Acid-base balance

Today, we can no longer get our metabolism as alkaline as it would be necessary for the healthy functioning of our organs. Our food is no longer as natural, rich in vitamins and minerals as it used to be. The food was thereby more basic and healthier. The soils today are acidic due to overfertilization and the rain.


Naturopath Klara Gesine Weib at the dark field microscope

80% of our body consists of water. In this body water the metabolic products and thus the acids are transported. Prehistoric man had two ways to eliminate acid: By movement 50% more oxygen was taken up and by increased respiration the acid CO² again neutralized. Who still walks 8 km a day to stimulate the metabolism?

I am acid is not a bad saying at all in case of permanent stress. Who does not have the daily worries, the food and the drinks that overacidify, in addition the allopathic medicines all acid metabolized. Let’s have a look at the blood thinner ASS 100 at. It says already the name: Acetylacid

Drink water? With coalsacid ?

For decades the bitter substances are bred away from the food. – But just these stimulate the digestive juices, which in turn have a deacidifying effect.

"As necessary as the bride for the wedding ceremony is the bicarbonate of soda for digestion! " (folk wisdom)

Which makes us old and sick:

Cell cultures were grown in the laboratory, those cell groups in which the slag on the cell wall was regularly removed, lived 4500 times longer.

The cell walls become with us at the age approx. 5 x as thick, due to acid and slag. So the internal cleaning is just as important as the washing from the outside.

Only when the cells are properly supplied again, healing can begin!


Dark field blood analysis

Too much acid makes red blood cells hard and they are less able to deform to get into the smallest vessels. The oxygen is missing in the cells, the carbonic acid is not removed enough. We see this in the dark field as Money rolls – Result: even more acids in the cell.

That is why we look at your blood.

Deacidification of the body:

With a comprehensive deacidification program, incoming acids can be quickly eliminated, stored waste products dissolved and, if necessary, removed from the body. This can even partially reverse the acid increase to disease and old age. You can become healthier and younger again with each passing day.

Proper deacidification consists of three steps and can be supplemented with a fourth:

  • Slags and acids stored over the years must be dissolved and removed from the body. After just one to three months you will feel much younger, healthier and more energetic. –See attachment
  • In order to stop the acid flood, the diet – preferably permanently – changed to a predominantly alkaline diet. The ratio between alkaline and acid-forming foods should be 80 : 20. In addition, the organism is supplied with alkaline minerals to ensure that it can neutralize ALL incoming acids and also replenish its body’s own mineral depots.
  • Note that the higher the temperature of your blood, the more waste your body can eliminate and the better it can counteract the existing hyperacidity. The body temperature can be increased by moderate training, sauna, massages or hot alkaline baths (ph 8,5). Deposited acids require a pH value of 7-7.5, otherwise they will not dissolve. As soon as the value goes below 7, nothing more happens! Measure- measure- measure!

For bathing we find that Alkaline balance bath best. 750g, or in a 3kg bucket. Alternatively, you can also use pure sodium hydrogen carbonate. There are then no minerals in it, but it also costs less!

How much minerals are absorbed through the skin, also says no one. I suspect a study of this will not bring any financial gain!

  • In the case of baths, the skin needs 30 minutes until the acid flow starts to flow from the inside of the body into the water. So at least 1 hour. stay in the tub. But they can also last for any length of time. I know a doctor who writes her lectures in the bath, up to 7 hrs. Babies can last 10 months in water at pH 8!

Sodium(bicarbonate) is produced daily in the pancreas in approximately the amount of 50-70 g self made. If, due to excessive consumption of highly acid-forming foods such as (coffee, egg whites, cereals, chocolate, sweet beverages etc.) the body now has to provide 100g, the maximum 70g, which it can produce, is no longer sufficient. Now several mechanisms are set in motion, which can lead to the most different symptoms. (see acid symptoms)

Acidosis massage

The massage according to Dr. Renate Collier dissolves the waste products in the connective tissue during an alkaline cure (alkaline food). Care must be taken that the organs of elimination, such as: Liver, kidney, intestines and lymph are strengthened, because otherwise there may be headaches or the like. Not only the acid triggers the headache, but the toxins released from the connective tissue can also be stressful! These often have an affinity to nerve tissue and can damage it! ( see Parkinson )

Make an appointment for acidosis massage. It takes approx. one hour. We will gladly teach you the grips, because this form of massage is easy to perform at home.

To the diet:

In almost everything we eat there are Sugar, which constantly stimulates our body to new acid production and thus makes us acidic. Usually this acid production runs in excess, so that not enough sodium bicarbonate is provided for the subsequent neutralization. At this stage, the intestine, especially the large intestine, instead of discharging harmful substances to the outside, begins to store them. Mostly at the same time, the connective tissue is also abused as a repository, and the cycle of degeneration is closed.

Cancer is an intracellular acid disease. Therefore strict avoidance of carbohydrates incl. Bread-noodles etc. (Ask us – we will be happy to advise you) Caution! For some types of cancer, please do not deacidify!

If all the stores are full of acid, disease usually breaks out.

