t agree with your "Believe it or not – WoW is too hard for newbies". Yes for newbies it is hard (it was for all of us no matter to which addon he started) but with time you internalize actions, fields, mechanics etc. so much in itself that it becomes routine and this routine makes WoW too easy. It’s almost always the same.
The boss lunges with his axe there comes a cone shaped area running through him quickly and I’m sure of it.
Below me is a big red circle run out fast.

It’s repetitive. From addon to addon. I can’t say that I have a solution how to do it differently but that’s just this boring routine. One idea would be that the boss has no fixed routine and always changes his sequence when he does what and how z.B. but that’s just a Spontaner einfall so very thoughtless ^^.

Conclusion: Yes WoW for a newcomer in MMORPGS is complex especially at the end of an addon because everything that has come with time wants to be caught up in a very short time and that with maximum efficiency to be able to play along with his friends who have been playing longer.
But no WoW itself is not hard if you play it for a long time and have internalized the mechanics and built up a routine. If you then still from the beginning of an addon with Spielt and can take everything little by little with it is anything but difficult. &

"Hard" is probably just a somewhat inappropriate term for the problem newcomers have with WoW.
"Unintuitive" or "overwhelming" would be terms I would personally use.

To a good extent, this is simply the nature of the game, and one of the biggest criticisms I personally have of WoW: WoW constantly resets itself, is basically a symbol for a virtual throwaway society.

Content that was just the top of everything is suddenly irrelevant after applying a patch. Almost every addon has at least one feature that simply doesn’t exist anymore in the next addon. The game just has no real thread in terms of feature development. Instead of building on each other, or logical developments, the things are often just completely killed and replaced by something completely different.
In addition, the item level jumps between two content patches of the same addon are simply too high, resulting in a wild mixture of completely useless, mandatory and current content within one (addon) continent.
Instead of bringing that sensibly in an intuitive order (e.g., in a game), you can’t do it.B. by logically expanding the campaigns instead of constantly starting independent strands), the new player may then first try to filter what was/is current when and how. And because that’s not enough, he may then also find out in which parts of the, for the game progress unnecessary, content he must go to unlock certain features.
Because then often not enough just to quest, but also certain reputation factions, etc., are not enough. when triggers are added, the overview is completely gone.

This is, for me, simply not "hard", but dog-awful game design that goes past any kind of logical structure. The feeling that the game only really has something to offer in the endgame is then the spark that makes all of this explode. At level 120 first calmly everything abquesten, ultimately means to remain excluded from most multiplayer activities, because the equipment simply can not keep up. rushing directly to the latest content then adds to the confusion around the various content layers of an addon. Blizzard would do well to at least upgrade the rewards of existing content within an addon instead of simply establishing weird catch-up mechanics in the newest content. Combined with a reasonable guidance through the story and feature quests, there would already help many.

That’s when you really learn to appreciate systems like ESO’s. All the hard work on areas, quests, sets, etc. is appreciated. is appreciated by keeping the content relevant. And as a player you know: if I want the skills of the mage guild, I go to the mage guild – and don’t have to do a wild monkey dance until I accidentally come out at the end of the labyrinth where I wanted to go.

Whereby, for the sake of fairness, the ESO system also has its pitfalls. So it can happen that the "new addon" doesn’t bring any loot, because you are already at the "cap".

Yes, that’s right. If there is no interesting set, there is not much left of the story apart from that. Eso urgently needs new ways to play the game. Let’s see if the excavations in Greymoore are enough in that respect.

There I also hope. I notice just now as a returnee already, that I still long before I have all missed through at "Almost nothing I find / get is better than my current gear" arrive and that frustrates despite the story quite something&

For me as a newbie it was a bit confusing even with level 1. Not the quests themselves, as exclamation points and question marks were my constant companions ^^
I rather had the problem that all the side stuff was not visible enough like professions and which profession would be most useful etc or how it is with the dungeons, which ones I have to do and why the dungeons are not integrated in the story in a way that you have to have done them at least once. Maybe I also misunderstood something, but as a newcomer, things are currently really a lot xD

The problem I see is that your buddy was recommended to start with the DH. I mean, so he might get to know the game mechanics, it’s easy to level and he’s fast to 120, but he basically knows nothing at all about the game
In my opinion, if you are completely new, you should start with level 1 and get to know the game bit by bit. It’s not at all about getting to the highest level as fast as possible.

