Adopting a dog: what should you consider?

Innumerable is the number of dogs that live in the shelter or in rescue centers. Many loyal four-legged friends are looking for a home where they can be loved. With a dog adoption you can therefore make a big contribution and save these little animals from loneliness.

So, adopt a dog: yes or no? This can be a great change! How does a dog adoption work? What is needed in the first place? When adopting a dog, you also have to take into account many side issues. In this article we explain you the process of a dog adoption, the costs, advantages and disadvantages as well as other options!

The most important in a nutshell

  • Adopting a dog is not a small thing. You have to be ready for it, be aware of the advantages and disadvantages of this adoption and meet the requirements. After you have carefully considered whether you want to adopt a dog and this is also possible for your situation, you can register with an animal shelter.
  • Dogs have learned to respond empathetically. They can also be very helpful in the development of children and their social skills. Adopting a dog also means a great responsibility. Just as you need the dog, he needs you too.
  • Adopting a dog is a process. During this process, the shelter staff also has to make sure which dog might be a good match for you and if you have the right qualifications. When meeting the dogs, you also need to consider whether you can imagine living with this four-legged friend.

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Adopt a dog: What you should know

There are many advantages to adopting a dog. You can even save a life! But there are also a lot of things you have to consider and think about before adopting a dog. But you must also think about the financial aspects, because a dog has different costs and requires commitment.

Adopting a dog is not only about overcoming your loneliness, but also about making a new friend and gaining a new family member. For these four-legged friends, adoption is also a big change and many come with a history.

How does a dog adoption work?

The second step is the introduction. To find the right four-legged friend for you, animal shelters, etc. need. Some information about you and your circumstances. Some organizations also do home visits to make sure the pets can find the right home and environment.

The third step would be to meet one or more dogs. At this appointment you can find out important information about the animals to decide if they can fit to you. History, character and behavior of the dogs play the decisive role in this decision.

If you choose a dog, you should visit it several times and take first walks with it to get to know it better and become more familiar with it.

Furthermore, you must pay the shelter or adoption fee before you can adopt the dog to help the organizations and other dogs or. animals to support. Lastly, you need to know if the dog has been vaccinated, dewormed or neutered.

When is it important to adopt a dog?

With your adoption you can help a dog as well as the respective institution. Help the shelter. During the vacations or after the vacations, especially at Christmas, many dogs are abandoned. Some give dogs for Christmas. Of these, many will be relinquished after the holidays.

If you decide to take care of a dog, you create space at the shelter and can provide a temporary home for another four-legged friend who needs it.

What are the requirements for dog adoption?

  • Obtain the agreement of other family members and, if necessary. the landlord
  • Safe environment and possibly escape-proof garden
  • Understand that a dog is neither a toy nor a piece of furniture
  • To understand the needs of the dog respectively. Food, water, walks, toys
  • Financial resources
  • Train the dog and teach it commands

What is important for the decision?

When you adopt a dog, this requires commitment. If you live with other people or rent your home, you should check with them beforehand. Is it okay if you adopt a dog? Is this allowed in your contract?

Young dogs also grow larger. So, do you have enough space in your home for them?? And is there someone who can take care of them when you go on vacation? You need to consider and answer these questions before making a decision. In the following table we will summarize the advantages and the disadvantages of adopting a dog:

Advantages Disadvantages
Happy future and no loneliness for the little animal Necessary patience, love and time for the dogs
New friendship Negative history of the dogs (possibly)
Place in the shelter Background not known
Reasonable price Some animal shelters simply want to make money

What to consider when adopting a dog?

Dog adoption

You should also consider the character of the dog. Does it fit to you? Can you imagine living with him or her? If he has had negative experiences, you need a little more patience and time. Dogs are very sensitive creatures.

They can also suffer from noise sensitivity ( 2 ) . This can also cause anxiety-like symptoms. However, active social interaction can help the little animal overcome its fears ( 3 ) .

What role do dogs play for humans?

Dogs have different abilities. You can even mobilize people and give them more self-confidence. They have also learned to react empathically and to understand moods and feelings of people. They are also helpful in the development of children. For example, they can improve the social skills of children ( 4 ) .

From when can you adopt dogs?

Why should you adopt a dog?

Dogs are also pack animals. What does it mean? For them social contacts are very important. You need other dogs or. People. The bond with the owner is particularly strong. Dogs learn from their human friends and imitate them. This is not only the case when they are learning commands, but also with unconscious behaviors of these people ( 7 ) .

Dog adoption

You can get used to being alone – but you need a little patience with it. But they should not be left alone for several hours. If you adopt a dog, you can also save yourself from loneliness. If you absolutely have to leave your four-legged friend alone for several hours, you can entertain him with a toy.

What should you consider in the first few days when you are getting used to the dog?

During the time of the Corona pandemic, it can also be exhausting for pets ( 8 ) . Toys and activities can help with this, however.

In a new environment, dogs often react fearfully. So the first days can be exhausting and sometimes they bark a lot. So, if this happens, do not worry! They just need to settle in and understand what jobs and roles they have in their new home. Sometimes you have to distract them, sometimes you have to praise them! But it’s always wise to let your neighbors know and give them a heads up.

What costs to consider when adopting a dog?

Then in some cases – so, please check with the shelter about it – you need money for possible vaccinations, deworming and neutering. Dogs also need not only your care and your time. You also need to be aware of the resources for food, toys, dog tax or vet visits – these are usually expensive.

Dogs can also get sick. If their nose is running, it may mean they have a cold, but don’t worry: different products can help with dog colds. As for humans, there are dog health insurance policies that ensure the best medical treatment for your dog.

What are the alternatives to dog adoption?

Besides dog adoption, there are other options to get a dog. In the following we will briefly introduce you to them.

  • Buying a dogBuying a dog from a breeder is also an option. These are usually more expensive and it is important to be sure that the breeder is trustworthy. Purchase contracts, vaccinations, deworming, health of the puppies and the breeding bitch are important points to consider here ( 9 ) .
  • Rescuing a dogRescuing a dog does not only happen when you adopt a dog from a shelter. Animal welfare organizations can help rescue dogs from abroad.
  • Foster family for dogs: This is a short-term care of the dogs. You simply have to register with a foster home and be available for it. Costs such as those for the veterinarian will be incurred!

Many four-legged friends need help. That’s why the hashtag #adoptdontshop was created to raise awareness for these pets in need. It is also important to check that buying a dog is done legally. Lately, many dogs resp. Puppies smuggled ( 10 ) .


You have learned here what role a dog can play in your life. In this post, we’ve presented your options and tried to help you decide. Adopting a dog is no small thing, but comes with many different side issues and responsibilities that need to be considered carefully.

For this reason, be sure to carefully consider what the best options may be for you and whether you are ready to take on such responsibilities. Dogs are empathetic and can become your loyal new best friends. But they need a lot of love and attention from you.

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