Assembling a pc – pc do-it-yourself guide

Since I have slowly addressed every basic hardware component of the PC, now finally the PC DIY Tutorial follow. This I will slowly build up with posts and link to this page. The PC DIY brings advantages in many ways. I’d like to start by addressing all the benefits of using the Computer self-assembly. The links to the individual articles of the hardware components and how to install them can be found further down the page.

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1. PC Eigenbau advantages

1.1 Save costs – inexpensive PC system

By PC self assembled the individual hardware components can be compared in PC online stores as well as in normal PC stores. The cheapest product can be selected. On the other hand you have no influence with a complete system from a purchase store. Accordingly, one of the Advantages of the PC self-build, that a cheap PC system will jump out in the end.

1.2 Individual system – make PC faster

The PC DIY has another great advantage, which every time makes me want to compile your own PC. Since I can choose the components myself, I can build an individual system for myself or a customer. The PC is then exactly adapted to the user’s requirements. For example, an office user doesn’t need a high-end graphics card like the gamer freak who has to have every new game. So for the PC gamer, the PC must be faster than for the ordinary letter writer.

Furthermore this PC do-it-yourself tutorial sure not only for building a complete PC, but also for Hardware upgrades. Who does not know it – the PC is getting slower and slower for new applications that come on the market. In order to use them, new RAM components, a faster graphics card or even a faster CPU are often necessary. Why hire a PC expert or make your friend work with it, when you can do it with a PC DIY Tutorial can do themselves?

1.3 fun at the computer put together

Of course, there is also the "challenge" of creating a new put together computers. With the first PC, much is uncharted territory. Here you should preferably have a person with you who knows the ropes (or the PC DIY Tutorial of basics computers have missed& ) thereby have.

However, once you’ve assembled your first PC yourself, other systems should present few complications. Of course, the hardware components of the respective manufacturers differ and thus also a bit of the PC assembly. Exactly this brings me personally the Compose fun on the computer – learn new things and apply what you have learned. I hope that this PC Assembly Guide will help you a little bit.

1.4 Qualitative hardware components

In ready-made complete systems, often slimmed-down hardware components are used. This often includes graphics cards which, for example, can Addition "LE get. LE in this case stands for "Limited Edition" or "Light Edition". Downsized means that hardware components have been skimped on, for example, some graphics cards get a lower clock and are thus not as powerful as the corresponding original model. At PC do-it-yourself you choose which hardware to use and can be sure that quality hardware components are used.

2. PC do-it-yourself instructions – assemble your own computer

I will show here PC do-it-yourself instructions go to Assemble the computer yourself expand in a link list, which is below. This will include what you need to consider when building your own PC. When installing each hardware component I will give individual tips to support you.

After watching the PC DIY tutorial, it’s time to order PC hardware. Here I have an absolute secret tip, concerning the price: HOH is a good hardware store with a large selection and fair prices.

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