But you are wrong. This buddy wants to do something together with us as soon as possible. He has little desire to first level the 120 levels and Kalimdor, Outland, Northrend, etc.. to quest through. If he has to put in a week of time until he can play with friends at all, he won’t feel like it anymore. I would not have, if I have to do Dead by Daylight first a week some other stuff to play with friends.

This "If you play from level 1, you learn everything" is also such a fairy tale. The only thing you learn is that dungeons seem to be a huge faceroll where you can hardly keep up because the other 4 players carry heirlooms and roll everything up and that you get an ability every X levels.

With some comments I really wonder which WoW they are playing, that they really learned so much from the leveling phase from level 1 to 120. Almost nothing is relevant for the endgame.

It used to be like that, in Vanilla and Burning Crusade. But after that the pure "learning value" of the level phase is extremely low.

How about he does that first and then we judge how effective it is. I also find the attitude questionable to want to play an MMORPG in 5 minutes on max to participate in the endgame. and should this not go he no longer likes…… The comparison with Dead by Dayllight lags anyway

Why do you find it questionable that players who have been "recruited" by their friends want to do something with their friends as quickly as possible and don’t want to first spend a week alone surfing through the game world?? Wouldn’t you find it funny in any other game?.

For many in WoW is not the leveling the game fun, but the joint activities in the Endgame.

I have actually brought in such a case already sports comparisons.

"Of course I like to play soccer with you extremely much. I can also help you with the training. But you can’t just come to the club tournament and play along."

How about we skip the leveling phase altogether? ? You only waste time with it anyway. No one really needs the openworld in the endgame either. One bums around anyway only in dungeons. Or we leave the world as it is and introduce Insta-Port. One click on the quest and you are already at the desired place. No more annoying riding back and forth.

Or we do it like in most mobile games. autoleveler and autofarmer and autoyounameit. Then you don’t need to play the game at all and you can concentrate on things you like better.

I get your point…but I have a different opinion. I think if you can’t take enough time to play a MMORPG properly and enjoy it then you might as well leave it alone.

Only my opinion&

what of the endgame mechanics you learn by leveling through the old areas?? with the dh just saved himself a long boring time alone. all the questions he would have had after 120 level anyway.

You’re describing a problem of all games that have grown over the years, it’s not just WoW. The problem becomes bigger the more a real beginner tries to catch up in a short time with friends who have been playing for years. If this beginner has never played an RPG or MMORPG it gets even more difficult, because then all terms are missing that are standard for MMO’s.

There is then no simple solution. How to proceed depends on mMn. from people& Player type. If someone really has no experience with nothing, my approach would be to start completely with level 1 and really from the beginning, because the person must first get along with basic things, feel comfortable in the game world, become familiar and the questions about what will be important later also come after some time. Basically you need a lot of patience if you join so late, it’s a long way.

I know this well with the advice that is given to beginners, you take to say only the most important and end up in a monologue where you realize after some time that the other has either switched off or forgotten everything you said in the beginning. That brings everything nix. And such ideas like putting on dolls because of DPS tests, learning rotas right away, I know such cases … they know DPS and Rota afterwards, but they still completely lack the overview of what’s going on in the game the more is going on. If they then lie in the dirt all the time, their DPS is of no use to them .. this is the wrong way which is taken over and over again in typical overestimation of oneself.

So be patient and take a few weeks more time, enjoy the game world, learn slowly, then the learned will settle, questions and understanding will come by itself.

