Success starts with your application!

For many people applying is a tedious process. There is a lot of ambiguity and uncertainty surrounding. Understandable!
Because writing an application doesn’t happen every day. Maybe you are facing the challenge of writing your first job application? Or you are already in your professional life and want to finally look for a better job?! There are various reasons for applying. At the end of the day, the question always remains: How do I write an application? How to start and what is important?


On this page I want to give you clarity and the best tips around the topic of application. Precise and easily explained! You will learn what is important for a Application really arrives at what Unsolicited application good is whether a Cover page In your application is useful and how the perfect application looks.

Table of Contents:

1. Application in general

Whether you are a beginner or an expert – everything always starts with an application! We apply for different reasons. The aim of an application is to reach a potential employer and, at best, to gain employment. Our application documents help us here. This is where the company can get the first information about you and your qualifications.

REMINDER: Your application documents are always a first work sample. Here you can do many things wrong, but also right. Care for a perfect application and say goodbye to rejections!

2. Application forms

The classic application, the application by e-mail or perhaps the speculative application should be familiar to you. But did you know that there are many more forms and ways to apply?? In this section I would like to show you the TOP 4 and explain to you what exactly is behind it.

2.1 Application by e-mail

The Application by e-mail is the most modern and common way of applying today. Suitable job offers can be found with just a few clicks via well-known platforms. In the jungle of all advertisements, you should read the job offers carefully and make a suitable choice.

2.1 application by e-mail

After that, it’s time to move on to the practical part – your application documents. On these pages you will learn what you should pay attention to in your cover letter and what is important in your resume:

After the preparation of the application documents, it is time to send them out. To really convince professionally, you should pack your documents into one big file. This process will make your files look structured and organized. (Don’t forget: Your documents are your first work sample – so already convince when sending the documents!)

In my video tutorial in Module 1 – Application, I explain how you can easily pack your documents and what important role your e-mail address plays.

IMPORTANT: Never send your documents in individual Word files!

What is already very noticeable today, are the job offers via personnel service providers. Hardly resp. few companies nowadays advertise their jobs directly. So a large part of the advertisements go through service providers. But why is that?

Whether personnel service providers are a curse or a blessing, I explain in the online course.

2.2 Online application

Unlike the application by e-mail, the Online application via the homepage of the employer. Here you will find a direct link to the job advertisement page. Mostly this process is connected with a registration. Once you have completed this step, you will be asked to upload your documents. Mostly you have the possibility to write your cover letter in a free window before uploading the files. You can copy your existing cover letter into this window. Afterwards you will be asked to upload your documents. There are two options for this:

  1. You can upload your application documents in one big file
  2. You have to upload every document (depending on the type of document). For this purpose, there is a separate window for each document (cover letter, resume and references)

❗NOTE: If you have a lot of documents, you might get an error message when uploading the files. Meanwhile, many companies reduce the application documents to a maximum of 5 GB. But even this problem can be solved quickly – by compressing the files you can reduce the size wonderfully. In my 1:1 guide I show you this process.

2.3 Unsolicited application

The Initiative application is (unfortunately) still very inconspicuous, but has a big advantage. You can maximize your application chances with this type of application. But let’s get back to basics: what exactly is a speculative application?

Even if it sounds a bit "strange" at first, with this form you are applying for a position that doesn’t exist at all. But why is this application form so attractive??

So, from this valuable information, we can see that your desired position may well exist in the company in question. The advantages are obvious here: little to hardly any competition! An absolute paradise for every applicant. And yet very few applicants use this method. How does this application form look like in practice? In the end everything starts with a thorough preparation. After you have collected the most important information about the company, it goes over to the preparation of the application documents. There are two options for the subject line of your cover letter:

  • Unsolicited application as office clerk
  • Initiaitvbewerbung in the commercial area

In your cover letter, make it clear what qualifications you bring with you and why you are applying to this company in particular.

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