Alpine skiing: slalom on the streif – ryding makes history, strasser curses

Dave Ryding makes history. For the first time a Briton wins on the legendary Streif in Kitzbuhel. In the slalom, one favorite after another flops, Ryding celebrates. German alpine ski star Linus Straber despairs on the mountain and curses loudly. The race to read.

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  • Alpine skiing, downhill in Kitzbuhel – Kilde wins on the Streif: No German in the top ten, two crashes end smoothly

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Alpine skiing: slalom on the Streif

The result:
1. Ryding (GBR) 1:41,26
2. Braathen (NOR) +0.38
3. Kristoffersen (NOR) +0.65
14. Strasser (GER) +1.69
17. Tremmel (GER) +2,16

The most important facts in brief: Ski racer Linus Straber did not get beyond 14th place in the slalom classic in Kitzbuhel. At least the Munich skier scored points again on Saturday after three no-shows in the previous four gate runs of the season.

On the legendary Ganslernhang it was his first since 2015. Victory went to Britain’s Dave Ryding in a complete surprise in heavy snowfall, celebrating his first World Cup success at age 35. The Norwegians Lucas Braathen and Henrik Kristoffersen came in second and third. As many as eleven drivers dropped out in the second run.

Audi FIS Alpine Ski World Cup - Men

Strasser’s teammate Anton Tremmel benefited from the many retirements and finished 17th. his first World Cup points of the winter. David Ketterer as 38. as well as Julian Rauchfub, Alexander Schmid and Fabian Himmelsbach, who all dropped out, were not in the final. On Sunday there will be another downhill in Kitzbuhel.

Slalom on the Streif to read on

14.36:00: Norway celebrates too, as Braathen and Kristoffersen are also on the podium. Last made up a whole 21 places with the best run time in the second run.

14.34 o’clock: That’s not possible! After seven gates it’s also over for Vinatzer! What do the favorites leave behind here? He also still drives to the finish, but there again the Briton already celebrated. Ryding makes history in Kitzbuhel!

14.33 o’clock: Ryding or Vinatzer? Who will win in Kitzbuhel?

14.31:00: Clement Noel wants to prevent the first British victory in Kitzbuhel. With bib number one on his jersey he had to wait the longest for the second run. And maybe he is not so warm anymore, because at the start he already flops, but he can acrobatically keep on his skis. But then another gross mistake and his race is over. He only crosses the finish line for the statisticians.

14.30 o’clock: The last three come, the trio has a decent buffer. Sebastian Foss Solevag nevertheless risks too much and slips out as well! I don’t believe it, what a death of the favorites here. Ryding is already safely on the podium! Only on which stage?

14.28 o’clock: Giuliano Razzoli has only eight hundredths cushion, he loses it already at the start. But the Italian stays relaxed, he stays cool. That will be really tight. but then he is out! Oh, that is bitter. With the finish line already in sight, he makes a mistake and slips past the gate. Slalom can be so mean!

A Brit surprises and sniffs the podium

14.27 o’clock: Five athletes are still waiting. First comes the last Swiss Marc Rochat. At the top, however, he already loses a lot of time to the Briton. He is now skiing more against the Norwegians. But he must also keep them behind him in the end. Unsafe ride, he drops to eighth place.

14.25 o’clock: Dave Ryding was surprisingly sixth after the first run. Can he now confirm this? Oh yes, and how! A great ride by the Briton, 0.38 seconds ahead at the finish line. That could at least put him on the podium!

14.23:00: Alexis Pintaurault misses an early goal and is also eliminated quickly.

14.10 p.m: Tomasso Sala loses a few places, could still fall out of the top ten.

14.9 p.m: Strasser corrects us at the microphone at ARD. "Schweins-Berg" he shouted towards the Streif. But the message is the same as in "shitty mountain".

14.8 p.m: Straber is currently in 11th place, Tremmel two places behind him. But eight ski racers are still to come.

Braathen cracks the time of Kristoffersen

14.6 pm: Kristoffersen has shown what could also have been possible for Strasser. But now compatriot Lucas Braathen wants to beat his time. And he succeeds! Even if it was close again in the last part, Braathen now takes over the top position.

14.5pm: We have arrived in the top ten. It’s even more bitter if you get kicked out now. But this is how it happens Stefano Gross.

14.15 Clock: Huge lead of Michael Matt in the first section, he can keep it halay in the middle as well. Strong, but can he keep it down? He, too, is cursing at the finish line as his time flashes red. Only second place.

14.14:00: Kristoffer Jakobsen is the next to be hit. The ski breaks away, his run is over.

14.1 pm: Luke Winters looks disappointed at the finish line. He leads for a long time on his run, but in the end it goes back for him as well. Sixth place for the Yank.

14.10 o’clock: Ahhh, it’s close! Johannes Strolz fights on the Streif, goes absolutely to the limit. He keeps his lead for a long time, but at the finish line he is twelve hundredths behind Kristoffersen. The Norwegian is now really far ahead after all.