For many core gamers it is hard to imagine what kind of info overkill is coming to the new players in a MMORPG. It’s not only about "googling" the solutions, but also about being able to judge correctly which parts are now the more important ones and which are not. You have to find your way in the world, learn all the "Tricks of the Trade", etc.
I notice that every time I create a new char in FFXIV for testing purposes. I could walk through the game with my eyes closed, but it strikes me how much content there actually is, that you have to go through right at the beginning. XIV even gives a very thick thread, so you can not get lost at all.

It’s not "hard" in the sense that people can’t get anywhere because they don’t have the skills. It is "hard" because the amount of information is overwhelming.

FFXIV was also for me first complex. Quite badly I find no matter in which MMORPG the professions. But in FFXIV first to understand the character system was already difficult enough.
Even worse or so far the worst I found was Black Desert. I still do not understand it and want to claim that I will never understand it. &

I find it amazing how many then still think that the game is not difficult for newcomers. Sure, everyone understands games differently, but when I think about how I started, I can only agree with the article. Whether the Demon Hunter is the optimal class for a beginner is debatable, but you can quickly get to level 120 with her. When leveling itself, you learn more about the skills and the class itself, to then also understand, what I can actually do?

Further to 120 are then of course all the possibilities of the current addon and wow there are not few. ZWar are no longer all important, such as the island expeditions, the raid Uldir and Co. or possibly also the conquests in Arathi and the Dark Coast.

Teaching a new player what buffs, debuffs, cooldowns etc are, I think everyone understands that very quickly. When it comes to M+ it starts to get more difficult. Kick this skill, get out of the area, dispell this quickly etc are then again many foreign terms. All this you learn naturally with the time.

The current invasion campaign, the cape, etc. you play of course only gradually through to learn what is possible. For someone new, of course, a lot of input at once. I think every new player wants to test what his own class is capable of instead of having to deal with links to guides, videos on how to adjust the UI or boss mechanics. To find out that you can tame a lot of animals as a hunter, I was really fascinated by WoTLK and even then I didn’t want to read up on which ones are possible at all.

Nowadays there is an answer to all questions on the internet, but the fun of the game is built by exploring your character and learns it more pleasant, instead of a video, which is then sold as THE RIGHT thing to do.

If I now start Valorant, I lose first full because I have no idea of the skills.
I’ve also looked again in FF14 purely, was first completely overwhelmed, had to find me first again purely / Informieren.
I also looked again in Anno, oh jeee, how was that again with the production chains, also first again overwhelmed.
If I now look in LOL, I think without prior knowledge I would be slaughtered there hopelessly .

What you write her in the article applies to many games …especially MMOs (MMOPRGs) …..

And I find the games are to earlier beginner friendly.
Only the quest flood now at the " end " of the addon is sub optimally solved.
What is important and should be made primary is not recognizable.
But what is solved with 1-2 min informing.

And the informing is nowadays no more problem….
I have recently changed from Mage to Holy Priest.
Did not really have a clue about, but with 30 min of reading I understood a lot.
UI built itself (WA’s and CO) and even there are ready on the WEB.
Within 3 weeks rio from 0 to almost 1900 and that without a guild.

I do not think that the games are too difficult for beginners / again, but that many are simply no longer willing to invest time to inform themselves, or to learn.

WOW is not declared as MMPORG for nothing.
MMPORG = bring time.
This is exactly what many who say WOW is too hard do not understand.

When I come back, I’m also always mega annoyed, or when I start a twink to raid 4-5 days / week.

Always keep everything on top, move up… perfect Perks farm to show up somewhere in the logs at all etc….

Fortunately, this is all different with Shadowlands&

My first MMO was then Lord of the Rings online. I traveled from west to east or north and/or south through the countries, from the Ered Luin, the Shire and Breeland to Rivendell, Moria, Lorien etc.

Because everything was also connected with story quests and just as I said one after the other was quite clear how the journey runs, where the next level higher area is, where I find higher materials etc.

Then I tried WoW once.
Each race starts from a different point on the world map. The areas are wildly mixed up, on some sections Horde and Alliance are at the same time but also separated, there are 10 areas that have the same level.

