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Anke Wenke is the flower woman from Hahnemannsplatz

Anke Wenke in her world of flowers

Friendly smiling Anke Wenke stands in her small flower store on Hahnemannsplatz, like her mother in the years before. Everybody knew Mrs. Schubert, the mummy and previous owner.

Traditions are continued

In the warmth of the small store, the customer is greeted by a wonderful scent of flowers and a colorful flowering splendor. Carnations in all colors, white and red roses, colorful gerberas and everything the flower heart desires. "I come from a family of gardeners. My parents laid the foundation for me to take this career path and thus followed in their footsteps" tells Mrs. Wenke.

Anke Wenke is actually a trained "furnishing consultant for planning kitchens and living room furniture", in short a retail saleswoman, and worked for 10 years at a large furniture chain in the Elbland region. "But my roots have always been outside in the fresh air. I’m very close to nature, so it was almost logical for me to join my mother’s flower store at some point. When she became ill, I took over the scepter and supported her. First we worked together in the business and from 2010 it ran then under my direction."

A location with wet feet

The flower store is located directly at the bridge to Hahnemannsplatz. In 2013, the waters of the Triebisch River rose incessantly, leading to another flood of the century in the city. "In my store the water was 2 m high and I had to close my store for half a year. But somehow it went on. The humidity in the store did not bother me, I have it like that" she laughs.

A place to go and a sympathetic ear

"I always say that in my store it’s like being in a hair salon. People come and tell me their stories, which are hidden behind many a flower purchase. Whether birthdays or funerals or even a general floral greeting. I like to listen. Sometimes it is also a few comforting or uplifting words that people need. Especially with the regular customers you already know many little family secrets. Of course, this all stays in the store" she promises.

There is no wish that Anke Wenke cannot express or create with flowers. So she already made bouquets of condoms, bouquets with vegetables, sausage or even cheese. "Very popular are also our Polterabendstraube with bound shards."

The high time for red roses is coming – 14. February

On 14. February is Valentine’s Day. The perfect occasion to surprise the one you love with a bouquet of flowers. Even though flowers are given away all year round, the curve of purchases of red and white roses goes steeply upwards on this day. "Unfortunately, you also notice it in the price. On Valentine’s Day and Christmas, the prices for roses always make a jump upwards. But it does not always have to rain red roses. A beautifully coordinated spring bouquet can bring just as much joy," advises Ms. Wenke. A good tip!

When selling flowers…

"… one is always in a good mood anyway. The fragrance, the beautiful colors. You are enclosed in a colorful floral splendor. I am also grateful for the loyalty of my customers, especially in these pandemic times. Flowers are available in the store yes just for 2G and of course at the door. In the first lock-down, I really had to come up with something. But there I drove with my wheelbarrow full of flower bowls into the cheese store with us on the Hahnemannsplatz and they have kindly extended your service and sold my flowers. For this I have been really grateful."

Regional food and vegetables from your own Wenke garden

Her offer is constantly expanding with the fruits from her own garden. "When I grow it all and how I manage to get the 5.000 m² garden to manage, I also sometimes do not know" she laughs. "But I love to plow around in my garden". The flower lady not only sells eggs and seasonal vegetables from her own farm, but also honey. "I buy mainly from local gardeners, that is important to me."

In the spring, the small flower store again offers a huge selection of native herbs that you can plant and grow yourself at home. In addition, spring bloomers and later the balcony plants can be purchased from Mrs. Wenke for the beautification of their own gardens or balconies.

"Flowers are the smile of nature. It works without them, but not so well."(Composer Max Reger)

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