"You fucking mountain!" Strasser curses in the direction of Streif

14.08 o’clock: Loic Meillard leads for a long time, but in the last third he is too timid. This is punished by the Streifm he remains behind Kristoffersen.

14.05 o’clock: Marco Schwarz also despairs at the finish and lets out a cry of frustration. Yes, the Streif, it can be so brutal. At least the Austrian saves fourth place.

14.03 o’clock: How much does Linus Strasser risk? A lot is possible in the second run. But at the top a mistake that costs a lot of time. After that he is quite ponderous. This is too tense! He notices it himself. At the finish he complains loudly and shouts: "You fucking mountain!!" He falls back to fifth place.

Audi FIS Alpine Ski World Cup - Men

14.02 o’clock: And also Ramon Zenhauser messes up his run. First he misses a goal and goes the way back again, but a little later it’s the end for the Swiss. Not a good competition for the Swiss.

14.01:00: Filip Zubcic also has problems, but can save the run with his fine technique. Third place now.

Yule eliminated, Tremmel makes up places

13.59 hrs: High failure rate in the second run, there Tremmel makes up some places. But Dominik Raschner is now in front of him. But the Austrian will not be satisfied, not a good ride.

13.58 a.m.: Daniel Yule is also out! He started as a co-favorite in the competition, now he misses the jump to the front after a weak first run. Too much risked by the Swiss.

13.56 o’clock: Does teammate Sandro Simonet do it better? No. Cry of rage from the Swiss, as he also misses a goal.

13.55 o’clock: Luca Aerni is also risking a lot here. However, he does not manage the transitions so cleanly. The Swiss loses significantly to Kristoffersen, even falls back to third place.

13.54 o’clock: Henrik Kristoffersen will compete with anger in the belly. The Norwegian goes aggressively to work, drives fully at the limit. It’s improving, although it’s unlikely to make the very big leap. But his lead over Maurberger has grown.

13.52 hrs: Benjamin Ritchie also does not make it to the finish. Already misses the start and has to correct again. The ride is gone and after another slip-up it’s over.

13.51 hrs: Noel von Grunigen starts strong, then he jumps past the gate after a wave and also says goodbye.

13.50 o’clock: Italy’s Simon Mauberger keeps his lead over Tremmel, for Samuel Kolega it’s hang to the end. Weak run of the Croatian.

13.48 hrs: For Zan Kranjec it is immediately over, after a mistake he misses the goal.

13.47 h: And here we go with Tremmel. In the break it has continued to snow a lot, currently it is dry. The German makes a decent run. We will see how much his time is worth.

13.40 o’clock: Here it goes on immediately with the second run. Anton Tremmel opens as 30. from the first run the decision on the Streif. Can Linus Strasser still attack from 17th place?? Everything is possible here!

Slalom on the Streif: 1. Read the whole race

Standings after 1. Round:

1. Vinatzer (ITA) 50.59
2. Noel (FRA) +0,08
3. Foss-Solevag (NOR) +0,09
4. Razzoli (ITA) +0,73
5. Rochat (SUI) +0,77
6. Ryding (GBR) +0.81
7. Pinturault (FRA) +0,91
8. Sala (ITA) +0,93
9. Braathen (NOR) +0,98
10. Gross (ITA) +1.08
17. Strasser (GER) +1,51

11.45 o’clock: And with this the first run is also finished. Alex Vinatzer leads the slalom, closely followed by Clement Noel and Sebastian Foss-Solevag. For the German Linus Straber it is only about reaching the top ten in the second run.

11.43 h: Anton Tremmel and David Ketterer are 30th and 38th on the Ene. Alexander Schmid, Julian Rauchfuss and Fabian Himmelsbach, on the other hand, cannot finish their run and are eliminated immediately.

11.7 pm: Italy’s Tommaso Sala and Switzerland’s Marc Rochat put another really good run in the snow. Fifth place for Rochat, eighth place for Sala. For Straber it goes further backwards.

11.01h: Some riders are still at the top, but realistically they will not be able to attack the top. That’s more about making it to the second run. We will keep you updated on what the remaining Germans are doing. Anton Tremmel, David Ketterer, Julian Rauchfuss, Fabian Himmelsbach and Alexander Schmid are still allowed to prove themselves. At 13.45 we continue live with the second run.

10.59 hrs: Stefano Gross starts very well, but then loses a lot of time in the middle section. He can catch himself again and crosses the finish line with a solid time. Eighth place for the Italian.

10.57:00: Oh dear, Armand Marchant already misses a gate at the top and then has to go back the meter. So it is only a test run for him. He still makes it to the finish, but he will still be allowed to pack his bag already.

10.55 hrs: Tom Haugan is much slower there, already three seconds behind after the third sector. At least he makes it to the finish, but is second to last.

10.54 hrs: Super start by Albert Popov, who then continues to catch up with Vinatzer in the second sector. Awesome run of the Bulgarian. but then he is knocked out! Is that bitter, he could have attacked in front.