I’ve been cautiously questing my way forward, trying to only do local quests. I searched for a storyline in vain.
Storyline…this is very important to me in MMOs. In HdRO I followed Ivar Bloodhand from the Ered Luin to Breeland, from there I followed the trail of the Fellowship of the Ring. I helped the dwarves of the expedition to secure Moria and much more. The Old Republic had a single storyline for each class.

I bought some books shortly after I started playing WoW to be able to understand the story at all. And basically I find the story in WoW really exciting! But how it is implemented in the game world …

Firstly, you spawn in the world that is shot by the cataclysm and on which all new islands are already uncovered. Kul Tiras, the floating city, is again somewhere else than at the 3 points where it was according to the story already before.
One should repair the damage of the "recent" cataclysm and at the same time set out to find the "current" Heart of Azeroth Thing ?!

Shortly after that I put WoW away again. Surely this is a great game for many, but I miss the clear red thread, the story, the line that leads you through a world where each landscape also currently fits to the story.

My example for this will probably always remain Lord of the Rings Online. Even though it will eventually reach a point where all of Middle-earth is theoretically revealed.
But until then I follow the ring community on their way and clean up left and right of it.

That was with WoW all once…called Classic.
Since then it went downhill with every addon more and more. Even the current Classic is no longer coherent, because it is on the Pre-BC (the first addon that came). and they have already changed and removed a lot of things in view of the addon. Back in Classic I have my hunter completely, with an exception (namely Menethil a few quests that were on the way) on Kalimdor from 1 to 60 brought … on the other continent I had to go only because of the teachers from time to time.
And there you were always led to the next area…at the end of the quests in an area there was always a quest that sent you to the next area, sometimes it came even if your level was appropriate.
Only with 60 I went into the Inis, before it was hardly useful (in my eyes), because the items rarely fit (there was not yet the class-specific lot and I got mostly warrior stuff^^) and I leveled faster through quests than in the Inis (with holy priests it was the other way around^^)

In the current "Classic" there is no more, only in exceptional cases and there are so many missing quests that you are only jumping between the continents and is also forced to destroy much more, so that the level for the next areas fits. Before I didn’t even do all the quests in one area and still had the level for the next one…now I do all of them and have barely half of what you need^^

You should also explain it in bits and pieces… At least he has someone to explain it to him, I had to find out everything myself, everyone is too busy and it doesn’t pay off to teach a newbie something. Wow is from the social aspect anyway Mao, is at least my experience.

You just don’t expect newbies in WoW igendwie ist das so wie mit Erwachsenen Analphabeten Nichtschwimmer oder Leute die mit 40 noch zu Hause wohnen.

There is such a thing, but you meet only a maximum of one per year.

I believe unseen that the flood of question marks and current and actually-no-longer-current quest lines is completely overwhelming. I think this is less a "WoW problem" than a "getting active friends into the endgame at the end of an addon DLC cycle" problem though. In ESO I had the same feeling when I started to play again, because drolfzigtausend DLC and addon and profession and guild quest series all with "Haha, here I am!"came up with.

The other way, which FF XIV goes, is however at least just as problematic. "In order for you to join us, you have to replay ALL storylines of ALL addons and storypatches now, see you in 4 weeks"."

I think the only sensible thing to do at a product cycle time like WoW is right now would be to start a new character with your friends and at best start the next addon together.

As for learning boss mechanics…yeah, a lot of that you don’t know when you’re "new to the game and fast into the endgame". But I think, a lot of things you learn with time…and especially in WoW the attraction of many bosses is that they have special mechanics that only they (or wehr few other bosses) use. You can "not like" that, but I think it’s a bit intentional.

Several mistakes have already been made in the recommendations… just 2 examples:

1. As a newcomer, never start with an expansion but quite normally with level 1 and by normal questing.
2. Instead of rushing endconts it’s better to complete the dungeons in the level phase in their intended level.