Through alternative methods, these processes can be detected in the developing, with conventional methods, unfortunately, only the disease can get a name. Have you noticed that in medicine only diagnoses are made and for which Cause nobody is interested?

electrosmog please reduce by all means. All functions of our body arise from the interplay between plus and minus. Whether the potassium-sodium pump of our cell membrane, the transport of the signals in the nerves or our thinking in the brain. Everything is negatively influenced by frequencies coming from outside. These are electricity, PC, cell phone, microwave, induction stove, transformers in the lamp, transformers, satellites, W-lan, television reception, radio etc. Have your house/apartment declogged, or shielded. Reduce your sources of radiation. Your body thanks you! By the way: 20% of the acidity is created by! (Ask us – we will be happy to advise you)

Most Muesli/grain lover for example cannot digest your food at all. Evolutionist-biologically our body knows no grain. In Northern Europe we eat only since ca. 2000 years of grain! Horses are grain eaters! We are green eaters! We do not tolerate raw cereals! We can not split them sterke. Our body has not formed digestive systems for this purpose! The consequences are a lot of alcohol in the blood! According to the motto: "How do I build my own distillery??" The intestine becomes ill. only a healthy intestine can tolerate raw starch in moderation. but 80 % of our fellow citizens have a sick intestine. Acid moves through the intestine into the blood.

Germs/Sprouts represent something else. They are the vitamin and enzyme bombs that the body gratefully absorbs. Wild herbs are another issue and strongly deacidify, z.B. as a smootie

Herbal Tea: Almost all herbs, fresh or as tea, have a deacidifying effect. Z.B.: my base Herbal tea 150g 18 €, Base balance tea (half price), or simply Lactation tea from caraway, fennel and aniseed. But first a few weeks with the powder alone deacidify, because the tea opens the cells and flushes out the acid.

For most acute diseases, conventional medicine is competent, but not for chronic diseases. There it limped with the symptom-fighting behind. Medicine has slept through the development of natural science. In physics it has long been clear that matter and energy are only two sides of the same coin and that "information" as an essential factor is not bound to material phenomena. Because matter always follows energy.

Behind chronic diseases is a long period of maldevelopment in many areas and most of them start with the diet. This can cause stomach and intestinal problems; in close cooperation with the psyche, intolerances and allergies develop. Environmental pollution and toxins are added. The body no longer manages to remove all waste products from the body through the intended systems. It deposits, in fat and especially connective tissues. But the connective tissues are responsible for the supply of the organs. When the connective tissues are full, is deposited in the muscles to protect the organs as long as possible. This is what we call Rheumatism.

But if the sun comes on the acidic connective tissue, the acids are activated and enter the top layers of the skin through sweat. It itches and we call it Sun allergy.

Acid symptoms :

There are no specific symptoms caused by hyperacidity. Virtually all ailments can be acid-related:

Acne, swollen tissue, listlessness, allergies, asthma, osteoarthritis, eye problems, disc problems, bladder problems, cellulitis, eczema, all inflammations, tendency to catch colds, exhaustion, depression, circulatory problems, wrinkles, fever, gallstones, ulcer, cracked joints, joint problems, urinary stones, skin conditions, cardiovascular problems, heart attack, hair loss, tooth decay, varicose veins, concentration problems, cramps, lymphatic problems, stomach/intestinal problems, tonsillitis, migraine, chronic. fatigue, muscle problems, nail fungus, kidney weakness, nervousness, osteoporosis, periodontosis, fungal infections, (candida), rheumatism, irritable bowel, irritability, sciatica, lumbago, mucous membrane problems, pain – all, sun allergy, mood swings, sinusitis, heartburn, back pain, insomnia, thrombosis, tinnitus, bags under the eyes, tumors, overweight, vein disease, cysts

Cancer is considered the most "acidic" disease, followed by diabetes and rheumatism.

The more acidic we are, the more inflexible the tissues become. It hardens. On the mental level we become more and more inflexible and develop stubbornness.

The sicker or. the more slagged a body is, the more massively toxins are released from the connective tissues (during the cure). So start more carefully!

The liver, as the largest detoxification gland of the body, is heavily loaded in the process. When the liver can no longer fully perform its task, the kidneys always suffer as well. This means that every kidney disease is preceded by the liver being overtaxed.

Therefore never start deacidification on your own!

Please always have kidney and liver tested. The normal blood test is not sufficient. Have the kidney rechecked 2x a year. Crystals easily dissolve, clogging the kidney channels!

Before you start the cure, have like yours Urine PH value discussed. Sometimes, in spite of acid diseases, alkaline urine values are at the beginning. There is a blockage here. Maybe already for years. Then I gave you a prescription for the blockage solution. Call me if you do not get acidic values again within 3 days. Only now begin with the cure!

Duration of the cure:

The duration of the cure depends on your complaint. Eyes and intervertebral discs take the longest. First (2-3 mon.) feel it on skin and connective tissue. It is said that in order to dissolve all slags ca. 10 % of the age.

For more information I am at your disposal.

Your alternative practitioner Klara Gesine Weib from Langenhagen

Legal notice: (mandatory text)

The treatment method described here is a therapy method of naturopathic empirical medicine, which does not belong to the generally accepted methods in the sense of being recognized by orthodox medicine. All statements made about properties and effects as well as indications of the presented therapy methods are based on the knowledge and experience values in the therapy direction itself, which are not shared by the prevailing orthodox medicine and for which scientifically reproducible causal relationships do not exist.

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