10.51 hrs: The distances at the finish give hope to the coming athletes for a good placing. Even Strasser is still twelfth. Johannes Strolz wants to attack now, he succeeds to some extent. Tenth place for the Austrian.

Three drivers in a row fail on the Streif

10.50 o’clock: Of course the racers at the top are also aware of this. Can Alexander Khoroshilov fade it out? His coach has set the course after all. But also the Russian gets hit in the middle section, so he is out now too. Is the snow a big factor in the meantime?

10.48:00: Veteran Manfred Molgg follows him in a moment. Faulty run of the Italian, at some point it is one mistake too many and he is out of the competition.

10.47 o’clock: In Tanguy Nef the first driver is eliminated, the Swiss misses a gate and lands in the deep snow. There you can see how much actually comes down here. Almost knee high Nef is almost stuck there.

10.46 o’clock: Lucas Braathen obviously lacks ease, very cramped ride. There would have been more in it for the strong Norwegian. With a gap of just under one second, he takes seventh place.

10.44 o’clock: And also the fourth of Wengen allows himself a gross mistake in the upper part. Fabio Gstrein arrives at the finish line more than two seconds behind. With this he would even have to fear for the second run.

10.42 hrs: So what the Vinatzer did up there at the start is insane. Almost every driver is already two tenths behind. So also Filip Zubcic. Later on, the Slovenian almost loses his ski, but he manages to hold on acrobatically. But his time is gone.

10.38 hrs: The Briton David Ryding waits at the top. And he skis a strong slalom! He loses at the top, but at the bottom he can make up some ground. Sovereign fifth place!

10.37 hrs: Let’s see what is still possible for Strasser in the second run. But now it’s time to move on. Luca Aerni is also not clean on his way, but is still just ahead of the German.

Straber stumbles shortly before the finish

10.35 o’clock: Now it’s up to Linus Straber! At the top he is behind, but Vinatzer was also brutal on the way. He makes the transition cleanly, but then the mistake at the bottom! There it knocks him far out and brings him out of step. That’s it for the good time, only tenth place at the finish line. That is disappointing.


10.33 o’clock: One more, then comes Linus Straber. Alex Vinatzer has to go down first and delivers a firework at the top. Man, is he fast, the South Tyrolean! He extends the lead, he skis the transition perfectly. He just has to bring the time to the finish. and makes it too! New best time!

10.32 clock: Daniel Yule is skiing with the handbrake on, there’s no other way to explain his big gap in the first sector. The Swiss never gets into the slalom, big gap at the finish line.

10.30 o’clock: There is a really difficult gate in this slalom, where many have already stumbled today. Also Kristoffer Jakobsen! The Swede acts aggressively afterwards, drives at the limit. Wild ride, but strong that he can hold on the skis. Sixth place.

10.28 o’clock: Michael Matt can’t get the Austrian team to the front either. Sits in fifth place. Only the first four are within one second. There is still a lot possible for the next riders.

10.26 o’clock: The pace is fast in the slalom. This is how Giuliano Razzoli continues straight away. The Italian loses a lot of time in the middle section, but at the bottom the experienced man can make up some ground with his technique. He takes third place. But the duo at the top still has a decent lead.

10.25 o’clock: Henrik Kristoffersen has already won here twice in his career. His form is strong, but now he has to take a lot of momentum in the upper section. Too much. That brings him completely out of the rhythm. 1.6 seconds behind, that was nothing!

10.24 o’clock: Alexis Pinturault is strong at the top, but then loses a good bit in the lower section. Was the snow to blame? It sticks to the glasses of the Frenchman.

Noel and Foss-Solevag set the benchmark

10.23 o’clock: Sebastian Foss-Solevag shows how it works here. Beautiful ride, technically strong and very stylistic. No wonder that the Norwegian leads the overall slalom ranking. Now he is missing only one hundredth on Noel.

10.21 hrs: Rough mistake by Marco Schwarz in the middle section, that costs a lot of time. So he ranks in the end only between the two Swiss.

10.18h: Fellow countryman Loic Meillard is a technically very skilled driver, his slalom are much cleaner from. Nevertheless, he also has a gap of more than one second at the bottom of the hill. Noel’s time seems to be valuable!

10.16 hrs: The conditions are difficult in the wild snow flurry, but the course is comparatively easy set. Ramon Zenhauser nevertheless allows himself many uncertainties here and was too stiff on Streif. Clear backlog at the finish line for the Swiss.

10.3 p.m.: Let’s go! Clement Noel is the first starter to throw himself down from the Streif. Clean ride by the Frenchman, who now sets the bar for the rest of the riders.

Welcome to the live ticker of FOCUS Online. There is no downhill on the competition program in Kitzbuhel on Saturday. Due to the heavy snowfall, the slalom was preferred, which is more weatherproof than the risky downhill run. In slalom Linus Straber is the biggest German hopeful.

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