If you go the normal way, the game already teaches you everything

Totally agree with you. The pulling up of game partners is imho a bit egoistic.

great tip to recommend the DH to a newbie. fast 120 and still no idea about the game. in my opinion that was wrong.

That’s honestly such a fairy tale that you have a good understanding of the game when you have leveled a char from level 1 to 120. This is simply not the case. It’s not like the dungeons on the way to 120 teach you really much that you need to know later on. And they don’t help you to find a "red thread" in the quests or goals.

Maybe that was the case in Vanilla, but today leveling teaches you very, very little.

When I made a faction change a few weeks ago, I was as a WoW veteran similar to your girlfriend, with the thousand exclamation marks in Boralus, it is difficult to filter the important ones, for a newcomer certainly associated with frustration.

Also when you go raiding again as an old hand at the end of a patch/expansion, you feel like the guild has to teach you how to run again, there is not much time to read the tooltip, so a preparation of several hours in the form of guides/LFR is almost mandatory to prevent embarrassment. Here again the question of how a newcomer without 15 years of WoW experience may well go.

The topic is difficult to discuss, because you can see here in the comments that the general tenor is only "WoW is already too easy, stop crying".

Easy to learn, difficult to master – at the moment both are difficult, everyone who seriously wanted to introduce someone to the game knows the problem.

The things you enumerate are for the most part quite unimportant for newcomers, as much more important I see it:

– to inform yourself about your class, ideally after reading the guide, contact someone ingame who can be helpful or ask for help via class forums if you still have questions

– practice your rota extensively on the doll and expand the UI with useful add-ons that you can usually find in the guide anyway

– Gear farming including the "must have" items like the cape

And you don’t need much more to be able to play the "hard" dungeons safely, so nowadays these are the Mythic+ dungeons by my definition.
It’s self-explanatory that you don’t start directly with +15, but start lower depending on your gear level.

And if you have enough gear, you can safely start with the normal raid content after reading the video guide, either via guild, where the community requirements are usually much lower, or via random raid, where you are usually exposed to tougher selection criteria.

That some classes require more attention than others has always been the case, i.e. there are really in every addon and also in Classic beginner-friendly classes and also some that have a considerably more demanding Rota.

The leveling phase itself has never been easier than today, where every class has plenty of selfheal and you have to be very "noobish" to get to pixel death.

Classic is a whole universe "harder" in terms of the leveling phase.

With the WotLK-pre-patch was of this toughness resp. the "harder" leveling however already hardly what left.
And nowadays there is nothing left of it, every Stoffi played with some knowledge of the class can easily have 3 mobs at the same time in the fight, sometimes even more.
In Classic it was not rare that the second mob in battle meant almost certain death.

In addition, today’s WoW has more than enough content that does not require any training in the game, I just say a big hello to the LFR and today’s HC dungeons and world quests.

These things are all content that Kevin’s great-grandmother also got directly with reaching the Max.-Level can play!

"The things you list are for the most part plenty beside the point for newbies, I see it as much more important"

If one would make 24/7 dungeons, then you would be right. But newbies usually don’t want that and need – what I see now again and again – orientation. I think it’s also good in Shadowlands that it’s clearly shown "Here, this is the main quest line" – that alone takes a lot of chaos out of it. Enter Boralus as a fresh 120er and recognize under the 30 exclamation marks, which of them are important now. Newcomers simply can’t do that without researching all this somewhere. And if you can only play a game properly if you have to google for it … that’s not a good design.

Will probably ca. 90-95% of the players go so that they have to google to be able to play the game CORRECTLY.
Just in terms of the right Rota.

And I can’t say anything about numerous exclamation marks, but why are there z.B. "WoWHead" to be able to get the start of the important quest series in experience?
Nowadays you can assume that there are a lot of players who have the smartphone next to them while playing and quickly google something if you are unsure which quests you can cancel and which you should do.

The nice thing is, if you start again after a year break, and that even in ner Ini or LFR (at the beginning to get in) says that, you are almost thrown out immediately. At least it happened to me in the last days. Whether that’s just because of Antonidas ka, but I find that honestly the most pathetic. Because besides all the "learning" in the Inis, because you just do not have the mechanics on it, immediately know everything naja… And before all the pro come, I play long enough online games, but so what I have rarely experienced..

Hmm…so I belong to those who think that today’s Wow can play a 2 year old baby that you put on a keyboard and it can do nothing wrong. Is my opinion and no one gets me away from it more.
Have the last few years actually stupid as I am, the Addons still bought, my Char (faster and faster) to Maxlevel brought, with the current Addon (whose name I’ve already forgotten) has not even 2 days needed ums to reach … then I have played 5 days more where I have done the raids at that time and HC-Inis and me about the this time in masses appearing bugs that could be from the best early days have been.
And since then Standard-Wow is dead for me again..and so it ran actually since Pandaria constantly…Addon fetched and then 1-3 weeks again actively played, Char gemaxt, all Inis/Raids made (which were already there of course no longer those from the Conentpatchen) and then off in the closet.
Besides still 4 Twinks pulled up, because is fast (stens) and the same in green … Game mothballed again until the next addon.
The new one that comes now is the first one I don’t get anymore.
Instead, I gave away all of my characters to a buddy and deleted them all and zock Classic again (even if it’s just not the "right" Classic, because pre-BC state, as you can clearly see in the missing quests). And THAT is finally fun again.

After the long introduction now to the article:
A friend of mine has suddenly a lot of time thanks to the coronapanic garbage and stupid political monkeys and has started with WoW in the middle of March. She is NOT a big computer gamer and even she said to me that the game is baby easy – within 4 weeks with moderate games, so 2-3h per day, she has had her main on max and has participated in the first HC-Inis. And then her first raid…of course her damage output wasn’t the greatest, because she has no idea what COM requires nowadays and that’s the problem for the newcomers: They should know everything and have maximized everything with the best equipment available, because THAT’S what the "old ones" expect…as someone already wrote: "google, watch videos etc", mistakes forbidden.

But game ansich is baby easy….meanwhile every class can at least heal itself, tanks on HC just run into every room and bulldoze everything, while the priest is soooo stressed that he can paint his fingers on the side, DDs don’t move at all anymore but just bash out AOE (which meanwhile also every class has). In Raids about the same apart from minimal exceptions (well a little more movement you have to do)…and if you wipe too often, Blizz gets howled at to nerf the raid, which they have promptly always done so far.

I suggested to said friend that she should play Classic if her standard is too easy….she did, after 2 weeks she quit…too heavy. Leveling takes "forever" (her words), the character dies while leveling (she was really surprised about that)!!),
then she was more than surprised about the lousy droprate and that you get now and then what "green" and asked me obs there the other colors not at all, because she has leveling in the standard most purple stuff got, or blue…but green only gaaanz rarely and that was so yes so useless that sies has sold constantly-was of course a shock for her, that you actually have to quest in Classic in white / green stuff and that several opponents is usually synonymous with "= dead".
Then the skill tree is yes "tootttaaalll confusing … because you can choose from three different, but the points are usually not even enough to get 1 skill completely full" Sure you have to do 5 level for 5 points^^
And Hey…the opponents drop only copper (coins) (at least in their level until then^^) how to get gold there?
Above all you have to learn so much and have to run to a teacher all the time (AND put the skills in the bar one by one, because they are NOT upgraded automatically)…but you can’t learn everything, because it’s soooo expensive…
And hey…the Pet beleibt yes in the level where one tames and can not everything, but must also individually learn everything and for this you must have first again knete AND tame other animals … that’s stressful, if you see one that you like, that you can not take it immediately (tame), because the active must first in the stable … with a NPC. And then you have to level up^^ and eat it must also still, otherwise hauts off … of underrange and arrows the hunter needs not to speak times.

So much for WoW standard is hard^^ where "severity" is also only in the eye of the beholder ;P

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